The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve ANY Goal

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Use the Power of Your Mind to Achieve ANY Goal. Worldwide Success Stories and Proven Results.


MindMaster.TV says:

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Mary Flores says:

Incredibly meaningful video, but there are a lot more powerful methods to
prosperity …

i Bassy says:

Pressing a button to repgrogram your subconsciousness doesn’t teach you the
wisdom, nor gives you the strength to know how to quit on your own. Same
goes for learning how to set your mind in a way to achieve something. Like
usually, instead of learning the lesson and facing the fears, people try to
do it the easy way.

I also find it a shame that people sell ancient teachings for bucks.

Annoujoum says:

Thank you for the useful information

Get girls says:

Incredibly interesting, you are what you believe you are.

Patricia Marín says:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Acheive ANY Goal

Linda Underwood says:

I have severe “Claustrophobia”…is this something that would work for me.
My main closed in fear is “elevators”.

Tomek Olszewski says:

very good

wonderfullraluca says:

Does it works when english is not our native language?

TheBarbNaisby says:

Love this! I’ve got this on my computer too & have been amazed and
delighted at it’s power

Optimus Yarnspinner says:

Sounds too good to be true

realerik123 says:

Will doing this controlling your mind thing also heal you?without needing a

Donovan J says:

We are not our thoughts, we are not even are physical body. We are the one
that hears all are thoughts, the silence in between them. Once you connect
with your soul, your real self, only then will you be able to understand

Sumant Mani says:

i agree goal setting will change your life

MegaTeddy2009 says:

@9Ash9Lucas9 what ever u summit to your concious mind is absorbed by ur
suconcious mind by repetition and affirmative ocnfirmation.and your
subconcious goes ahead to achieve the concious..hope you understand.

josh carmine says:

The law of attraction is real…….You create your own
universe…….Optimism and will can get you anything you desire as long as
your WHY is powerful enough……It has to be bigger than you…..First you
must believe…..

Sarasveryown says:

sounds like the law of attraction, watch “the secret” peeeps

clint evans says:

Our subconscious can affect a great deal our life, when we think we can do
it, we can really do it.

Mousa Tarek says:

can people from outside the USA buy the software? Spain for example.

deliciousdazmo says:

thanks for sharing interesting

VeemuP says:

This is absolutely amazing. I have known of the power of the subconscious
for awhile now, but actually implementing the subliminal messages into
everyday life is the tough part. That is what makes this pure genius.

Hannan Ahmed says:

can any one tell me what mind master is…?

Michael Smolik says:

Can it be used to influence one’s subconscious in a negative way?

ClaraLolaMadeira says:

I know a girl from germany, she always wanted to live in NY, so she had a
picture in her diary which she used every day. She lives in NY since 2
years 🙂 sometimes we let our dreams sleep if we don’t take enough care of
ourselves. Focusing on our goals using pictures a great way. But you don’t
need a program.. just be creative 🙂

Bigsomnium says:

amazing! Do you guys have an affiliate program? I am also interested in
interviewing someone about this product for one of our sites which is about
personal development. Please check it out from our channel so we can hook
up an interview. Thanks ! Edina Jackson

oliviafaith17 says:

I just purchased your product. I’m really excited to see the progress! Your
mind is the most powerful operating system in the world, put it to good
use, let’s see what we can do! 🙂

MindMaster.TV says:

MindMaster will work on a MAC or PC. Our MP3’s which are used by tens of
thousands of customers with great results will work on your iPad or Smart
Phone Sincerely, MindMaster.TV

FishingtonBurpPuzzle says:

I’ve written goals on a postcard and recited them three times a day placing
them under my pillow and this worked remarkably. We all do things which
reinforce our experience and if you feel good about something, you are
planting the seeds of creation in your mind. You are allowing the growth
which is the law of the universe.

Михаил Комаров says:

Perfect! Excellent video! Adjusts to success, thanks! I have information
how to succeed! Please, help you!

Athan Gulayan says:

this actually works if you just believe it works. 🙂

Giannhs Siaterlis says:

What an incredible story!

tarun bhardwaj says:

law of attraction is gift of god.

best496 says:

I think I have an anger problem with people. Someone gives me a thumbs down
and I feel like if they were right in front of me I would beat them to
death with my bare hands. But not if it’s a girl. I bet you wish you could
control what everyone gets to say. I hate people like that. Just let
everyone comment as they want.

shotym34 says:

Makes you think twice about watching TV and music videos…

Ricky Boy says:

seems legit…

personaltraineralmer says:

Mentality is so important.. Great vid!

Barry Wilkinson says:

The subconscious is very important to us all.

sam slight says:

its good to get help with videos

Mey Mei says:


Nanciefy says:

Isn’t this a bit like cheating? Like a quick fix? What happens when you
don’t use mind master anymore? You go back to being how you were. Maybe
it’s the attitude you need to fix completely.

hadherb4u says:

great discussion of this of video presentation. nice to view and deal with
this kind of discussion 🙂

Business2Sell says:

great discussions, nice presentation.

crizpy9119 says:

@Requestcykor Yes, yes you can do it alone. It is that very thinking that
is keeping you from doing it. By saying you can’t do it alone, you are
making that happen. Your will power is stronger than your addiction!

Tokoroa3420 says:

The program is like a reminder, kept telling you what to do right? I think
it will work for some people but not those are very focused (in their

misaki nakahara says:

How many of you have tried this?

ulusot . says:

Huey Lewis – The Power Of Love .

Gnana Peppin says:


Kareem Karassery says:

The continues effort and a routine follow ups are very important for
achieving mind master.This information is very useful.

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