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“The Oprah Winfrey Show – Discovering the Secret”, broadcastet on January 01, 2006, is discussing the book and the film “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. For mor…


vijay kumar sudarshan says:

love u love u love u .muuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Martin Aston says:

what ever u know the law of that secret, u died

etdehbuset says:

by seeing the comments, it’s a fact that people are really tend to be
negative, disrespecting people’s work. Positive people are only like 2% of
the total of human population, that’s why only few percent of them are

vijay kumar sudarshan says:

i love u rhonda.


The secret,

Is a lie , humans only have enough free will to believe , and we all have
predetermined pathways on earth , we cant create lives that we want because
we have to fulfill our karmic pathway , on earth. the secret was designed
as part of our karma on earth , all those involved took part in this karma


Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Rhonda Byrne for sharing “The Secret”
with the world. I am from India. I practiced The Secret for around 17 – 18
months and today every moment of my life is magical.

Tomas Bene says:

It works but I don’t like Rhonda…she knows nothing about it…

Bongi Yende says:

If you can focus in everything that is happening around you or put it into
a test, you’ll realized that what any person think is more powerful than
just planning and hoping that things will turn around to be in anyone’s
favor. Oprah didn’t write the book “The Secret” she just invited the
author. Whether you believe in God or not, believing is faith.

Tooey Brown says:

Poor Oprah. You don’t have to buy into and promote all this nonsense. With
all your influence comes some responsibility.

Cromanetothee says:

I like Oprah as a person, but she is totally gullible towards this New Agey
life coach bullshit. Its an American thing I’m afraid to say. I’m all for
being philosophical and hopeful about life, but I have no time for these
smug self satisfied, self appointed guru creeps. Life can be tough, most
often you only grow and develop through the most difficult, challenging
experiences. This Law of Attraction bullshit has zero scientific proof.
Zero. Its no different to believing the nonsense that god sent his only son
to sacrifice himself on the cross to redeem our sins. Spirituality is a
personal private thing, not a prescriptive pill for all in the form of a
hogwashy charlatan book

albabhoy81 says:

I’ve been listening to ‘The Secret’ audio book when I’m working for almost
two weeks now.

I can honestly say I feel a lot better for it. Now am not saying the whole
attraction thing works. To be honest, it makes as much and as little sense
as a lot of things we believe on this planet.

Anyway, it’s certainly made me slow down and catch myself before I get too
stressed, angry, whatever. And if that is all I get out of it, then I am
thankful for it.

As for the religious people below moaning about ‘The Secret’. ‘The Secret’
is taught in the bibles of all the major religions.

Rachel McDaniels says:

You can create what you want in your life a lot faster than you might

Srđan Tubin says:

I feel like an idiot for buying her stupid “book”…

taylorswift681 says:

Okay dude i am an athiest and i do beileve in all this “shit” as you call
it. What is wrong with just trying to feel a little positive? Every person
has his/her own way of doing it. Oh and FYI, it actually WORKS….losers
like you can work hard all your life and still not get what you want
whereas some others who beileve in this “shit” do, so SHUT UP!

TrevorCakes says:

The secret is that all you idiots made her rich

movieklump says:

Oprah is dumb dumb dumb.

oliviaLOVEShenry says:

This is just cognitive behavioural therapy wrapped up in nonsense. There is
no ‘law’ it’s just hokey BS!

Belvedere&Raspberry333 says:

Science takes a backseat to metaphysics in today’s world, modern science is


You are just A bunch of CREEPS that want to EXPLOIT GOD to become rich
instead of Knowing HIM and love HIM …………the secret is that you are
just a bunch of FOOLS THIS is the SECRET you are all impersonalists that
you think that God is your servant to serve you to satisfy your desires you
say a lot of bullshit and you say NOTHING because you became so called
millionaires but you are the most UNFORTUNATE people in the planet .

Many people maybe ignorant of this nonsense “SECRET”but the real SECRET is
that you area bunch of nonsense people that you do not know how to STEEL
the money from God and like any criminal THIEVE you are going to PAY for
your hypocrisy really BIG actually like JESUS said verily verily I say unto
you they ALREADY have their rewards !!! So you are living a CONDEMNED life
even with all your millions so STOP cheating people and trying to make them
EXPLOITERS of GOD like YOU are !!!
Hugo Ingino III 

ElectricEye72 says:

this book is a complete lie!!

Triveni satyanarayana says:

This is truly great Video!

I was almost poor and in debts and my family was pissed off with my
failures in life!
Somehow, i got to know about Secret, Law of Attraction and after that there
is no looking back!

I am now roughly earning 175$/day and it is unbelievable now!

I used “LOA” mobile app by lokesh to manifest my desires as it motivated me
to keep doing this!

Cromanetothee says:

NEW age bullshit. They hook vulnerable people into this sorcery by playing
on their emotional hangups….lack of love, lack of money, job etc. Like all
New Age charlatans they offer the solution to ALL of your problems. If only
life was that simple. But life isn’t like that, you have to work on your
own problems and face your own demons/shadow. These money seeking scumbags
are portraying themselves as gurus and life healers, when in reality they
are relying on you not facing up to your own shadow side. Its no different
to a new pharmeceutical drug claiming to make you 100 per cent healthy.
There is zero scientific proof to back up this law of attraction sorcery;
some studies have shown that positive thinking may be beneficial to good
health and well being, but no more than that. Thoughts alone do NOT
magnetically (nor magically) bring physical changes in your life, only
physical actions do this. Part of me wonders that they tell people this
perverse lie to persuade them to do nothing. Just sit at home and dream,
remain passive (apart from getting off your backside to go to the bookstore
to buy this infantile New Age quick – fix guff of a book)

Ed's lah_rabia says:

it might work but it has a limit.. if everybody applies these secrets..
there will be a massive “will war” going on in this world.. not really

Mary Flores says:

Many stuff to figure out… I would like to find a approach to get things
simpler and easier?

Belvedere&Raspberry333 says:

New age is the new old age people – it may take a few years but this thing
works ladies and gentlemen, JIm Ross.

lonewolf/* says:

People who fall for “The Secret” are ideal victims for Christianity. You
HAVE to believe complete bullshit.

Thomas Dayton says:

This works.

Stephen Sponsler says:

Rhonda Byrne is metaphorically possessed by what is called a ‘familiar
spirit’ who mimics all that appears to be good, ..RUN as fast you can from
this line of Anceint Wisdom B.S . Jesus was right, “MANY will come “In My
“NAME” ..but in the end after all is said and done …these leaders will be
seeing him and He’ll say, “Truly, I never Knew you, begone you workers of
iniquity” (meaning, you steal peoples’ hearts from the God that loves you
and replace it with you own God). And shame on you for twisting biblical
scripture to suit your own preconceived selfish notions.

Solomon Tesfaye says:

Rhonda Byrne you are awesome awesome lady i am very grateful thank you
thank you thank you i know i will meet you soon and i will personally thank
you. you are magnificent i will teach the secret all over the world with
any media possible that i promise you now i am waiting for the Hero i even
placed a preorder the ebook version i can’t wait till the Hero comes out i
am so excited :-)

manish suman says:

The Oprah Winfrey Show – Discovering the Secret 01

SavannahL7 says:

How about getting off your ass and MAKING your life happen with effort and
actual work. This is pathetic.

Katia Baptista says:

So i found out this “secret” by myself even before i start watching and
learning about it…LIke if i want something or if i think something could
be good for me ,I just start thinking about it everyday, every hour and
every minute, and somehow that think start happening , slow or fast but
comes through. Its just easy, like magic or a miracle…and its very true.

Zicloud says:

You are so dumb.

SavannahL7 says:

It’s a self help book. It’s total bullshit and Rhonda is laughing all the
way to the bank. The “universe” isn’t going to make you rich… selling
bullshit to hopeless people obviously works.

Sarah Paxton says:

Too bad they let Hippo get ahold of it, because everything she touches
becomes non-credible. Still, The Secret is a great concept. Just pretend
Harpo never was involved.

Rolie Vegas says:

K, I don’t understand, Oprah put them on her show and it’s the POWER of how
to think, act and feel. Yet in ’09 (it’s on “On Demand) that Oprah had
Suzie Orman on and for the 1st few minutes, all I heard was “debt, debt and
debt this and that” Oh and also “FICO Score” (more than 2/3 times). The
show with Orman, is the Total Opposite of The Secret.

Cromanetothee says:

Dear oh dear. America & Oprah just lap up these idiot gurus. These
imbeciles arrogantly think they know it all, they don’t. I have no time for

timegoesby12 says:

Good point SHARON LEE GIGANTI was a teacher of the secret now she s
exposing them all

MDkid1 says:

@MDkid1 funny enough, of all the ‘gurus’ on that dvd, he was the one that
didn’t sit well with me. He just didn’t seem very genuine, it was something
in his eyes. Several months later, he’s convicted of murder and I realized
why I had felt that way all along!

Rebecca .J says:

What made you mention the freemasons?

Solomon Tesfaye says:

Rhonda Byrne you are awesome awesome lady i am very grateful thank you
thank you thank you i know i will meet you soon and i will personally thank
you. you are magnificent i will teach the secret all over the world with
any media possible that i promise you now i am waiting for the Hero i even
placed a preorder the ebook version i can’t wait till the Hero comes out i
am so excited 🙂

movingonandup773 says:

Perhaps when she read the book, The Science of Getting Rich, she learned of
the concept that The Secret is based upon and that prompted her to start to
change her thoughts and feelings to attract the experiences and life that
she wanted.

Sam Saluni says:

Thank you Rhonda, Oprah and the successful secret team! Godbless!

Garth Toland says:

Amazing, only stared ready the book yesterday I have already stared feeling
🙂 thank you Rhonda Byrne and and the other teacher of the secret 🙂

angkasa mara says:

i live with the secret already, thank the secret to spread the positive.
thank you so much. thank you..

Petter Torgersen Myhr says:

Holy shit, human beings are so fucking dumb. The law of atraction? ….
Gravity can be called a law. But not this.

MDkid1 says:

James Ray was recently convicted of negligent homicide. Did he attract that
into his life?

germankiwigal says:

it’s not negativity to point out facts. there is some good stuff to be
found in LOA, but people like James ray are awful and dangerous! it’s
important to still use critical thinking when being faced with new age
hype, just like with religion, or else you just end up in being scammed.

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