The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed – Tony Robbins

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Close Watch Tony Robbins discuss the $15 trillion U.S. national debt — how big is it really? And what can we do about the enormous fed…


Gerard Van der Leun says:

Robbins, You stole this word for word from Bill Whittle you steaming chunk
of shit.

christina hagan says:

The President, Jack Lew and many members of Congress want to force the US
citizens to, once again, co-sign trillions of dollars in debt to foreign
lenders, so the politicians can keep the pretense of prosperity and pay for
the pork. Loans are made with terms, conditions and with pledges of assets
and services as collateral. Domestic and foreign plutocratic lenders will
be demanding further subservience to their agendas. The private owners of
the Federal Reserve Bank will demand more concessions as the taxpayers are
forced to pay more and more taxes just to the creditors. Our “for sale or
rent” politicians in the White House and Congress will allow foreign
lenders to determine economic and military policy. These lenders will
demand deleterious free trade treaties, the abrogation of national
sovereignty to foreign, non-elected bureaucrats in GATT, WTO, TPP and
others. We will be serving the interest of the Sunni oil princes of the
Persian Gulf. Soon we will betray and surrender nations to the hegemony of
China. And the American citizens will be expected to quietly comply when
the demands for assets and services used as collateral are enforced and
American property is seized. It will be like the extorted payments Weimar
Germany had to make to the allies in the 1920’s or the way English lords
confiscated the farm produce for export during the Irish Potato famine of
1848. Raising the debt limit again, without any attempts at frugality, is a
form of economic treason. The borrower ( i.e. you the citizen) is the
servant to the lender. If you are living on borrowed money, you are living
on borrowed time.

Joe Paladino says:

Bill Whittle did it better. 

Nicolas Rage says:

No. I don’t think we should do both. Taxing one group of people more than
another group of people is unconstitutional. If we’re just talking about
the national debt and deficit spending, we need to cut spending
drastically. No politicians want to do that though, because promising
people money is how politicians get elected in the first place. We have to
MAKE them do it.

TheTexasbuddy says:

I wish you would go to the White House and explain this to President Obama.

HmsSulaco says:

PS propaganda 

progmanmike says:

Network Marketing! 

Kyle Crist says:

Content is stolen from Bill Whittle

Rawtheran says:

No!!! Not Star Wars!!!!!!!!

Rick Tuita says:

Absolutely…now is the time to start a business if you have the skill set,
the desire, or passion to do so as mentioned in the video. You have to
find a vehicle that is most likely to help you succeed! 

dbsnstuf says:

I don’t see any credit given for the large chunk of Bill Whittle’s
commentary you ripped off. Totally unacceptable in this day and age. Did
you think nobody would notice? Your background isn’t the same level of
white as Bill’s though, so you might want to work on that.

andy80186 says:


TheLegendaryLinx says:

Let US file bankrupcy.. Debt wiped out clean…

555skooterboy says:

i wonder how he manages to talk holding all that soup at the back of his

Taras Shevchenko says:

You ripped off Bill Whittle’s video “Eat the Rich” nearly word for word.

Neil Sato says:

Interesting video, by no means exhaustive but still pretty detailed.

Pedro Calmon says:

Tony Robins did this great great video, showing with numbers, that the US
deficit is go huge, that no amount of corporate or wealth taxation will
even begin to address the problem. Well worth watching.

Michael Dempsey says:

Worth watching…

Melissa Wood says:

A realistic and sobering look at the national debt and federal budget
deficit. Its almost overwhelming to think about.

Rex Richard says:

Tony Robins does a masterful and acurate job of explaining the national
debt and how the Obama plan can not possibly work.


You seriously HAVE to watch this. This is mind blowing !!!

Bryan Crump says:

Thoughts on this?

#deficit #nationaldebt #federalbudg 

Pradheep Shanker says:

Tony Robbins? Really?

Gerardo Estaba Zamora says:

How much is a Trillion dollars? How NOT to solve the nations’ debt problem.

Toby Milroy says:

Love Tony….been a BIG influence of mine.
Share this with everyone you know….the scale of this problem demands our
attention, and ACTION.

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