The Mirror of the Mind Technique for Problem Solving – The Silva Method

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Click here to download a FREE Silva Healing Exercise: Laura Silva Quesada explains her favorite technique, the Mirror of the Mind, which…


Cecilia Durieux says:

IT works beautifully!

Khadija Al-h says:

You have a great charismatic aura!

Paulo Nideck says:

You look like a nicer, prettier female version of Brian Tracy.
Love u guys.

Paulo Nideck says:

I love the way you talk to the camera.

Chris Elam says:

loving this positive energy

anekdilon says:

Dear Laura,Perhaps you need to refresh the video as its sound is together
with extra noise….

awhowhowho87 says:

For those of you who are already familiar with this technique, you know
that they tell you never to think about the problem after the meditation
and only focus on the desired outcome. Does this mean that when we do the
mirror of the mind the second time for a particular objective, we only see
the white frame and skip the blue frame? I’d like to hear how you guys do
it and what works for you. Thanks!

Magi Cunningham says:

Thank you, Laura, for sharing this technique freely with everyone. It is

kerby franck says:

i love this lady 🙂

JairoIowa says:

Thank you for this good video. Great description, it is so simple. Let’s do

feeltheforce10 says:

Useful advice.Pity about her costume jewellery clanging about.

mrPregabalin says:

Ok let us sort out some confusion. This method is backed up by horrible
science or better yet is not scientific at all. On the other hand just
because something is not scientific doesn’t mean it does not work. As a
matter of fact Jose stumbled across something very unique. Most importantly
IT WORKS! The mind is a powerful and mysterious thing we know so little
about.. We should thank Jose for introducing this to the world (RIP).

orlando montilla says:

I love and I have a great thankful to the labor that your father did it. I
think in English I enjoy more your work. Yes it works.

Mantle Dynamics says:

Love this! Passions are inside of us and are clues to our future, adding
this to understanding our destinies in life should be taught in schools.

janudy1 says:

ths is my 1st view into ths gr8 wrk! Thanku so much for being kind enough
to post these teachings. Ur father too i thank and you should all be very
proud. Namaste.

Leticia Quinonez says:

This is very nice I would love to try that out and heal from everything
that is still holding me back in my today’s life

selflovecenter says:

She is perfect. Que perfecta personalidad 🙂

isborz says:

Благодарю Вас!

bpartoens says:

I love this! Thanks for these great videos.

Murali N says:

I am indebted to this technique for what I am today.Will work to improve
myself continuously.

Mohan Udiavar says:

Great upload. Thanks a lot

Sugarheartbeat says:

I loooove the end 😀 So real and pure! Thank you so much for the video!!

Branko Brankov says:

Very nice! and you look very nice too.

Magi Avila says:

For the guy named smileandlaughtot, you’ve got to ficus on the outcome,
until it manifests itself. Thank you Laura for posting this video!

Ess Aech Khan says:

i like how at the end she asks ‘does that work’ its nice to see the tiny
behind the scene, makes it all the more real and true :)Thank you so much
Laura and the whole team that puts up these invaluable videos 

Hans Brivic says:

snaikoil crap

עליזה דרויש says:
Fateh Sarhan says:

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