The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

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Jim Rohn (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009) was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Join us at


NCL FLP says:


Randy Savage says:


Shawn Ward says:

The wisdom of Jim Rohn is amazing… One of my favorite .RIP Jim youve
impacted my life for the better

Darrell Traylor says:

This is one of the best speeches ever. Jim Rohn is one of the greatest
motivator speakers of all time. 

Georgina Beebe says:

If you haven’t ever heard this one… grab a cup of coffee and sit back and
enjoy. It’s well worth your time….

The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

Ionela Maria Baciu says:

The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

Vincent J says:

.It all started at age 25 for Jim Rohn Jim Rohn – The Art Of Exceptional
Living (Link In Description Box) (20 min video/audio)

Wil F. says:

Find your part time! if you think its not possible you will need to first
change your mindset.

Sharon Westcott says:

Love this…..

Grace Garin says:

Find ut how a farm boy get into a millionaire
And fortune maker…”watch this video”

Herbal Nutrition says:

If you haven’t ever heard this one… grab a cup of coffee and sit back and
enjoy. It’s well worth your time….

The Magic of Part-Time by Jim Rohn

Kelly Sherrell says:
Kelly Sherrell says:
Cerise Mar says:

Always a Joy to hear.

Monique O'Reilly says:


Monique O'Reilly says:

Ciao Teresa! It is my pleasure to make this video available for everyone.
And thank you again for liking my page on Facebook. 🙂 I sent you a private
message there. Be blessed. Awesome good vibes your way! – Saluti, Monique

Bruce Wayne says:

That is an excellent point Monique. thanks for the upload. People or most
are not yet ready to live dreams or worse have not realized their true

YorRobI2L says:

This is great Jim Rohn is amazing:) I’m going to listen to him more often.
This will def help me as I grow in my health and nutrition company:) thank

Monique O'Reilly says:

Yes you did. 🙂 As for the iPad sweepstakes, two new ones are awarded &
shipped out each month. The link to the page is in the description of this
video (Brand New Futures on Facebook) and enter on the “Win an iPad” tab
visible at the top of the timeline. Good luck! – Cheers, Monique 🙂

Monique O'Reilly says:

Sad but true. 🙂

Monique O'Reilly says:

🙂 Cool. So what is it that you do full-time and what is it that you do
part-time to accomplish that goal?

Selfrisingthoughts says:

Such excellent advice! And such a touching ending.

Monique O'Reilly says:

@Slefrisingthoughts: Absolutely! Thanks for commenting. In a time when so
many need to discover the magic of part-time, Mr. Rohn’s message lives on.
Awesome good vibes your way! – Monique

Monique O'Reilly says:

It certainly is. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed. Be sure to share with others you
would like to inspire. Good vibes your way! – Monique

Monique O'Reilly says:

Yes I did. This is from my channel – magoreilly 🙂

Talaiasi Tangifua says:

63969 hits on a priceless informations and you got millions hits on some
random stuff which done nothing to build a person…interesting

Mike Ryan says:

Great STUFF!!!

Matt Dempsey says:

Yes this is a great vid thx bro

Monique O'Reilly says:

That`s awesome! And honestly I am not even surprised by you not necessarily
being in the direct selling industry. I have often shared this video with
others like yourself, because his message is true and consistent no matter
what you are doing in life. Thanks again for visiting and commenting. Good
vibes your way! – Monique

Monique O'Reilly says:

Hi Vince, Congratulations on starting your business! That’s awesome. Yes,
Jim Rohn is amazing and will inspire you. Personal & professional
development coupled with PERSEVERANCE will get you to your income goals.
Come join our community on Facebook and enter in the free iPad sweepstakes
– look for Brand New Futures – Cheers, Monique

Bill Garner says:

People are ignorant. The thumbs down represent the population of broke and
uneducated people who would rather criticize other people’s success rather
than face up to their own failures.

Monique O'Reilly says:

DWL! I would like to think, “different strokes for different folks”, but
the principles Mr Rohn shares can be applied by anyone to improve their
lives, despite their chosen profession. Good vibes your way my friend! –

Miguel Muñoz G. says:

I left you a message on your channel

Monique O'Reilly says:

Interesting comment. Well, repetition is a cornerstone for learning, and
especially when a concept is new for someone, it can take more than a
minute to “get it”. But, I guess – different strokes for different folks!
Good vibes your way! – Monique


@jig1515 amen.

erinn chua says:

he is more than an awesome man

Beaskii says:

Jim Rohn is my Hero!

sloughseo says:

Great video, thanks

Monique O'Reilly says:

Well then – walk the walk my friend! – Cheers, Monique

Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

Excellent! Thank you for posting it online.

ThisAndThat4All says:

Nice message but this guy is repeating himself over and over and doesnt
come to the point so quickly. If one would could out the parts where he
repeats himself in order to get to the essence of his message this video
could be reduced to half of its original length

KatsADreamER says:

Wow, I am so thankful to have heard this. This is a game changer on my
goals. I feel more equiped to act with the right philosophy. So thankful
that some men andwomen are couragous enough to keep failing there way to
success. Never give up because someone is counting on YOU!

Jesus Christ says:

i’m 19 you old basterd

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