The Law Of Attraction – How It Really Works & How To Use It

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The Law Of Attraction — Learn how it actually works without the New Age mumbo-jumbo, and how to use it to create amazing results. Exclusive Content, Free Ne…

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Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The perception that existence is “arbitrary” is as much pseudo-scientific
gibberish as is D. Chopra’s extrapolations. Throughout history one certain
characteristic of the scientific observer remains true, and this is that
discoveries are made slowly by ignorant observers whose ignorance is only
changed through discovery. A neutrino appears to spontaneously appear to
the observer, but this observation does not mean the appearance of
spontaneity was actually arbitrary. Arbitrary is the word used for lack of
a better one.

Izabel Grey says:

The Law Of Attraction – How It Really Works & How…:

John Read says:

my family have nown about the law of attraction,years,and you can attract
with your mind without doing a thing,it will come to you,becouse your
energy,will bring it to you,some of the points your making are true,yes
what you say helps,but when your a master at this and your know how to
feel, and use your mind,you can bring it to you,even when i was a child, my
perants were teaching me this,this is a good start for beginers, if you use
positive thinking,to get what you want by useing effort, yes that works,
but when you know the real way of going about it,it just comes to you in
some way or form,this has been known in my famly for over 150 years,the
words you use are correct, positve thinking, but so much is missing,,the
real secret, now thats a real way to go about it,when you master the
ulimited power that lies within you,the universal law is your slave, and
your the master, you can conrtol any one or any thing,i see so many of
these vidos on here,but me knowing the true power,its best most dont know
how to relly use it,becouse it can be used for bad, as well as good,,and
the world is not ready for that yet,its like waching children playing a new
game, but with most of it missing

greenqueen her says:

Love this can’t wait till my mother in law moves far away from me and my
family I will wish it to happen 

Trevor Gray says:

So if i keep telling myself ill get to 500 subscribers then 1000 itll work.
I know im probably misunderstanding cuz i had little time so i picked the
shortest best video i could. I just found out about LoA

Mike Rogers says:

No question the Law of Attraction is real. I’ve been using it for the past
5 years and have built myself a dream life. I’m my own boss, I work
wherever I want, when I want, and I’m making more money than I’ve ever made

My question is this… How can I manifest faster? It can usually take 1 to
2 years for me to manifest something and quite frankly, I want it to happen
within’ 30 days instead. Any tips?

Subscribing to your channel now!

jam clow says:

nosferatu is informed

Adam Gonedridge says:

*Uses LoA to attract a boyfreind.*

Samiiilo says:

Let me share my experience with you guys. I spent a long time trying to
sort myself out & I finally changed my negative attitude. I completely
stopped myself from thinking that way, it was hard but I managed it. Around
a month of feeling more positive I had this strong feeling of self belief,
I thought to myself I really would like too meet a girl, I’m feeling ready
for it!

I hoped that she had similar interests to me & was attractive as well.
Literally 3 days later, I went to the Job center and missed my appointment,
and ended up having to wait ages. So I decided to wait in the Computer room
for a while, and there is where It happened! This girl who started working
voluntary came up to me and asked if I needed help, the next minute we
started conversation and it turned out she had the exact same interests &
she lived local, I was gobsmacked! I couldn’t focus properly.

Anyway, I left that day and thought about it and decided to ask her out the
next day. She accepted and we went out today and it was brilliant! It’s
early days but she’s really keen on meeting up with me again, I hope I get
to see her more but time will tell. It took a week for my thoughts to
become reality… Never has anything remotely happened like this. What else
can explain this but the Law Of Attraction?

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

There’s nothing esoteric or arcane about “The Law Of Attraction,” it’s
inextricable interlacing with quantum mechanics is a forced juxtaposition;
hence the reason there’s an opinionated dichotomy in terms of their
interpretations, discrepancies only derive because it’s the subordination
of quantum mechanics. And Ofcourse the perpetual abuse of semantics; “The
Secret,” “The Universe,” etc………

Carl Jung, the Swedish Psychologist promulgated synchronicity and tangled
its analogical attributes with quantum mechanics; it’s enigmatic notion
begs much bigger question; questions that usually fade into oblivion simply
because the proponents of such ideologies are comfortable with their
already established preconceived notions; external-divine-interventions,
oracles, predestinations, purpose, fairies and ghost.

veronica ginyard says:

very simply put….brava!!!

Kenji Hyuga says:

And you know what? My girlfriend ended up breaking up with me because she
started worrying about the negative. 

John Read says:

No my friend that message was not for you,it was for someone else’ left a
remark on your page, negativity Trolls at work.keep up the good work,your
doing a good job, we need more like you out there.

Travis Kraft says:

Thanks for the video.

John Read says:

No bull my friend,just something your never understand,but i wish you well
on the negative side living, and yes you are entitled to your
opinion,that’s your right to have your say,Good day sir.

TJ Kurtyka says:

*Awesome video explaining the law of attraction!*


Moeenuddin Ahmed says:


Shubham Dwivedi says:


Best Fitness Bands says:

You already know what you have to do to get what you want, but some sort of
fear or doubt causes you to procrastinate and that can cause you to
psychologically and emotionally stagnate. When you have anxiety about
something, the best solution is to confront it, but be consistent in doing
so. Once you get over the anxieties then I believe you can really apply the
law of attraction.

Steven Smith says:

Very simple way explaining the law of attraction. Thanks :-)

jose prado says:

Hey man what about this, before investigating about that law i wanted to go
to a country, i was wishing to got there at all the time, i was thinking
about it all the time, i even started to search information of the country,
and one day i see everybody at every time people wearing a shirt with the
flag of the country that i wanted to go, man i did not understand it i saw
EVERYBODY and every time that flag, what does it means?

By the way isn’t that the eye of all seeing at the bottom of the video

MrAhuraMazda187 says:

Here’s an example of how I use the Law of Attraction. It’s not about
sitting there saying I wish I had a million dollars…I wish I had a
million dollars, over and over again. To me, it’s more like this. Take out
some money you do have. Or something that’s already yours. Maybe a $50.
Maybe a $5. Look it over. Think about what it can buy you. Or the security
you feel by simply having this $50 bill. Maybe it’s a little bit of relief.
Or maybe it’s the fact that you’re good for food for the day. Or just that
you have some money, a little bit of security. It gives you some spending
power. Some freedom. Maybe you just like the way the green bill looks or
feels. And in that process you start to really appreciate what you have. To
me, that’s when you kinda forget about what you want, you’re not as
desperate for it, and then the process of attracting begins. It’s kinda
like how a guy who loves his girlfriend all of a sudden seems to have all
these opportunities with other chicks. Cause his appreciation of what he
has draws in more. To me, that’s the best application.

Franktastic says:

If any of you wonder if changing physical appearance is possible… it is!
(And very easy let me say) You just need to believe and leave all doubts
aside COMPLETELY. You will know it’s working when you start feeling
tingling and/or throbbing sensations in the area you desire to change. Been
there done that.

shucham says:

What´s wrong with Metaphysics? You seem to have a derision towards

RemixN007 says:

Thank you

yahyuc says:

This is great, just subscribed!

xsouldeath says:

what about metaphysics?

Josh Brown says:

Great job sharing this important information with the world man! Oh and
this might be the best and most positive comment section I’ve seen on
youtube. Thanks for the time and effort you put in to make these videos and
slay trolls. :)

Michael Thomas says:

there is an element of metaphysical; there has to be (otherwise you
are still relying on ‘luck); so the metaphysical aspect is a fact. The
reason we need action is that our reality is this earth/time/space etc; so
those beliefs are deeper set and therefore very hard to change, so action
is needed..

Fredrick Fowler says:

This is brilliant, in talking about worry, and things that you don’t want,
you have talked about the one missing ingredient that people who teach
about the law of attraction, don’t cover; Thank you for covering that. One
of my teachers taught that “Worry is the misuse of the imagination; because
it negates the co-creative process between you and source energy. It’s kind
of like disconnecting (by negative fear based thoughts) from the internet.
That’s the example he used and I can really relate to it because I am
always on the net getting new information that will help me grow. Thank you
so much Leo.
Fredrick Fowler.

MrBunnyIcecream says:

If i have a killer in front of me , shud take action and run or think good
thoughts?? Plz reply anytime soon.

Salma El Bourkadi says:

I like your teeth . you’re cute

Devin Akers says:

I’m a nursing student… in my psych rotation. I was really scared about
our first exam. I wrote down that I would get above and 85% and I would be
confident and comfortable during the exam. I read that to myself every time
I started reading my notes and power points. I got an 89% and I was
confident and comfortable during certain parts of the exam. It changed the
way of thinking and I made incentives in my thoughts, which helped me study
more efficiently.

Luis DeQuesada says:

Thanks a lot for this video, I recently, about a month or two ago decided
that I am in control of my life that I control whether I become successful
or not. Every single day im motivated and keeping a positive mindset that I
will accomplish what I want. The change has been incredible, I feel more
confident that I can really do it, i dont want to sound cocky, but it feels
more like I KNOW im going to be successful. Thanks a lot for giving me an
even more positive push. Subscribed!

maya howell says:

Its so interesting thank you so much for this video.

Can this be with someone you like too? (sorry if its a silly question)

bomjex says:

The extremist of thought are those who thing that every thing can be
manifested just thinking of it. If you say that you can manifest things
just tinking of them try to make an amputated leg to grow, or a single hair
or try to manifest just a single ant. If you can do it means that after a
while you’ll wake up of your dream.

Jitcha Shivang says:

if you can use the LOA so well then why the fuck don’t you manifest
yourself a few billion $ huh ? like manifest a mansion in palm beach or
manifest a few lambos ? the fact that your here doing this proves this LOA
is shit . stop spreading a BS message

Lydia Appelmans says:

Can this also be done for someone else, your children for instance ?

Prasneel Kumar says:

Good video. .. short and informative. Wish you had a podcast on law of

Daniel Albert says:

This is a very clear way of explaining it. I found the whole presentation
in The Secret to be very drawn out and overly dramatized like a cheesy
Lifetime movie. Plus all the focus on magic kinda threw me off from
actually implementing the main concept. I don’t give a crap if its magic or
not, the “worrying about the positive” is really what it comes down to.
Wish me luck =P

philip marquez-mcbee says:

Great video! There are many people talking about the law of attraction, but
make it a whole lot easier tp understand and digest without the bells and
whistles.Keep up the good work!

Vic Ferrari says:

I really liked the explanation of how to focus on what we want in our
lives. I have spent 7 yrs. noticing what I don’t have and not making
progress. I will now think differently from this day forward. I know a
Good Luck cycle is just around the corner. Vic

robert stark says:

Hello Leo ,am just wondering ,you know all the stuff like LoA and
everything ,did u achieve something terrific in life ,am sorry for asking
too much ,but can u make a video about the subconscious mind powers and
mindset ,and thank you sir .

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