The Law of Attraction and The Power of The Mind (Part 2 of 2)

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The Law of Attraction & The Power of Your Mind. http://www.MindMaster.TV.


MindMaster says:

Thank You to Dr. Deepak Chopra for liking MindMaster, and our Facebook Fan
Page where comments are posted daily by over 34,000 users from around the
world who are achieving Success… Please visit http://www.MindMaster.TV for a 100%
Free Trial.

MindMaster says:

Thank You to Dr. Deepak Chopra for liking MindMaster, and our Facebook Fan
Page where comments are posted daily by over 33,000 users from around the
world who are achieving Success…Please visit http://www.MindMaster.TV for a 100%
Free Trial.

sameer bille says:

just loving this video.

Nash Ryker says:

Good words!!

Casuals070dh says:

thank you for your reply! i’m also from the netherlands.

Jae Duran says:

Awesome stuff!

13clearance says:

Love this video, and it is so true! From EDEN Photos- Inspirational Videos

MindMaster says:

There was a study done at New York university where participants were shown
subliminal messages 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week for one month. After
one month the students grades went up one whole level compared to the
control group. So it does not take much for the subconscious to get the
message. I hope that answers your question:) Keep in mind everyone reponds
different. MindMaster

seanbhoy493 says:

i remember when i was feeling upset my dad said this to me (cant remember
where or who he got it from) The world rotates so when you are at the
bottom you will always rise back up again.

rockytheafg says:

I just downloaded the program, how long am I supose to use it?

MindMaster says:

@violetvwatson No it is much better than hypnosis: Please go to
MindMaster.TV The thousands success stories we have received speak
for themselves. You can see daily comments of results from customers on
our Facebook Page (We let our customers speak for us). Why pay for
hypnosis when you can achieve the same results faster and for a lot less

John B says:

great vid

kevina l says:

i have is a great thing to have..thanks for sharing:)

"6-love" Dazzaler" says:

couldnt say it better myself!!

violetv watson says:

is this a form of hypnoses.

thefoundation4pi says:

It’s all common sense really, but in today’s fast paced world, people need
to be reminded to stop and think. And then the world is theirs.

nikinekhebet75 says:

Thank this is very helpful. They use it all the time on TV. Without us
knowing it, if you dont know what to look for, this includes subliminal
communication. Beware Black people!!!!t Shouldnt watch everything. I am
black myself. I only say this out of love. Peace

MindMaster says:

YES: You can translate the programs or add affirmations in your own
language if you want, but if you slightly understand English you will not
have to: Your subconscious mind will understand and is much more perceptive
than your conscious mind. You can also add image which are understood in
ANY language. MindMaster.TV

TotalImplosion says:

If the desire, comes from the heart, then working toward achieving it, will
be a rewarding experience. If the desire, comes only from the mind, then
you might achieve it but you will also attract the opposite and it will
blind side you. There is no replacement for living from the heart because
it is the only way to be authentic.

realiteitspaard says:

Does this work for Dutchies? Im from The Netherlands, i can
speak/understand English, but im wondering if it works when English isnt
your own language? Please reply!

Sar Maroof says:

I believe that everyone is equal! if we only understand that applying THE
LAW OF ATTRACTION gives us the choice to make our dreams reality!!!!!!!!!

1963kenneth says:

So good video and so true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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