The Law of Attraction and The Power of The Mind (Part 1 of 2)

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The Law of Attraction and The Power of Your Mind. http://www.MindMaster.TV.


Jeffree Mack says:

Good things come to those who wait… True however, Better things come to
those who work their asses of and earn it…. Saw that quote and liked

Sk8mtl84 says:

If anyone is highly interested in how consciousness works with thoughts,
and how we can do anything and be anything we want…watch spirit science.
It’s a four hour documentary but you can watch each lesson (there are 15)
at different times…but they are mind blowing, and they define genesis.

EDU HLP says:

try everything but work hard bcz it has no substitute

K4113B4113 says:

Those who say that in order to reach success you just need to work hard.
You have really missed the point of the law of attraction. The only reason
it is hard is becouse you make it hard. Just read “The Secret” or anything
about the law of attraction and you will understand. Thanks.

makemoneyonlinetruth says:

Interesting to watch and listen to this video and see who is using this in
so many different ways

turkkisydamessani says:

…I believe so too…… thoughts seems to materialize… so it is
important that we think of WHAT we choose to think of (focus on). That we
focus groves…..

Davina Dayzie says:

I really need to try this. I read a book about it once but didn’t finnish

Oriflame Virender says:

great Video!!

Larry Adebesin says:

The information makes a lot of sense, since we are teleological in nature
and as Napoleon once said:” Imagination rules your world”

Vasanth Kumar says:


fartherasia says:

Ive read this book ‘as a man thinketh’ by James Allen.. theres a qoute
‘change your life, change your thoughts’….

Yana Cheryapina says:

thoughts do materialize, i know it from my own experience, i rarely get
ill, but once i think to myself”oh wow ive not been ill in like 3 months”
next thing you know, BOOM im ill within next two weeks, that happened not
just on one occasion trust me

ehabtouch says:

This is powerful.

georgef357 says:

exactly, thats all there is to it, hard work and determination.

Kristian Thalin says:

Thank you for a great Video!!

limafive says:

Yea right, who knows what other subliminal messages are in there, bad cover
for somekind of mind control program !

haitao yang says:

Life is a mirror. If you smile to it, it will smile to you.

dmxfan454 says:

there’s a lot more to it than that bro…

Saber ahadi says:

Without attraction you won’t get far

Lori Sloane says:

Just watch the movie “The Secret” thoughts become things…

MindMaster says:

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james tack says:

if you want anything in life, believe that you can achieve it 🙂

nidham husseen says:


Salvador Allende says:

If you want success just work hard for it

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