The Key to Happiness

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GreyHoneyBadger says:

i love lee’s quirky voices

Chris M says:

YES. Money can buy happiness. I don’t smile because I have a disorder that
causes my teeth to deteriorate regardless of constant care by me. I do not
have enough money to regularly see a dentist, let alone the thousands of
dollars for the dental Surgery that I require. If I suddenly had enough for
my surgery, I would smile again and be very happy.

Steven Martindale says:
happy78ism says:
WillHillard says:

Leerodactyl…. Jr.

T. Hansvold says:

sir Gnufenwalser van Wallawalladingdong

Pat Fazzie says:

Name it Bob, it the most classic name

GhostProtocolXL says:


imaseries kindaguy says:


Z.G. says:

money is happiness .

James Blackwell says:


iKrAaZy says:

U can buy a pool a pool is happiness

Justin W says:

You can buy hookers. They’re great!

Yoshi Yui says:

How about you post something else on For Human Peoples so we can actually
know what the hell you’re doing with it

Daniel McAdam says:

I think money itself can buy happiness because when you think about it,
money controls everyone’s lives and without it, you can loose a lot. So
yes, I think money can buy happiness

10000colts says:

Money can’t buy you happiness, money IS HAPPINESS!!!

zxjacko says:

Lee’s fuck buddy

Byron B says:

Economically speaking having more money means you are on a higher
indifference curve which means more utility. Given that one can assume the
having a higher willingness to assuming Pareto optimality is true than
being able to afford more things in equilibrium granted that supplies are
finite will make you happier in a one period model. One can also suggest
money gives you security+ variety of consumption+lower budget constraint.
Having options without limits and opportunity cost makes me happy

Scynthor says:


Landers Gordon says:

Dave. That is all.

togezone says:


Scott 'Sythen' Baker says:

Eeeeeeea friend. I’ma name him Ralph.

harold lester says:

Stop looking for happiness because its a state of mind

TheNordawg says:

Wealth should make it easier being comfortable and that should make it
easier for you to puruse things that make you happy, i guess.

Nathan Lewis says:

Name it sngglebaum

SRA says:

What’s a hovel?

kalingor says:

Money can remove the things that cause you not to be happy. so YES it can.

Jbn0s0rus says:

George… he’s called George.

Drea George says:

Roger Swiggles

Brian Gaeta says:

Name him jack

Gar Bear says:


Josh Dowdy says:

Lee newton makes me happy

Sam Wilson says:

Name: dimitri

Jeremy Frizzell says:

Stop making so many channels nubs

Doug Peach says:


Brian Diep says:

I dub thost Stegosaurus, Sir. Snuffles.

iCreateVids says:

It can buy a homeless man a sister who cares.

Wat says:


Timothy Harris says:


GR4V1T0N says:

STEGGY THE STEGOSAURUS! Also, money buys me food and shelter for me, my
family and my friends, as well as freeing me for things like VACATIONS and
TRAVELING — experiences which make me happy. I certainly don’t need to be
a millionaire, but having financial stability (AKA knowing where my next
meal will come from and whether or not I’ll have a roof over my head)
definitely relieves a lot of potential stress, making me more free and
“happy” to take in all of life’s wonderful experiences. BAMFACE

MrMopar426h says:

You should name your dino Herman Q Doufloppy. 🙂

doutonight says:

Word analysis doesnt tell you what the truth it, it just says what the
dogma in current society is. Other research has shown that money is a
prerequisite for happiness, especially in youth. So maybe money doesnt buy
happiness, but it gives you the luxury to pursue happiness.

Khalifa Alyouha says:

Will the cat love you back though..? Hmmm…

Markus H says:

your mom last night 0:23

Wolfgang Webb says:

Name the Dino either Jayse, Ryan, Jacob, Will, Levi, Bronwyn, Lina, or
Stefan !! Pleasee? 🙂

Victoria Valdez says:

I took Virtue and Happiness headed by Sonja Lybumirsky and yeah, it’s
literally a whole class on shit (most of us) already knew. But hey, it was
a cool elective.

PossumCuber says:

Dancing makes me happy. I currently spend around $2000 per year to go out
dancing, so yes, I’d argue that money can buy happiness.

gaia2431 says:

I have no problems with bacon. Bacon can definitely be considered a key to

Felix Lorie says:

The way I see it is that money can buy Nutella and Nutella makes me
happy.So it can buy happiness. By the way name the dinosaur Nutella.

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