The Greatest Advice Ever Told… (Use This!)

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YouAreCreators says:

This fantastic background music is from RelaxDaily – Check him out!

YouAreCreators says:

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this awesome video!

AreWeKuKuNow says:

Who was speaking I want to hear more from him

Landi says:

Great advice, but this guy’s voice is just too obnoxious at some points.
“to the optimist the glass haaaalf fuuuulllllll.”

Erika Kovich says:

Take risks..if you win you will be happy…if you loose, you will be wise!

Mathijs Planting says:

This video is amazing, and inspiring. It brought a tear to my eye.

Tasha Beegood says:

I believe in the difference in positive risks and negative risks. People
need to know the difference. Sometimes it’s hard to find in the world we
live in. I think it’s important to create our own world and just maybe
close all the other stuff out.

MaKaElectric says:


Kyro Ravestar says:

This video inspires me so much. Now I’m planning to take more chances to
experience more.

Michael Coleman says:

Jim Rohn’s words remain an absolute treasure to the wise and a crucial tool
for the aspiring optimist. We lost a good one when Jim went. 

TheHRchannel says:

People complain about how hot, cold, or how far it is then wish it was
easier. Then I remember Jim Rohn said on another video don’t wish it was
easier, wish you were better.

Sorin tallent says:

“every man dies not every man turly lives ” W.W


love it


Some good advice.

Niki Alltree says:

Thanks for sharing, this is gold.

Lioness Izasha says:

Better to live 30 years of adventure than 100 years in the corner…

Rose Calderon says:

Stand guard at the door of your mind~love that :)

ShioriWhitefeather says:

Who is the speaker in this? I’d like to hear the full presentation…

VX Draco says:
Alexander Davis says:

this guys speech is incredibly irritating, can’t take someone serious who
can’t just speak normally.

Jaheli says:

2:56 This ENTIRE VIDEO is SOOOOOOOOOO true! I agree with EVERYTHING that’s
been said. Thank you for uploading this, such a magnificent video, such a
loving message. YOU are inspirational just for uploading this. Thank you so
much for this, the great MIGHT of OPTIMISM.

Dee Westcott says:
Derek Brown says:

really good stuff!

Brad Lee says:

The greatest advice is to seek God with all of your heart, mind and spirit!
Seek And Thou Shall Find!
I am one with God! I am a billionaire! 

brandon warfield says:

This guy is funny

Anthony Aldrich says:


Christofer Julin says:

I’m listening to this often, very inspirational and motivating!

Jakub Valenta says:

Wow that’s really great.

youkai888 says:

people are negative because they are stupid? greatest advice ever!

Johan van Rooyen says:

Awesome and funny and beautiful!

Robert Ferguson says:

Yes! Our subconscious breeds how we think, and how we think breeds our
reality. We are one, we are the creator. I’m 22 and I’d rather live 80+
more years facing bigger things than myself point-blank, then live to be
100 wondering why I never became the person I wanted to be. To many sheep
in this world, I intend to be a lion.

Kenneth Kahn says:

Good stuff.

Michael Cleveland says:

I came with this conclusion Live a happy life you’ll make another life
happy and then two people will die happy, Live a sad and angry life then
you end up making another sad and angry life, and worst of all die sad and

Sanders57 says:

This video made my day, got tears on my cheeks from laughing, pure wisdom
from start to end, this is what live is all about fellaz.

pgrothschild says:

I’ve ordered a book of his just from listening to this. Something

Niels van een lijendakje says:

Say it out loud and believe, understand accept and be aware that
circomstances don’t matter… Only youre state of beeing matters… So
choose the state of beeing you prefer and you will realize your real life
before your eyes and everything else will follow :)

Paulo Aveiro says:

great, great BS!

Mateusz Obuchowicz says:

The Greatest Advice Ever Told… (Use This!)

Lisa Roberts says:

this video is awesome just had to share it with ya’ll I hope you enjoy it
as much as I did.

SurfingTangents says:

*PERFECT* – We are our own limitations!

Alexander Wring says:

wicked video

latiefa omar says:

I laughed with tears in my eyes for these wise words

Rich Pham says:

Fantastic..Thanks Mr. Rohn… 

Ajoeanna Brown says:

i love the sarcasm in his voice its quite appealing 

Brenda Hartsfield says:

I love this and will share this with my team at
excellent speaking for all to hear.

Jakub Madejczyk says:

Inspire sentences 🙂 and awesome background sound.

Chance Formore says:

That’s Jim Rohn speaking…search his name for more material. Walk away
from the 97 percent speech is the best one in my humble opinion. 

Abner Broadus says:

wow, that was awesome! I wish that I could have met Mr. Rohn. I’m sure he
was a great man.

Witzel Asper says:

he s using the duh factor here folks people should hav a clue when things
dont go right they are going at the situation wrong. its all obvious

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