“The Fastest Way To Build Self-Confidence”

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http://fastconfidence.com In her video “The Fastest Way to Build Self-Confidence”, Dr.Sharon Melnick shares the secrets of her research at Harvard Medical Sc…


Katarina Duskstar says:

This does help… but another way, is just spend time around others.
Honestly, I used to be the shyest person in the world but the more and
more I was around other people, I just blossomed.

Itay T says:

.thanks . for uploading

dilildo head says:

Thanks i think i will ask sima out on a date

0Shane13 says:

Confidence is a good feeling on the inside about a situation and confidence
comes from having a positive impression of a situation. Confidence comes
from positive thinking, positive affirmations, and positive experiences
that make an impression on your emotions. Also, like fear is the survival
instinct, confidence is the success instinct. You are afraid when you
expect negative things to happen and confident when you expect good things
to happen. When you expect good things to happen you a positive impression
of a situation. And you expect things to happen from consistent positive
experience. Since confidence is a good feeling on the inside you can create
confidence by getting into a good mood and the mood replaces your doubts
and fears. Perfect love casts out fear, love makes you confident because it
make you feel good about all the things you are afraid of, stressed by, or
hurt by. It is important to surround yourself with people that respect you,
because disrespect from others can leave you with lasting negative feelings
like fear, doubt, and shame.

lestercoleman says:

Dr.Sharon Melnick… sexy smart.

Esther Almuni says:

thanks again

ScrewTheSystemJoe says:

Makes some interesting points but it’s too complicated. There’s a much
simpler way to build confidence which you can use every day. I made a video
on it if you want to check it out. How to boost your confidence: The REAL
Answer. Hope it helps. 

yanni karkalemis says:

makes sense

Ahmed Medhat says:

+Gless2012 Do you really need people to tell you whether you’re terrible or
not !?!!

AnonyVideoZz says:

Lol i am all of those 

100001091057100001 1 says:

slave work all for bankerS

cubanita365 says:

It’s not about what others tell you, it’s about what you do. Of course
someone can tell you to do something a million times, but if you’re not
willing or feel unable to do anything about it then them telling you is a
complete waste of time. But if you’re willing to actually do something
about it then you CAN become confident. It’s a lot easier said than done,
and it WON’T happen over night. It will be very difficult, but it CAN

Md. Morshed Alam Badhan says:

Hey, have you considered this program called the Max Muscle Method? (look
it up on google). My father in law says it gets people ripped.

Don Lash says:

enjoyed this video very much on confidence building!

sadanand yadav says:

i love you

Jay Poojara says:

Thanks u…really this video has changed my mind and my life…really
thanks from bottom of my heart…thank now i will surly change….

blankscreen100 says:

i’m never gonna get it. not love, but confidence

Prashanth Budihal says:

Thanks a lot ma’am. Your advice was good.

chris0bannon says:

look up david deangelo

Betty Wong says:

I think there are many people like us that don’t really socialize well. I
never can get a good conversation going, even with my friends. Why can’t we
feel more confident with ourselves and not worry about what others think of
us. I’m tired of feeling like I have low-esteem, no confidence in myself
and insecure…YES, I already know what u r thinking…L O S E R…see?
Even I am aware of my own behavior…LOL

rainxxxx says:

not that i needed to come here, i was on a bit of a random video spree but
i started to watch this and got really bored

SuperMRDAVEED says:

Very good point. I do depend on other peoples approval to stay

poophorsie says:

well I dont want to become an arrogant dick now do i

Aj says:

This video made me lose confidence wtf

armenglish says:

Wow. The first suggestion to gaining confidence is trying to get other
people to compliment you, or putting in a lot of extra work in the hopes
your boss will pat you on the back. That’s some of the most pathetic
behavior ever; definitely reminiscent of someone about to further sink into
depression. Next.

rainxxxx says:

she’s basically saying that you should not get clarification off other
people to do things when you are capable of doing them yourself

Jeffro Eludeme says:

haha thanks

Nyima Dhamdul says:

I like it very much and felt that the indirect way of cultivating
confidence is the way how we people suffer a lot through the life. This
video is eye openers for many people not to be suffered by praise,
blames,etc. yet can have all qualities that we like to have.

HustinDoffman says:

I had sex with this girl. Then never talked to her again. Huge confidence
boost for me.

Jose Mercado says:

np. =)

scottanthonymarsh says:

Whenever you go out, just remember, no-one you meet is likely to see you
again, and if they do it’ll be because they like who you are, so speak up,
say what you think, some people will disagree, sure. But everything has a
flipside. Best of luck to you.

BeautyHeartBaby says:

@DailyDoseOfVibeZ are you serious. You totally deserve to remain on this

Depression to Expression says:

OR… Read my blog. Muahahaha, spam spam spam. But seriously, it will help.
Just click my name for the link. Appreciate you all

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rafaelqqq111 says:

Okay she’s a moron

zaEPICGeneral says:

Aw few years ago,I got pretty done about efery thing,but I thought nobody
noticed,then I got even more deeper in a hole,then I realized it was all
from a girl,I felt stupid.But now I think of her as,well,an old
chapter,tommorow I’m going to use this videos answer to my problems,I
hope,that my hole doesn’t get any deeper

Iniquity says:

how long did it take you to realize that you werent special?

MsDeelz says:

Come visit my site for instant compliment videos 🙂 videos targeted at
complimenting how fabulous you are 🙂 The key to gaining confidence starts
with speaking positively to yourself, or accepting positive compliments

Rata con says:

That’s where your problem is,”The Computer.” How I know this? because it
happened to me. Growing up I didn’t have too much trouble making friends. I
noticed the second I bought my first computer that’s where my problems
began. If you think about it you actually made friends,the one’s you have
now. So you do know how to make friends but you lack practice at it. The
more you spend on the computer the more you will lose your communication
skills.Been constantly on the computer creates “isolation.”

Thrills4Kills says:

i feel beter when i smoke

Kingstevedaboss says:

ooooohh ooooo thats me

jay jay Marquez says:

Go direct

TheSinisterPress says:

fuck you loser

MissEnigmatic81 says:

Hi,what is it that scares you about social interaction? i’m doing some
research on this at the moment & would like to get some more details from
you on how your social anxiety came about.Inbox me if you wish.

tomi hayz says:

Same here…i’m a guy though. If you need someone to talk to, im here.

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