The Easiest Way To Stop Procrastinating

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We’re all guilty of procrastinating, but is there a solution that could stop you from doing it? Follow Crystal on Twitter: …


Mitch L says:

Alright. I’ll get started on my homework.

Ooh, a new Dnews video. Well…

Kusagari Blues says:

I’m about to sound like a douche but it has to be said. Crystal, your
delivery is piss poor. Your voice is nasally and monotonous, with no hint
of flare or tone. You are boring to watch, and your prompt reading is mind
numbing. Leave it to Trace, because you could make anything feel like a
classroom educational tape.

Juan Rodriguez says:

D news needs girls with big titties to report stuff on 

Christian Hartmann says:

I like this new girl, she’s cute and her voice is calming. I’ll give her 8
creampies out of 10.

Rick Grimes says:

now please make a video on how zombies could exist so my life can have

DeadManRising says:

I want to fall asleep on Crystals boobs!

oh wait she doesnt have them… :(

Aaron S says:

Is she new? I like her, her voice calms me.

Christos5120 says:

Since when “…the practice of …doing more pleasurable things in place of
less pleasurable ones…” (from Wikipedia) is bad?
Is this the modern society where people are thought in schools what they
DON’T WANT TO LEARN, are forced to work on jobs they DON’T ENJOY, are
required to comply with laws that DON’T MAKE SENSE and are asked to live a
life doing what THEY SHOULD and not what THEY LIKE?

nevo lloyd del castillo says:

Im a student architect(i’d like to put it that way) and i keep on
(mis)calculating my time thinking i can do one sheet in an hour… when in
fact i can onĺy manage one for at least 3hrs… and i need like 14 sheets
per deadline..

I keep lying to myself and over estimate my capabilities and end up crying
while trying to finish stuff..

I keep on rewarding myself with petty things like facebook and uhm…
youtube… and google+…

Anyway.. i learned alot in a painful and hard way… that sounds gay… but
yeah.. getting better…

We can do this!! Tomorrow!!!

Sex Offender says:

thumbs up if you thought this video had something to do with your prostate.

SatanistSin says:

So I should stop hitting my self while screaming “YOU SUCK MORON. DO IT

Alex Willy Lindgren says:

The Easiest Way To Stop Procrastinating? Do it. Didn’t even have to watch
the video

Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr. says:

Procrastinating is my absolute BIGGEST flaw. I procrastinate doing and
folding laundry, and cleaning dishes, I procrastinate going to sleep, I
procrastinate filling out forms and tasks of organization, making phone
calls, buying groceries, cooking dinner, planning and preparing for events,
paying bills, and I procrastinate in getting help. Now I realize, maybe my
problem isn’t procrastinating, it’s being self-forgiving. Thanks DNews!!

Danielle D says:

I can’t decide whether or not I like this host. I think her delivery could
use some work. She sometimes takes awkward gaps in talking and you can tell
she wrote the script herself. She says “extrapolating” way too much in her
videos hahah. The lack of a more casual/conversational script, at least for
me, makes it not only more boring but then DNews loses one of it’s greatest
traits of being able to deliver information in a way that doesn’t feel like
you’re reading an essay. I keep expecting her to warm up and be less
awkward, but her videos are often oddly worded to the point where it’s
distracting, and then she as a person is awkward. I’m sure I’m being overly
critical but i’ve held back commenting for a couple weeks hahaha. #WHATEVZ

Caesar Santizo says:

Dnews isn’t the same anymore. It’s not bad, but I mean, two original hosts
and Tara, who I actually grew to like after Anthony left, have left. I
started watching for the info, but I stayed because I grew to love the

Now I’m just waiting for Trace to say he’s leaving considering the
aforementioned trend.

Jonny G. says:

I personally wrecked my life procrastinating on my grades. then it became
my hours at work, then my arrival time at work. now I put up craigslist ads
for income. It’s good and bad. Take it from me a 28 year old man in New
York trying to figure out how to generate enough (give-a-damn) to slave a
8-hour day.
I cant stand working away from home simply because I cant stand preparing
for work.
I cant change my brain from “don’t leave this warm comfy place if you
don’t have to”

thatnamelesschannel says:

I’ll tell you why humans procrastinate its because Human DNA says to EAT
FUCK AND DIE as most tasks are boring since we all run on caveman DNA

Joseph Fraude says:

I forgive myself for procrastinating, but I still procrastinate.
Instead, I think that the problem (For example in this case :exam) is the
thing I can’t forgive. I’ve got way many other things to do, that benefits
me in other ways

TranscendingPolygons says:

This human female IS SO BORING. According to science… this human fails at
generating viewership and sales. The organism “Discovery” should eliminate

killab2oo5 says:

She yells “You can do it!”. I yell “You can do it!”.
I grab my paper. I grab my textbook. Pen on fleek.

In comes my dad with donuts. I love donuts!

HalliCottontail says:

idk… maybe i dont know how to forgive, but i do so everytime. ive been
procrastinating on everything since elementary school and im a college
student now. sometimes i feel like it’s a mental disorder because i feel
like ive tried EVERYTHING. :/

1acroyear1 says:

Hmm… Lemme just bookmark this vid. I’ll watch it later.

ALPHA DESIGN Creative Studio says:

It’s not easy! I always leave things unfinished to do other things! My
brain needs the constant stimulation. Doing one thing for a long period of
time is boring! One time I was

Suzanne Rose says:

were you in speech and debate in high school? you were very well spoken, I
want to speak and demonstrate similar to you! but I HATE speech and debate
with a passion! the people are kind, but I just don’t LIKE it! but how else
am I going to learn to speak well without practice? maybe just, talking in
a “speechy” way isn’t for me. 🙁 I do enjoy acting and being on stage! I
can memorize and write pretty well, I mean, I write great essay’s for
English, but making things up on the spot, yeah, it’s hard and I can’t do

dogindagrass says:

the problem is that I don’t feel bad for procrastinating.

linkuei83 says:

That’s a good idea. I’ll start… tomorrow.

Ramiel says:

What about if you tend to talk to yourself in third sometimes forth person?

Jessica Artau says:

Stop advertising for the military. 

killa524 says:

Forgiving myself has made things much worse. I’m supposed to be writing an
essay as I’m typing this.

Partack says:

;___; I still feel like procrastinating..


Nate Whitelaw says:

i have started assignments at 1 am, on the day they were due after having
3-4 weeks to work on them

Argeneus says:

This new girl, voice like that can hypnotise one and induce willingness to
hear her out at any time… so KEEP HER!

Freeplugin3 says:

how do i forgive myself?

jay d says:

Would not procrastinate on getting in her pants though.…I had to, sorry

Cassius Grey says:

My problem is that my “you can do it” is always followed by ” just don’t be

TheSupermonkey123456 says:

Came here after pornhub, left this video feeling like her tits were

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