The Clearest Explanation On Money And The Law Of Attraction!

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YouAreCreators says:

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this awesome video!

GlennSteel69 says:

What a nut, the system he is talking about is called Capitalism, it only
benefits the rich, 2 minutes of this garbzge was enough to put me off,
another money-seeking spiritualist, what a fucking joke, btw no disrespect
to the dead!!!

MaKaElectric says:

Great listen, thanks for uploading!

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized, not based on inferences but pseudo-empiricism.
the success of these mediocrities are contingent on two factors: the appeal
to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases. Trailing the
evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases,
tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to
personal desires; conversely enough, the former has propagated generations
of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions.

Best Fitness Bands says:

If everybody understood what this guy understood, the evil families that
rule the world would lose all of their power.

allen sharako says:

This video was so long I forgot why I wanted money…. also 156 other
people people that watched this must still be broke.

Morgan More says:

In the last days men shall call them self’s Gods

Effiong Umoetok says:

Great video

thiery572 says:

Nice. This video must be long time ago.

Andrew Coleman says:

Good look on this video. I peeped the store too the hoodys are super fresh
gotta get the “You are Gods” in black!

adrian villafuerte says:

hahaha thought the description was funny. “start attracting wealth with
this simple 50 step program” lol

Cynthia Lawson says:

Knowledge is power. I enjoyed the way this was delivered. I especially
liked the ‘saving for a rainy day’ It is absolutely true that the outcome
is the rain does come. I am grateful to the person who shared this. Thank
you so much.

Mrrimon74 says:

May your spirit live for ever! God bless you and your family for ever!

Freddie Grigsby says:

How can i attract money fast?

Khadija Al-h says:

Muslim church? lol

maxime mbabele says:

sunshine gallegos says:

I must admit….the poverty mentality has been a part of my
mindset….Being said im glad to be corrected…This, Abraham Hicks,Louise
Hay, and Wayne Dyer….revolutionary….I paint and write nothing but
spirit..But this expands those thoughts even further…Thank You

VelvetBlackVoid says:

Buddha was Siddhartha Gotama, an extremely wealthy prince who was
surrounded by all the luxuries one could imagine in a beautiful palace. In
his thirties he left this palace and a beautiful family to search for Truth
because none of his material comforts could answer the question of old age,
sickness, and death. I’d say once you reach a state of luxury for your self
you will come to the realization that it’s not enough. Just wanted to

Foxychoconaps Dee says:

Good stuff

John Thomas says:

What is this guys name. He makes so much sense. He has the ‘secret’
Forget these ‘Johnny come lately’ secret preachers!

mumbles pier says:

First 5 minutes are very important to us all…..

Marina Martinovska says:

Lovely person. You are lovely too, since you post the video to be seen by
many people. Thank you.

noche iluminada says:

ehat’s the name of the guy who is speaking?

coatcheckgirl says:

This is so good

Thomas Kent says:

This is a very clear explanation! Love it!

BSis Stinky says:

*The clearest explanation of the truth about life and death:*
Go to TruthContest {} Com & click “‘The Present'” on the homepage.
*What it says will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough

Jiaer Lavon says:

I make Law of Attraction videos, come over to my channel and become
wealthy! #Subscribe 

AJ Thompson says:

They don’t “own” the world. They created a “system” in the world, and we
oblige the system, voluntarily, instead of the LAW.

mirabify says:

Great Stuff!

Ann Hector says:

Its old but true stuff

Jon Heckendorf says:

I have been poor. I have been rich. Yes, even filthy rich. Not brainwashed
either. You have to ask yourself why do you want to be wealthy?

Just an exhortation (pep talk) with some truth sprinkled about. His money
comes from making a lot of people feel good about themselves so they can go
out and “conquer” the World.

Not exactly how I made my wealth (and lost it too) several times in my life
time. There are a few more ways to wealth other than how I did it and how
he is describing it but I am not sharing.

I did it on my own; legally, morally, and honestly. Not many can say the

My life has been full of wonder, intrigue, learning, knowledge, experience,
careers, travel, and much, much more. It has had its share of bad and
terrible aspects of life as well. No one goes through life unscathed nor
gets out alive. If nothing else, just be happy for yourself and for others.
Build upon this as your foundation. Good luck because only a few can become
wealthy and wealth is not for everyone.

jason harris says:

Love him..peace to you. .

Victor Robledo says:

Sorry Mr. Pregnant, but this knowledge is thousands of years old. These are
natural laws. The law of attraction is only one of many of the laws that
are there people understand them or not. But the “new-age” pseudo thinkers
go about bragging they have “discovered” and unlocked something entirely
new. This gentleman speaking many sound truths, he is talking not only of
the law of attraction, but many principles which are not new at all. Great
video on YouTube. Thanks. 

Alexa Weber Morales says:

This video from the 1980s is motivational and often funny. It’s reassuring
to see that Law of Attraction thought has been consistent for so long. When
you are self-employed or a free agent or an entrepreneur (as most of us
will eventually be in the world economy), you need to pump yourself up!
This does the trick. Also, his observations about the value of information
pre-date the internet — but are truer than ever.

As he said, when making a product, “if you’re coming out of transcendant,
if you’re coming out of heroic, you’re going to put everything you can into
that damn pizza, and you’re going to make that thing wonderful.”

Here’s his summary at the end. All it takes is:
–a shift in consciousness
–a shift in dedication (coming from service and love, subjugating ego,
understanding that when you pay for something from someone whose life force
is powerful, it feels like paying another part of yourself)
–understand it’s fine for you to be wealthy
–understand it’s infinite and there’s no limit (after all, we all agree to
‘believe’ in banks in order to keep them running)
–get clear about what you want
–resonate that intention and play ‘fake it till you make it’
–whether you’ve got it or not, move towards it no matter what
–you’re not going to let yourself get out of control and start spending a
whole lot of money you haven’t got
–allow yourself that power and energy at all times
–be original
–love yourself by charging enough
–give yourself time, have patience
–love the people who are pulled to you by serving them, putting your ego
aside for their needs
–be organized so that you have a way of billing people
–move out of struggle into a natural flow
–life was only ever meant to be this gentle walk through a valley on a
sunny day

subrota kumar says:

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Profit Pitch changed my luck. When I found it I began making money online
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Antione Leonard says:

Great video Knowledge is such a powerful tool… God Bless

Mike Bely says:

Is this video like 25 years old? He mentioned 4.9 B people ….

Kathyka z says:

excelente video thank you to post

Elliot Jones says:

Wow what an amazing speech. I don’t think he came up for air.

He is very true in what he says but unfortunately it’s very hard for 99
percent of the world while the small 1 percent who are very wealthy control
the rest.

I think the message here is that you have to be yourself and strive to be
the best. Don’t just be a slave in a system that is set up for others to
prosper from

Joe Ramirez says:

great video! Love the info even if it is old, still useful. 

The Fakey Cake Maker says:

The guy was saying all this in 1986 before the credit crunch and Lehman’s
collapse…very worrying stuff.

christina moulavassilis says:

love it!!! says:

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Oscar Arauz says:

The law of attraction is not a creation of mankind (like ALL religions)
whether you believe in it or not it’s always in action. You’re always in
the right place at the right time.

Ibrahim pasha II says:

this is were its at

Jiaer Lavon says:

I make powerful law of attraction videos!
Come to my channel to become WEALTHY & HAPPY #Subscribe :)

xXKillaBGXx says:

Will smoking pot hinder my attraction to money?

Mary ODwyer says:

Wow this is the truth

Evan Lawrence says:

This was amazing and well timed! Thanks for the upload.

Stella Holt says:

Moto Heaven Mr. Wilde was not saying that your only intent in life be the
seeking of money without fostering and maintaining personal and
family relationships. Actually quite the opposite, I must point out that
those that have a depressed lonely existence can be poor as well so
whatever preconceived notion or programing from childhood you have about
wealth obviously has hindered you from an open mind. Thank you for your
comment though and may the Universe bless you :)

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