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Brigitte Bright says:

Lets Brighten our day:

crumcon says:

@i7Gam3r wow fukin great what you said and very true!!

jmsp1967 says:

horrible sountrack!

thethirdq says:

What a great channel! I can tell you spent some time on your video and
really respect that. Hope you enjoy mine


Let go my eggo you assholes!


The truth of all predictions is always in our hands.[Steve Harris]

shanecheese123 says:

@BuGGyBoBerl What I’m telling you is that there are people in the world,
that have high education but don’t have the job to match it, these people
are in the wrong mind set they have had dissapointment happen to them and
they haven’t yet come through the tunnel but all they need to do is tell
them selves ” I, me, myself can do this then they will have a postive
manner and will be a lot likely to find a job.

Mike Chaiyachin says:

AWFUL music. ones that make u LOL n think wtf :]

Rigoberto Pérez says:

Roberty Kiyosaki & Jim Rohn…WOW!


***Was John Denver a piece of shit?…..Would that constitutes as a
motivational quote?

cbonde101 says:

There is no right way to climb the tower of life.

dukenthaylor says:

@TOLTECAAZTECA You said any philosophies other than “the one’s you own”
(“the only and one truth philosophy in life”) “are nothing but a rip off
and some one else’s ideas.” I directly challenged that point by questioning
how “the rest” (what you inferred to as philosophies other than “the one’s
you own”) could POSSIBLY be “a rip off”, when “some one else” is SHARING
them so they might be ADOPTED BY others as THEIR own. So, what EVIDENCE do
you have of me completely missing your point?

tubelog0 says:

Awesome music !!11 Title please??


The only and one truth philosophy in life.Are the one’s you own.The rest
are nothing but a rip off and some one else’s ideas.

zobaczeldokenawolno says:

3:32 w tle polskie książki <3 Nasi górą, ręka w górę

Sam Mills says:

Chinese fortune cookies. Why could they not say stuff like this? D: (I’m
sick and tired of being told to move farther south XD)

ThePuregolden says:

i dont like the music.

境界 空の says:


dreads ss says:

@Seiga ahhahaahahhaahhahaahhahaah AWESOME comment!!!! GREAT VIDEO THOUGH

Wigure says:

i thought this would cheer me up, i got me even sader.

armin beh says:

piece of filthy craaaaaap fucking racism motherfucker

Gustaf Wiklöf says:

@wikizeen its suposed to be a – between feeling and irene ;D

T Cannon says:

@Seiga LOL!

BuGGyBoBerl says:

@shanecheese123 education =/= intelligence. education doesnt result in
money (much). There are people who have the right education but dont have a
job in which they earn much money. maybe because they dont use their
potential. maybe because they like what they’re doing but it just doesnt
give them enough money. (for example some physicians who study long and
hard and after their studies they earn a little more than average.)

shanecheese123 says:

@BuGGyBoBerl Explain yourself

Jennifer says:

Title of the music please. So I can slap whoever made it!!!

craftwarrior4ever says:


Psalm De Guzman says:

Man only becomes old when regrets takes place of dreams.

JoshuaRayRolie MoralesRodriguez says:

“Beating all others is possible, finding your limits isn’t”-Jacob Rodriguez

2010Jakeypoo says:

I heard this song on the radio today… This is the instrumental version.
Its like a 80’s song. Shit can someone help me out here? I need to figure
out the name of the song.

Bruce Bennett says:

@dukenthaylor I like intellectuals, and anyways, I’m not really sure if you
can talk about philosophy without sounding like one. I’m not really sure
what TOLTECAAZTECA was going for, but all I know is that if you don’t adopt
(or “rip off”) some common philosophies, then you’d be missing out on a
lot. To be perfectly honest with myself, I’m not sure if I would have
thought of half of the things I believe.

Lirto37 says:

@OneHitKillGaming I think its, “Never look down on anybody. Unless you’re
helping them up.

soccies fellows says:

what the fuck is this shit

Barkha Dhar says:

Very Inspiring. Thank you.

Zero FukksGiven says:

I’m not feeling any more motivated : /

JeffersonDinedAlone says:

Statues have tiny dicks.

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