The Best Motivation Video

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Best motivation video – Wish you the BEST in 2014! I’m looking for self-motivated, positive people to help me expand my business globally…


Chris Cannon says:

Thanks everyone!

John Kettley says:

Funny how people hold themselves back from being the extraordinary success
that they have the potential to be simply because they lack the vision to
see with clarity their infinite possibilities…

These people overcame that mindset to achieve extraordinary success..

Lorne Focht says:

I think I’m about ready to do homework now. 

Muralikrishna L says:
Илья Гречухин says:
dLife says:

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.” Listen to the inspirational
comeback stories of 8 celebrities who didn’t let failure defeat them.
The Best Motivation Video

Kristen Miner says:

whoa! all of those.. :O
I didn’t know that was said to Thomas Edison!

Michael Doyle says:

The Best Motivation Video

DALIA com says:


Galka Zasko says:

Золотые слова. Пускай любой камень преткновения станет ступенькой к
достижению своих целей.

Kashif Mys says:

Failure is a word unknown to me.

~Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Walter Arseneault says:

Why do you think BlackBerry keeps moving? Because BlackBerry works hard to
reach their goal


Ulysses S Grand did some of, but he left his fathers employ because of the
civil war and a need for his military experience. Michael Jordan WAS NOT
CUT FROM THE BASKETBALL TEAM! And what did Edison do? other than steal
other people’s ideas and pawn them off as his own he robbed Tesla
and Humphry Davy invented the light bulb 47yrs before Edison was born!
Please look up some of the things you present as factual here. 

Hoai Minh HM says:

May I have your permission to translate this video script and add my mother
tongue subtitle to it? I want to show your video to somebody, but he
doesn’t understand English.:)

The Fortune Institute Business Coaching says:

Motivate and Never Give Up!

#business #businesstips #coaching #motivation #nevergiveup 

Katerina Misik says:
Steve Wiersum says:


Preston Blarek says:

wow…short video…but super powerful. Thank you!

anna santoshi says:

Best vedio ever on earth….very motivational

David Greenberg says:
QFactor Energy - Ambit Ind Consultant says:

Thanks for the uplifting video!!

John Kettley says:

There’s some fantastic inspirational video’s on youtube and this one is one
of my favourites…

Fouzia Khanam says:

really good

Bryan Swann says:

The only way to win is to fail forward!

becca basson says:

Well Thomas Edison was an idiot who stole ideas from everyone and never did
or thought of anything himself he was thief and kind of an arrogant ass

Сергей Коновалов says:
Сергей Коновалов says:
Виталий Зубенко says:

Great Motivation Video =)

Blankname101 says:

Loved it

Xylona Kritzinger says:

Life = Risk

Сергей Коновалов says:

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