The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDxClaremontColleges

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Productivity guru and coach David Allen talks about “Stress Free Productivity” at TEDxClaremontColleges. About TEDx: In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, …


Murray Barton says:

David Allen telling it like it is

Robert Adducci says:

Just started GTD yesterday. This seems like a worthwhile endeavor. Writing
things down help immensely. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

Geena Dax says:

If you are already in a mess you don’t have space to make a mess.

Steve Holden says:

Watching David Allen’s TEDx presentation as a prep for a my personal weekly
review #twt 

Albertus Vergilius says:

The life that this guy advocates makes me cringe – I do not want to be a
robot constantly making a list about every list I make, and allocating time
to everything – Why can’t we just live in accordance with nature? I would
rather live a life like Diogenes, carefree, simply going with the flow,
that is what it means to live in accordance with nature. 

Omar J says:

David Allen’s GTD system changed the way I manage tasks I in life. 

Harry Chamberlain says:

Thanks to Brian Kitching for introducing me to this guy’s very simple
methods for gaining better focus. This video is a good quick reminder of
the basics.

spanptotacs says:

Simple but good,I like it .

Shalom Ormsby says:

“The art of stress-free productivity.” Check out David Allen’s TED talk,
and learn how to become more productive and less stressed at the same time.

Hardy Auston says:

Great video 

Chinarut Ruangchotvit says:

great review of GTD – David Allen has come a long way since I took his
workshop in 2003. as other comments have eluded to – the system itself is
simple & elegant yet takes a lifetime to master!

Stephen J. Lalla says:

I’ve been a GTD user for about 4 years and I can’t imagine my life without
it now. It’s just not a business tool but a life tool. And it’s a journey
not a destination so if you’re new, give yourself time in terms of months
and years to make changes. While Getting Things Done is a quick weekend
read, implementing it is best done very very slowly like weight loss.

Brenda G. Decurnex says:

TED de David Allen: The art of stress-free productivity. Interesante.

Renee Talabucon says:

We just need enough room to make a mess to be creative.

Stéphane Ehouman says:

At the end I thought he was going to say he “appropriatedly engaged” other
women XD

Mark EightVerseTwentyNine says:

Anyone who presents should be thanked. However, if this guy acknowledged
his sources, he’d probably refer the audience to Mindfulness which the East
has been practicing for over 2500 years, but which is now being
incompletely repackaged and sold for money in the West. Instead simply read
a book such as Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana.

wkangaroo says:

this guy is a professional charlatan. All this speech is all form over
substance. All this long winded speech can be summarized as something like
– stick to your priorities, sweep everything irrelevant aside, quality over
quantity of time spent on something, etc 

SpiritofSix says:

To achieve productivity without any of the specific, personal methods of
other people: just keep in mind one general idea–that it is always the
present moment, it is always “right now,” in a sense.

This means that any lack of productivity or urge to procrastinate is
founded on this simple misunderstanding of time. Things do not get easier
to do later on–the feelings of stress or anxiety associated with doing
certain things will always be there (and is caused by your own
unwillingness to do them or your own perceptions of what it means to do
those things).

Productivity goes up when we realize that if something is worth doing at
all, it is worth doing right now.

Just my thoughts, if you find them interesting check out my stuff. Bring
your brain and your ideas, so we may both learn from each other.

Riyaz Thandora says:

Where the cameraman is focusing most of the time ?

Michiel Helvensteijn says:

Hi speaking is much like his writing. There is useful information buried in
there, but you have to dig through a great deal of metaphor and fortune
cookie wisdom to uncover it.

GradientDescent says:

Summary: Prioritized todo List! Do it!

Romeo Richards says:

Productive lesson for entrepreneur

Trevor Anderson says:

Here’s a great TED talk about stress-free productivity!

Donald Denney says:

Brennan Kilty says:

This TedTalk is awesome!

Douglas Crew says:

Life changing! Thank you.

Rafael Giacomassi says:

I have started applying some of David Allen`s ideas about 3 years ago, and
my personal productivity has improved significantly since then. I highly
suggest take a look at his TED talk, and consider his book (Get Things

Yonar Trisna says:

Physic bandwidth is the something I new about. But, I think everyone always
have their own adjustment for doing stress-free activity.

Remo Uherek says:

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. This inspired me today 🙂 #productivity #gtd 

Alex Stephens says:

This is what I do with my Art :)

M Cunningham says:

Great TED talk. 

Iloerk says:

Main point of this lecture 10:21

Ana Júlia Quirino Martins says:


Eve Smith says:
Joseph Benassi says:

Good: The value of this speech is incredible. The most helpful TED talk
I’ve ever heard.
Bad: Presentation was poor. Not adapted to a general audience, poor visual
aids, and most importantly, lack of any structure. I’m going to have to
watch this 1-2 times more to get everything out of it.

Cheryl Beachler says:

I’m working my way through his book, but am not quite able to get done with
getting my inbox to zero. I’m a SAHM with an infant and a five year-old
and they are always adding stuff to the top of in. I have been using
Google Search, Any.Do, and Cal apps to at least get used to setting
reminders for time sensitive stuff. #GTD #stayathomemoms 

Asher Aaron says:

Interesting approach but I still prefer to use a hybrid version of Covey’s
quadrant and Chet Holmes Top 6 must do list. While Covey’s quadrant is
effective at identifying areas that can be a waste of time, Holmes’ Top 6
allows you to really drill deeper. 

Naomi Cheung says:

I think I fell asleep within the first 3 minutes…

Alex Grässer says:

how did I forget to post this?

Office Snap, Inc. says:

This is a great TED talk by David Allen on how to gain control of your
productivity. It’s 20 minutes, but it’s worth it.

Frank Fonteijn says:

Inspiring speech by David Allen regarding getting things done at TED.

Arief Rakhman says:

David Allen’s GTD

TEDxCentennialParkWomen says:

Get it done before the weekend relaxation sets in:

Ron Nakamoto says:

Very simple but sound approach to productivity.

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