The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

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Editors Note: This presentation has been shared at University of Michigan Business School, Awesomeness Fest, and on stage multiple times by Vishen Lakhiani, …


Mark Hallam says:

Oh no, I am 41, it’s too late….

Nathan Buchan says:

I did the same thing, looked at my life as a plumber worrying about passing
my apprenticeship when I realised all of the people I worked with hated
their jobs, had broken bodies, my boss was a grump with such a high blood
pressure he was a heart attack waiting to happen when all I wanted was the
freedom to travel the world, surf the worlds best waves and live the life
of my dreams. Long story short it took me 4months to replace the income I
was earning as a plumber that took me 4 years to gain so I decided to quit
my job n travel the world full time while working online. have never been
happier.. This shit works, great vid.

Clinton Pong says:

“What do I want to contribute to the planet?” My three greatest
ambitions… 1) Assemble a coherent, rational empiric/scientific
spiritual belief system that resonates with Great Minds to inspire Great
Deeds. 2) Write a “How-to Rebuild Medicine from Scratch” manual 3) Raise a
child/children to believe in Great things, beyond ourselves, and to go out
and Do Great things

Steve Smith says:

I could not disagree with you more if you feel you are too old. I am 53
years old and I have been frustrated with my life for most of my adult
life. I have had several books, both fiction and non-fiction, published,
helmed successful companies, but only recently did I realize I was stuck in
the “means” goals mode. I am more interested now, and more focused, than
ever on the end goals. This was an excellent exercise, albeit brief. But if
it gets your mind thinking, then embrace it.

Mike Kollin says:

This truly turned out to be something very meaningful…
By the time I got to contributions I began to cry… 

fabulousandhealthy says:

I have an urge to cry now. .. haha what a beautiful exercise. Life
Transformational Center in Chichen-itza… Here we come.! Thank you! I love
you Vishen and Mindvalley! hahaha xoxoxo

fabulousandhealthy says:

I am a mindvalley groupie ! haha soo enjoying everything and all the
materials. Helping me become more of what I dream to Live. Blessings and
come check me out. :)

Denieve Manning says:

This helped me so I hope it will do the same for you. 

Jacques Lott says:

Am I to old …..

Miguel Martinek says:
Gabriel Salinas says:


Tom Sej says:

I’m 53, and I seem to recall Colonel Sanders starting Kentucky Fried
Chicken at age 65. These are great questions at any age. I’m a teacher and
I think I will use this video and exercise in my classes. I find it hard to
do this, but I think it is great to release the shackles and do it. If we
are not doing these things now, then why? Why are we not at least making
the necessary baby steps or change in direction to do them. I’m asking that
myself right now. We don’t need to blow up our current life, we just need
to take steps to get into alignment with our answers.

Alston Hanley says:

Wow! This process is one that I will adapt in my life. Going for the End
Goal is what really elevates you. I just went through this simple exercise
and was blown away by what I wrote on a piece of paper. My passion and
dreams just spilled out and literally came to life in front my eyes as I
read my thoughts aloud.

Thanks for exposing me to this Mind Valley.

Serge Sergiou says:

So inspiring. To be allowed to dream, to even be encouraged to dream,
instead of just be ‘Practical’ and get a job to just pay the bills. So
freeing. Thank you Vishen.

vijayalakshmi damera says:

i think you are right brained?

Brahmanjnananda Nithya says:

Thank you so much Vishen…so enjoyed the exercise…was not surprised to
see that everything in all 3 categories is an expression of advaitha…the
non-dual state. there is so much to live for …so many ways to
express…so many ways we can enrich one another and life itself…

victor okwaro says:

Wish i saw this 10 plus years ago, buts its never too late, fantastic and
very inspiring! wish more people could see this..

Livia Roxana Negulescu says:

Thank you Vishen!!! 🙂 I would like to join your Awesome Team soon!! Love
and light, Roxy :)

Janifer says:

The initial step is the hardest, but well worth it for the end goal.

The way I contribute is by helping non-profits create charity casino night
and poker events through my website It’s never too late to

Matthew Costantino says:

one great thing about this exercise is that it should take our focus off us
to a degree and on to how we can serve others in this lifetime!

Jacques Lott says:

Am I to old …..

Ceejays Favs says:

I found it hard to concentrate while he was talking through the whole
thing. My ADD got in the way. lol

Magda Dimopoulou says:

tank you!!! for the courage, ispiration, and push to work with these simple
i’ll make my lists..

ns green says:

Thank you very much, although i am in my 60, but i learned a lot from
waching your vidios… I belive i would spend all my life in learning ….

Tequilla Roze s.e.l.f says:

i have business called [ s.e.l.f ] its all about empowering the youth …
although i don’t you have time…. I’m still gonna say it ” check my page
” …haha

CJ Van Voorhis says:
Nilgun Yetis says:

Very powerfull exercise thank you very much Vishan Lekhani,

I found most important think ı want to contribute earth to show other
people how to extract their potential and contribute to the world thru the
way of my living and practicing….

Paula Stein says:

the music is so distracting for me~ 

alhassan awad says:

I’m in my way to travel around the world, there is no excuse to say too

Lorelei Fenton says:

I just realized… I would like to live in the tropics! Also I want to be a
shaman, a healer, a singer, a competetive dancer, and coach and train
hundreds or thousands of people at a time. I would like to own a
motorcycle, a convertible, beautiful clothes and gorgeous jewelry and be a
size 10 henceforth and forever more. I would like to have the wonderful
soulmate of my dreams in my life and too much more to write here. Yeehawww!

currishev says:

thumbs up who find his hands annoyingly distracting.

Andrea Segovia says:

Thank you I’m 21 a set some goals

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