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With this Inspirational Time Management Video Thank You Card I want to say thank you for being part of my life! Thank you for the good time we had together s…


Petra J. says:

Thank You! – Inspirational Time Management Video …:

SuperTubes2 says:

Thank you so much! It really reminds me what life is really about. Living
life in the moment is one of God’s greatest gifts. Thank you for sharing
this with me.

Mei Yu Urban says:

Thank you! Vielen Dank ! 謝謝!

LynnStrifeTsubame says:

Thank you for this wonderful music ^_^

Cookie Cook says:

OMG! Tears fill in my eyes <3

Estelle Jerome says:

You have such an amazing gift…
Thank you for sharing …!

Yeny Yaneth Serrano M. says:

Hay tiempo para…

M misumi says:

Thank you for this week☆


Myk Muchowski says:

Jean, I thank you so much, you beautiful, caring, loveable, generous
person. Thanks for listening, and being such a wonderful friend. We’ve
been through lotsa shit, but we’re still goin! You’ve been an unending
blessing to me. May you, Brook and I be together forever.. We’ll conquer
life and death, rising again immortal, together, forever more. D, though
we’re not doing good now.. I thank you for all you’ve done for me.. Ye be
generous, funny, witty and brilliant.. I wish for you only peace and

Sharione Pinkpops says:

this is so beautiful 

Alexis Janelle says:

Graduating next week , officially saying goodbye to all my teachers and
guidance counselor think I’m going to send them this video to show my
appreciation and to say thank you 🙂 #Classof2014 

Joshua Wells says:

An amazing beautiful piece of music with truly beautiful words!! Thank you
so much!! Love to you all!!

Maria Carolina Tanpua says:

Oh! its so beautiful! 🙂 You are welcome Michael. And I thank you too for
being a part of my everyday life as I listen to your instrumental music
every morning and all throughout my day when I’m busy or when I’m not busy
your music is flowing in the air touching all the people around with
wondrous awe. 🙂 

myqwertyawesome says:

By the way, this is amazing <333

Maulik Shah says:

Which software do you use to put all this text in the video? I loved the

johndokus says:

I listen to this every time I have to think about something. Although I’ve
thought about the meaning of this video to me, I’m still not able to put it
into words. I could try to write a gorgeous comment, but I’ll drop it ,so
I’ll just write Thank You! :)

Zara ZaRa says:

*Thank you*

karin10magic . says:

This is the best channel I’ve seen in my entire

yuan marilyn says:
Vitaly Portnih says:

This Song Has Just Made My Day! Thank you!

Katie Evers says:

Also what editor did u use to make this vid?

Patricia Flores says:

Vale la pena darse un tiempo para los momentos más importantes de la vida.

LoserJ7 says:

No, Michael.
It is us who should thank you.

Bader fahad says:

Thank you


I love it

Viraj Nasare says:

Thank u!

Rick Nuttall says:

Very nice it always makes my day. Thank you .

Viraj Nasare says:

Thank u!


amasing sounds , and thank to you for have time to make this wonderful vid

Elio Lertora says:

Thank you! It was wonderful!

Viraj Nasare says:

Thank you! 

Dora Xu says:

The tears are coming

Katerina Pak says:

Marvelous!! infinite gratitude for sharing wisdom and peace..)

Marjolein van Klink says:
inok ja says:

Thank you!! You are my inspiration.

Sarah S says:

Do you record the video/nature scenes yourself mate? It’s gorgeous, really!

shakirani sayang says:

Love it 

Viraj Nasare says:

Thank you! 

Jakub Michniacki says:
Diane Wilkins says:

So inspirational had to share…

Janice Zeno says:

te amo…<3

Etoile Juste says:

Thank you :)

Katie Evers says:

Do u mind if i put some of your music on my mermaid show? A lot of your
songs are so inspiring i love it! Thats why i love mermaids so much there
beautiful, magical, and inspiring! Nice job on all ur songs love them! 

Izabel Batista says:


Rizo Santos says:


Aviation Spotting Frankfurt says:

Thats awesome! May I use your great tracks in one of my video ( 200th
subscribers special) ? that would be so kind of you!

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