Ten Tips for Stress Management

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10 proven tips to manage stress. http://www.guidetostressmanagement.com.


O'Neil Godfrey says:
O'Neil Godfrey says:
Manoj Kumar says:


O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Ten Tips for Stress Management*

Missy Bryant says:

*Ten Tips fos Stress Management*

Simple Steps To Amazing Weight Loss Results says:

One must lower stress for effective weight loss. This helps reduce
overeating, depression, nervousness, and anxiety Ten Tips for Stress

McKenzie Sandberg says:

The only reason I need this is my stupid mom

Arti Gupta says:



Hello, Here are some tips to manage stress and be healthy. Try these foods
to keep you healthy. Ten Tips for Stress Management

Henry Stradford says:
Gary Noble says:
almasipics says:

Thanks for a very useful video.

Trinder3467 says:

Tips 10 does NOT apply to people who are in jail.

guidetostress says:

Regarding your second concern that people would only hang out with sad
people, making sad people even more sad, please understand that if a sad
person insists on being sad and making others sad, then why would anyone
hang out with that sad person. On other hand, if the sad person makes some
effort in forgetting his sadness when in company of the happy people, then
nobody will avoid that person. It’s just your attitude that counts.

DrGregDLittle says:

These are awesome tips.

KlarheitTV says:

Nice Video 🙂 You right, there are many things we can do for us. Greetings
from Germany 🙂

kakka kikkare says:

people. this video is no bullshit. these things are helpful. unlike the
medication the doctors gave me. we are not made to eat pill’s. if we don’t
take care of ourselves and if everybody else around us is unhappy, well of
course we are unhappy. medication made me insane. then i really started to
take care of myself like this video tells. now things are better.

Rachael McKenna says:

I am actually nine years old, so I Dont like getting massages, all they do
is hurt me. And I cant go out and buy healthy foods to eat, all I can do is
eat whats in the house. Please make a video for me!! And I cant go out and
have a jog. I can only do that when im 13.Also we are moving and we just
moved and this time to another city. My mom got a job there and went first
and we are now apart and Im stuck with my mean brother (hes 14) my gran and
my father.(they are unhappy so they infect me).


thankyou…stress can really play games with your mind and body….coping
and managing the stress can be tricky, so this is very helpful

aelxrcom says:

Simple, but powerful and useful advises! Great job! Also try to smash
plates ONLINE with our new game – it is free!

Triveni satyanarayana says:

I was stressed bcoz of trying to manage work & family & children & parents
& in-laws & my body. I wished somebody help me! Thanks to my iPhone & my
Gaming interests, I? Luckily came upon an iPhone App called “iHWC” by
Lokesh hanumappa. This is really cool app! Its main focus is on “Hurry,
Worry, Curry” & How to come out of it! & I immediately downloaded it.
Thanks to this app, I am more at ease in my life because I am managing it
pro-actively Hope it helps you too if you are in same situation.

yna reodique says:

Thank you for uploading this video…

mazeingmazerule says:

this video is dumb shit get a life

anxietyfreenow1 says:

Thanks for the 10 tips. Very simple and yet so effective.

Phillip Gutierrez says:

If I could thumbs down this twice I would.

grandalizamousse says:

for the last criteria … i have a question … Since you say that people
should spend time with happy people, then what happens if the happy person
becomes stressed instead of the stressed person becoming cheerful ? Also,
with that statement made, people would only hang out with the happy people
and loose interest in the sad people, which makes the sad people even more
sad, right ? What to do ????

Berry Winter says:

Great advice!

guidetostress says:

Genetically happy people have very high energy levels and it is very rare
for them to get stressed. Even if they do get stressed, they recover very
fast and are back to their wits.

imclaudette says:

what is the title of the music used in this video?

Asmera Starshow says:

great job man you are right

DeeDee Roman says:


ladyhanfan11 says:

Thank you!

freddycoach says:

Smile is good and It´s Free.. Smile please and say NO to Stress..

Mourt says:

suicide is a permanent solution to a temperay problem

maibordelon says:

These tips are so simple and make a lot of sense that anyone can do them
and enjoy their result of relieving or at least reducing one’s stress. I
especially like the tips of smile, get a massage and spend time with happy
people. Thank you.

jawad00003 says:

best best solution is smoke some weed always helps


Every organism- humans, plants, animals and etc. come from the same exact
original cell. The theory was pronounced by Charles Darwin and accepted as
a scientific document later on. Meaning..you have same DNA with every
living thing in this world. The concept of karma yet solves another piece
of a puzzle. Wishing others well, you get well. Wishing others evil, you
get evil. What one critics in others, those are his precise flaws..How one
sees the world, that is exactly how one sees himself..

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