Tapping into Vibrant Health – EFT with Brad Yates

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Here is a video to help you cultivate the vibrant health that is within you. As mentioned in the video, I am not a licensed physician, and this is not intend…


Angela M. says:

We really do ALL deserve perfect health and wellness at all times! A lot of
us simply can’t afford to go to a professional EFT coach so, it’s really
generous of you to provide these videos for us. It’s a great thing that
you’re doing, Brad. You’ve donated a lot of your own free time to helping
the public in this way. Thanks so much for being such a caring and selfless
example. ♥

Christine Kolade says:

Thanks Brad

You have helped me a lot.
You’re gentle face and attitude lift me up and make me feel better and

Kathie Nichols says:

Thankyou for posting your briliant videos, they’re all awesome. This one is
especially great for me……feeling much better now!!

Elloa Atkinson says:

I’m just about to host my first ever online class as part of the new school
I am setting up – the Academy of Miracles – and I noticed I was feeling
sick and yucky. Thank you Brad for helping me release the need to be sick.
Good to tap into those unconscious thoughts – literally ;)

Robitaillechannel says:

Thank-you so much Brad.

Marquita Mills says:

WOW i feel so much better by doing tht!!! Thanks :))

MaryStellaRose says:

This worked for me! I had some chronic pain in my feet. The next morning,
after tapping to this vid in the evening before, the pain was gone!!

silatguy says:

this is the best tapping video I have come across so far. Covered so many
bases that I needed and I could literally feel myself getting more
lighthearted and easing up as the tapping went on. Thanks!

mary reardon says:

I could only lift my arm so high and after this for the first time since
october I could lift it higher!

Chris Felts says:

Thank you, Gary, for gifting this and other videos to us. EFT is life
changing. Sending you joy and peace!

Lena Sjödin says:

Good! THANK U!

Betty Gomes says:

I just love your vídeos, they are so helpful, and do so much good to
everybody! Thank you for your generosity in helping people who suffer…
God bless you!

analogy sixsix says:

Thanks Brad.

ticklebug says:

I so needed this today. Thank you!

TrinaLotusHealing says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

J. Davis says:


Thomas Thiger says:

Thank you!

Grace kamp-broekhuijsen says:

Thank you very much for this video!

mary reardon says:


Sherrie Gingery Robinson says:

Brief EFT Tapping session for health

Sherrie Gingery Robinson says:

Tapping for vibrant health!

CleverDjembe says:

Thanks Brad, that was amazing, I feel very healthy now!

Renata Ribeiro says:

You are showww!!! Like you!

Conrad Weis says:

oh him sexy post some foot vids pleeeeease

Keith Saltojanes says:

Thanks Brad, EFT has become part of my daily routine. I have a request for
a video: Can you do a tapping sequence that focuses on releasing
nervousness (for example for job interviews)? I am an actor and I get so
nervous at auditions (my job interviews). My mind create
worst-case-scenarios and I feel I’m being judges, and then there is all
this unneeded pressure. I know EFT can release this. Thanks!

Julie Simiskey says:

Oh, yeah … I like that one A LOT!! THANKS BRAD!!

Brad Yates says:

@chrisofavon1 Good point. Check my videos on Willingness and Not Ready to

CeliaCarlatti says:

Thanks Brad for another fabulous video with a fantastic script. I am member
of your Magnificent Tappers Club and all the audios there are a blessing. I
always choose them at random and every time is the perfect one for my
moment. You really are a very talented terapist, specialy combining eft and
hypnoses make your work awsome. I am looking forward to have a personal
coaching session with you . I would love to be a coach for teenagers
sports. I am greatful.

marinusik09 says:

Hi Brad! You are brilliant! I am thanking you everyday for introducing me
to EFT! Such a great modality and a powerful addition to hypnosis! Happy
New Year from Russia!

Connie Miles says:

Trying to do this for pain of neuropothy following massive stroke. I can’t
raise my left arm high enough to tap beneath it as you are ding in this
vid. ! the neuropthy makes it feel like I’m using a knife blade top with.
nerves are super sensitive to the slightest touch. This really hurts. I had
fibromyalgia before the doggone neuropothy. I hate when people say maybe
the pain is there because you want it! Constant pain, 24/7 for 11 years! No
one here to get sympathy from if I wanted it!

EFTJacob says:

EFT is such an amazing healing tool. I’m so happy and thankful I stumbled
across it, and your amazing videos! These videos and work with my EFT
Master has made life sooo much better. Thank-you, Thank-you Thank-you. =)

weliz226 says:

Fantastic video, thank you so much! Liz

kalel248 says:

tHANK YOU Brad.. You are awesome…. Loving this added tool by you and
David to enhance our LOA power 😉 🙂

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