Tapping into Miracles

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Tammy Winand says:

do you have any idea why I would feel an immense sense of sadness towards
the last third of this?
I have only done a few EFT sessions prior to this and am by no means
convinced it works, and don’t think I should be feeling the deep sorrow
where you say I should feel excitement and exuberance?

Awesomenesss3001 says:

i LOVE this bonus round of tapping. i really feel INVIGORATED after doing
the exercise. thanks so much!!

Open Your Mind says:

Years ago i watched a video with Robert Smith, He had a patient who said “i
can not Believe” i can see and just for saying”can not” she lost her sight
again. So be very careful using negative word when you speek or affrimating
or tapping.

Burbuqe Raufi says:

This video brought me a MIRACLE (about my health). So, I would like to
thank Margaret and wish her all the best. 

Derek Elias says:

OK first of all i would just like to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I
did Tapping Into Miracles this morning before i went to work and the first
sales call i made i closed it for $4000, i am grateful. I intend to do this
every night before bed and in the morning before work. <3

Karen Andrea Austin says:

+germankiwigal I believe it is at her (Margaret’s) discretion to delete as
she chooses & I for one appreciate it. You can find negative reports
EVERYWHERE from restaurants, hair stylists, & clothing and I have to wonder
if it is real or just because someone did not like one possibly tiny aspect
of an experience, they blow it up into something huge & make a fuss over
something that shouldn’t have been made a deal of. I appreciate deletions
of negativity because I have major limiting beliefs & negativity of my own
that I have to work through & I don’t want to see someone’s negative
attitude on here because I am easily affected. My mom raised me to think
that if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Negativity
is one’s opinion & by advertising it, what’s the point? Warning someone of
something you didn’t like? That’s your reality, not someone else’s. There
is no need to push your ideals on anyone else. I’m not saying that it’s you
that may be posting negativity, but take to heart that not everyone wants
to hear nonsense, I’m one of them. I’d like to have a zone where I can go &
have complete “woosah” time & not be bombarded by negativity I can get
anywhere else… :-)

Mary Reyes says:

Thank you thank you thank you. The positive feelingis amazing.

adl8 says:

This really works <3 I feel amazing!

calistarburst says:

I’ve been tapping for quite some time now. It definitely works! My advice
is to give it time, and you will see the changes within yourself. It’s also
amazing to see little things to big things happen. I started to see things
happen, and improved myself and I have these wonderful videos by Maragret
Lynch to thank! 

W Womack says:


Charles Andrews says:

I’m so excited!!!!
Thank you! 

kemat hasan says:

tq so much for evrthg

7beautifulone says:

Believe to RECEIVE! Dr. Jesus 😉 

crystala917 says:


Justin Mazza says:
Maggie Christi says:

i like this

csircsi says:

I did the tapping yesterday and today I got asked to do a small translation
job for some extra money! 🙂

Melek Mjaanes says:

I got a seven thousand dollar scholarship after tapping for three months….

Beha Mut says:

I’d tap that!

oR3Io says:

The usual “everybody knows”, the fact however is that not everybody does
and that’s why I say that. People believe in all kinda nonsense, and if
nobody ever says anything they will continue thinking that way. Dunno where
you get the sad part, had nothing to do with my reply.

germankiwigal says:

I still don’t get any results from this video to be honest. 🙁 I still do
it every day though, because I like it so much! So far, I’ve found the
affirmations from David Childerley and Brad Yates’ video more effective for
me, but then everyone is different. Many people on here seem to have great
results, after all.

plukin says:

not enough space in the msg.. So basically all the stuff showing/happening
can be a feedback saying something about you. Some wounds from childhood or
it just calls you to find and step into your power. And even the self
sabotage, like procrastination etc isn’t actually self sabotage..it’s
telling you something as crazy as it sounds. :] So it pays to listen to all
your feellings you’ll have and really pay attention. Seems like the body
knows a lot more then the conscious mind and offers a help.

lolineskurukuru says:

I ask to defy gravity

plukin says:

Oh, I see what you mean, got there as well..and honestly that’s about where
I am now. And yes, it was down the rabit hole for me as well. What I got
out of it though is that what you focus on expands.. I also thought like:
ok, let’s clear the crap first and then let’s go for what I desire again.
But what I got to is that as outside things aren’t improving, what if it
wouldn’t change ever? So then instead of hoping/waiting for miracle, let’s
f*king create it. Like “Screw it, let’s do it!”.

plukin says:

500 characters isn’t much, was writing you a private msg as we both can
exchange ideas about our journey but you don’t allow those, so if you are
interested just msg me a mail and I’ll write you there and see what comes

MsTante13 says:

Your voice is so uplifting and contagious. It’s so hard to feel bad and
depressed when hearing your voice. Thanks for this video.

fozia aanwarr says:

how many times and how often we have to do it ?

TheValvacious says:

From Dr. Iyanla (pronounced E-Yan-La) Vanzant Faith is Feeling and Acting
as If the Thing you want, has Happened. F – Feeling A – and Acting as I –
If T – the Thing you want H – as Happened.

Spiritizer Roopi says:

everyone, I will be saying I can’t believe this happened. Something really
big is about happen. Something amazing is about to fall in lap. I will be
saying I can’t believe how big this is. This is amazing. Something huge on
its way to me. I am so curious to see what it’s going to be.

kimuse says:

it really works!!!

torgo714 says:

I see a therapist once a week and we do EFT and it really made a huge
difference in my life. When I’m in sessions with her, I have to repeat what
she says as I tap, should I be repeating what you say or should I just
listen? Thank you for posting these videos.

mary111164 says:

Or remove the word big and say “Something really wonderful is about to
happen”. 🙂

ladysoal1 says:

great things always happen to me when I use this video . always.

jsmithnevinsky says:


Polina Solda says:

Beautiful and uplifting. Thank you, Margaret. I am going to listen to this
and do EFT tapping every morning this week. Will let you know later what my
something big is once it happens.

Lvnmak says:

this REALLY works.

Julia Phillips says:

I love this one ! Thank you so much.

Tarang Sharma says:


au2naturale says:

I would like to know some of the amazing stories she has heard from tapping
into miracles .

jenn davis says:

What I’m saying is it has been manifesting with big things and small ones
as well! It’s really incredible! Namaste Margaret!

Spiritizer Roopi says:

Even though my life’s just going along great, I am open to something big
happening. Even though I am happy with how things are going, I love the
idea that something really big is about happen. Even though I am very
grateful for my life right now, something really cool is about to happen to
me. Something big is about to happen. Something amazing on its way to me.
It’s already started. It’s already lined up. Something huge is about to
happen. And I will be jumping up and down. I will be calling ev

TheQueen284 says:

Thanks Margaret! 🙂

alisonspearl says:

You can use this video and just add the words you want. I.e, at the
beginning when Margaret says, “I’m open to something really big happening.”
Just add something like, . . . concerning my (health, work, finances,
etc.). There’s enough time throughout this video to add your specific

Donna Macleod says:

I’m doing the energy work now nevery day, only for the the last 2 weeks,
but I need to say Ive really noticed the difference on the days I havent
done it…I love the way this video makes me feel…really hyped up…like
she says, looking for things to happen. Im into this video big time…its
my vitamin A,B,C,D,E and any other thing out there thats good for you!

SimplyLightful says:

every time you remind about it!! 😀

sheilarose dagpin says:

Thank you Margaret :}

Molluro Robert says:

I have been doing this regularly and a miracle just happened that was
totally unexpected. Thank you

SeekerXYcr says:

Thank you so much for your videos Margaret, I really like them! Blessings
of love and light to you.

Urania Insights says:

You’re beautiful Margaret! Inside and out. Blessings! <3

germankiwigal says:

That’s SO cool! Congrats!!!!!! 🙂 I hope people keep sharing these stories
on here, it makes me really happy hearing them!

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