Tapping into Manifestation – Mind Movies – EFT with Brad Yates

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Get Mind Movies here: http://www.mindmovies.com/mm21/bobproctor/bobdoyle.php?10074 I love vision boards – and Mind Movies, which are like vision boards on st…


Ana Maria Tardelli says:

Brad, thank You soooo much for posting this wonderful tapping video !! I’ll
be doing that as many times a day!!
You are awesome:/)

terransage says:

As I was walking home tonight, I literally felt “blocked” from manifesting
what I need in my life to fulfill my purpose and move forward as a person.
I was feeling it all day, in fact, like something weighing me down and
making me depressed. I did a search for un-blocking manifestation and came
immediately to this video. Now that I did the EFT tapping, I feel much
lighter. I’ve done EFT before, with pretty good results–and like you said
to someone else in the comments below, the process really is like peeling
away the layers of an onion. Thank you for making it easy!

LotusFlower Yoga says:

Thank you…Ive been overwhelmed crying most of the day with stories of
success..Its incredible i cried through this…trying to release the not
feeling i should have to the feeling i will have and deserve. Thank you :-)

Naomi Gobits says:

thank you brad your dedication to humanity to allow them to be empowered
and free is such blessings ….thank you xxx

TheFoxx62 says:

love ur videos!

Catherine Elliss says:

Hey Brad – Thank you – we were introduced to Mind Movies through you
originally. We are big fans of both you (and EFT) and Mind Movies. The
strategies you mentioned we have been doing for at least a couple of years
including tapping with the Mind Movies. Cathy’s Inspirational Mind Movie is
on this youtube channel. Faith (in this case, belief in your dream) plus
action really does create miracles! Cathy and Kj

pmartin51 says:

another great video! join the magnificent tappers club all you aficionados!
it is a magnificent tappers delight!

semanova says:

Hello Brad, I just wanted to say thank you!!, your work is incredible, I´ve
been tapping with you for less tan a week and I already feel incredible
benefits, thank you so much for your wonderful work!!

cameron196 says:

thank you so much. I have tapped while watching my mind move before, but
the addition of your script is incredibly powerful.

KoriKora says:

This video is exactly what I have been waiting for wohoo! Thank you Brad.

Alusruelduets says:

thank you very much…waiting for all the good things to appear

Debi Talboy says:

There is a YouTube video that I watch, at least once a day. I have watched
it as many as 10 x in a day. I get the giggles with this too. I thought it
would be interesting to play these two simultaneously. Goosebumps and
Giggles!! O My!

surfman72 says:

Thanks Brad, this stuff is really working for me.

Brad Yates says:

@wwaring1 Sounds like you had some issue trapped inside, and something in
this video may have created an opening to release it. Doing EFT is like
peeling the layers of an onion – as we clear things, we reveal other stuff
we’ve buried. If we keep at it long enough, we set ourselves free from all
that old stuff. That’s emotional freedom.

007jjb says:

Thanks So much Brad it was just what the Great Physician ordered!!! GOD
bless you and this is important! JB

jeaninevopro says:

Wow this LOA really works. LAST NIGHT I was trying to come up with some
phrases to tap with because I knew I had blocks about manifesting. Opened
my email this morning and what a FANTASTIC surprise to see your new video.
Loved it! Thanks Brad. I tap with you almost everyday and it is wonderful.
Thanks for all you do. Loved meeting you in person when you were here in SF.

godalex4real says:

Thank you Brad! I have altered this one to sub in certain specifics…and I
can really feel a shift inside while doing it. Best wishes, Alex

butterflyflying65 says:

PLEASE HELP – i can’t hear any of Brad’s videos. There is a lot of back
ground noise plus his voice is totally inaudible. Anyone have any advice
please on what to do? Thank you so much! 🙂

usbas2007 says:

hi! first time tapping. i’ve been trying to manifest 3 things in my life so
thought I would try this. some of what u say doesn’t hit home. shall I
repeat after u regardless of how I’m feeling since it could be
subconscious? feel like I’m saying it mechanically. thanks so much!

wwaring1 says:

Thanks Brad for having such a generous spirt. I have a question. I decided
to do this video just before working out and in the middle of it I began to
cry, out of the blue. I’m talking not just weeping but as Oprah says, “the
ugly cry”. Why do suppose that may have happened? Thanks for your time.

jacqklin says:

Fantastic Brad

kittenzencat says:

our offer on our dream house was accepted.for reasons that I believe now
were fear, we retracted our offer.a week later,I overcame my fear.now it’s
under contract to someone else!! can we attract it to us again, will they
decide to walk away from our dream home?? help!!!!

metalgodkill says:

i am in love

Hales Wood says:

Thank you Brad from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for complete
strangers. Your videos pick me up every time I’m in a slump! I truly
appreciate what you do for us <3 Sometimes a little guidance makes all the
difference! Love to you and what you do 🙂

PaladinNinja69x says:

Awesome Video Brad! That just what I needed, keep up the good work! Hope to
see you in person again sometime!

Raj S says:

Hi Rohini . Curious how r u feeling now..Hope everything became fine.
manifested anything since then ? pls share your experience.

superstarmora says:

Thank You for making these videos. Your gift to this world is amazing and
many people benefit greatly from your gift.

chantaldoise says:

est ce possible d’avoir les vidéos en français merci

ludwina obarska says:

One of the most amazing and powerful things about these videos is the fact
that Brad looks happy while recording them. 🙂 That’s so convincing !! We
actually start to believe that the abundance & success are the most natural
conditions if we ALLOW them !!!

nlw588 says:

hopefully you’ll manifest into your life of someone as genuine and kind as

flyingfreedomxx says:

this is great Brad im a very visual person so watching my mind movie
alongside this really supports me, thanks heaps!

rohini devarajan says:

Brad, when i started tapping to manifest my dreams, I began feeling fear,
then a feeling I am not worthy of these dreams because i have no talent,
and a mind block! – now i am totally panicking! what should i do?! i know
im blocking my dreams!

Tadej Sustarsic says:

hey, i must say i have the same problem. Every time I realy realy want
something, I panic, get fear and it’s hard for me to start imagining it
even though i really want this thing to manifest…. especially the fear of
not getting that what i want…. it’s a vicious cycle….

TheBrightblessings says:

I am new to EFT and am so enjoying your videos- glad I found you! and I
agree with newlife4K!!

Patricia Ronchi Ronchi says:

Hi Brad, thank you for all these precious videos! I found out not long ago
that what I’ve always wanted in my life was in front of me, and I did not
know it until it was too late because there was a deadline of 16 YEARS!!!.
I’m desperate now and keep wondering if there’s a second change for me
somewhere. I keep blaming myself for “not knowing” what I had. I’ve seen
all your priceless videos and followed many of them but don’t know if
they’re the right ones. Could you please help? Blessings!

sexymama1007 says:

This is amazing- thanks so much for your really cool, helpful videos : )

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