Tapping for Fifty Thousand Dollars!

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http://margaretmlynch.com/ visit my website for my mini video course on clearing money blocks through the chakras! yes, chakras! we can use the chakra system…


julzbo says:

@Greg Hopkins I’m surprised you would make those kinds of comments
without, obviously, having even looked at the book reviews. And how many
New York Times best selling authors have you convinced to open up their
bank records to you?

Faith Barnard says:

Margaret, I love your tapping videos. Very powerful. I have been clearing
and opening up to new levels of prosperity. Fun and easy to do as well.
Love your upbeat style.

gooderprose says:

Nice guns tho

serchingthetruth says:

Thank you Margaret. Is there a reason for that you don’t tap on the point
under your arm on your rib cage like others do? Just curious…

Rey Gold Evans says:

i like your style. rey gold evans. in panama, 

gooderprose says:

No Brad Yates…

Ana Maria Tardelli says:

I’m really doing it for a week and I’ m very curious on how things will
present themselves. :-)

Rainy M says:

This is soooo funny

DAYANAND S. Ohal says:

Amazing Margaret loving you.

BeauJames59 says:

Why don’t you open a second savings account so we don’t see your primary
account, then you can make a few videos and show live screen shots of you
tapping for the money so we can hopefully catch the $50,000 appearing in
your account on video. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Anrirua says:

Well, I’ve been tapping a while now, on and off. I follow some of the
scripts and videos on Magnus on Tapping dot com. I’ve also watched some of
Margaret’s stuff. And come back to this video after seeing it a year ago.
All I can is that tapping has improved me greatly. As I watched this this
time, after using Magnus’ chakra clearing tapping session, I began to
laugh. Not AT Margaret, like some here. I began to laugh in a strange,
uncontrollable way that told me that energy was on the move. I’ve felt this
feeling a few times before; unfortunately rarely. But once definitely when
practicing a form of Qigong called Zhan Zhuang (Stand Still, be Fit is the
book/video course). I’m talking about a grown man suddenly starting to
giggle like a teenage girl. And you know what? For a morose SOB most of the
time, it felt GREAT !! 😀 If THAT is all I got from doing this session,
then I would kiss Margaret a thousand times if I could.
Hey, you don’t need to buy anything from any of these people. They’re
offering so much for free. You buy from them to reward them and you. But
its all here for FREE, if you’re willing to complete your end of the
bargain and MAKE AN EFFORT.

Thanks Margaret for putting a big, daft smile on my face and, with what’s
going on in my life with others, that is not easy.
I would pay e5K to laugh like that again. Its an internal laugh, nothing
external could cause that much mirth & joy.

Greg Hopkins says:

So, what happened? Did Margaret get her $50k? Did she get it when she sold
her latest book about tapping your way to wealth? How does the story end? I
think a little proof or some form of closure for this video is necessary to
help believers and non-believers. It’s always great to publish a video for
marketing purposes and to attract customers, but there needs to be proof,
testimonials, etc. Why not show us the $50k in cash? Come on, Margaret,
show us the money. lmao!!!! This is like the season finale of a soap
opera, a cliff-hanger. Margaret is great at stringing us all along for the
ride. Count how many people viewed the video. Amazing! How many actually
did the tapping along with Margaret and got the $50,000.00? Come one. This
is just for fun. Be honest. We won’t tell the IRS. ;o) I promise. I
bet no one comes clean and we will be left wondering until next season, or
next book, or next video, or next seminar. Add that all up and I’m willing
to bet Margaret got a whole lot more than $50,000.00. Three cheers!

WeAreWhiteLight says:

My phone is being ‘tapped’ now that I started ‘tapping’… and I’ve got a
constant headache!

Susan Parente says:

Thank you Margaret!

Zaria Moon says:

this does a whole lot more for me, i do it not just to open up to more
money but its 526 am and I work up tired, after this round i’m ready for
some cardio and dancing! <3 and that margaret.... is priceless. thank u. 

Marie Margo says:

Hi Margaret, I had fun with the tapping! Now, I’m smiling more than 15
minutes ago.
I feel happy. Thank you and be well. 

Nieves Kinal says:

Want money? Here is a way to tap into that energy! Good Luck!

Gold Will Set You Free says:

I started tapping while in line at local grocery store. Security escorted
me out. Are you people serious.

fiveaday30 says:

That was the exact number I been visualizing. I click on this video that is
the number you are talking about. I will let you know what happens 

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn says:

thank you we loved this so much. Peace and Love.

Patsy Roberts says:

does any one on here ever get a reply from Margaret her self ! I have not
got one.

Laura Mazza Gonick says:

Fabulous! You are the best! Thank You!

Richard Perez says:

the title’s misleading

Roberto Sixty Roberto says:


gemini roxxy says:

Interesting 🙂 

Personal Trainer London Diet Lifestyle Corrective Exercise Clapham Battersea says:

try one day had £100 come in from lotto happy days thank you 

Yvette Miley says:

I have been practicing international 3 in One Concepts – kinesiology –
stress management + medium – {Celtic(mum)/Egyptian(dad)} 5th Generation
Psychic for the professionally for the past 19 years in Australia. However,
I am always open to new ideas and concepts. I was introduced to TFT which
was orginially designed for war veterans in the USA and the Graig designed
the EFT.
Margaret I know I have manifested you to help STOP being a “mother theresa”
so I am told with all my volunteering and start RECEIVING. I am
appreciative and I have a great feeling that this will work…mmmmm It will
be a pleasure to help others achieve their goals and live their passions
and visions too. What an earth angel you are Margaret .

Justin Mazza says:

Thanks Margaret, I just received 3 sales on my blog today, the same day I
watched your video and went through the EFT tapping. Twice I might add.

14911TheChallanger says:

so guys stop working and start tapping and become a fking millionaire
……. :P

Marcia Cutchin says:

Margaret – thank you for your energy – your beautiful smile and your
message – I hear it loud and clear – I appreciate you

rockysikander says:


Jennifer Jenkins says:

I tried this tapping and on the second day, I got a refund check in the
mail for .67 cents!!!!…lol WOW! Really.

List Juta says:

Cool video mate. Have you seen Brilliant Bankroll System though? It’s quite
a bit different, and appears a lot more powerful. I’ve pulled in $790 this
week on it. Simply Search the term Brilliant Bankroll System.

Kat says:

Okay so i just finished this taping exercise an hour ago, and just 10
minutes ago got an email from my modelling saying i was ACCEPTED for a job,
not asked to audition for it, and guess what the payment was for
100,000 DOLLARS <333333333333 oh my god this is truly amazing <3
so next time i do this instead of money it will be any of my desires
I guarantee, if you just do what she does and focus on it and the words she
speaks, it will happen <3 Goodluck to you all

MacotoNagano says:

It easy to tap in USA.
Come and tap in Serbia.

bacclady says:

I’m enjoying this so much, that I’ve edited your script to tap for my ideal
body. Thank you, Margaret!

Mizo Tarot Mila Herenda says:

Since we got the Magician today for our daily Tarot, thought I would share
this…tapping for 50 thousand!#tappingforcash #50grandyesplease #mizotarot

Harold Romero says:

Fanny way to ‘tap for $50k’… Let’s see if you do it too???

Zaria Moon says:

parts of my body unwind when I say, i totally honor it.

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