Tap O’ the Mornin’ with Brad Yates – EFT

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If you are new to tapping, please watch this video so you understand what it is about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiD72cZ5mcU So that I can make these vi…


Merry Magdalene says:

you saved my life. i love you thank you 

Crystal Harris King says:

Thank you!

Merry Magdalene says:

your my dream husband ^_^

ticklebug says:

I watch and tap with this video every day. Thank you. 

Shelly Dawn Early says:

Brilliance is the star who’s intentions flow over the living
repairing desolation in its wake
fully aware and with even fuller caring
emptying out into the universe.

I thank Gene Adams for sticking by his partner and being patient with what
he obviously has done a bit of research on and WANTS to be there for her.
That is admirable, and I can totally relate. See, I’ve been suffering with
severe degenerative joint disease in both hips. I also have to take pain
medication that I’m going to have to deal with withdrawals from when I
finally don’t need them anymore. Actually I have too many issues and
things I have to deal with at this time in my life that it’s not the point
of why I’m posting anyway. I just wanted to agree with the request from
Mr. Adams as well as having a request of my own.

Since I told you I can relate, it’s because of my pain and all that comes
with it, that I know my boyfriend may sometimes feel similar ways as Gene
Adams. So, Mr. Yates, I would like to request a script for men or partners
going through painful times with each other. Maybe partner tapping?….

Thomas Thiger says:

Thank you very much!

Anne Whitfield says:

I’ve watched this many times and it always makes me smile! I can’t feel
bad enough to change the past…….brilliant. Thanks Brad.

John S says:


Amy Tredinnick says:

Thank you, Brad, for always being such a light in my life. You’ve helped me
and others so much. Much love, Amy

Kim Maxwell says:

Thank you!!

Nicole Heffernan says:

Hhehehe! Has anyone read the transcript!! Thanks!! Great Tapping Morning
Wake up!! & A good transcript Laugh!!! hehehehhe!

Gene Adams says:

Brad, thank you so much for ALL of your videos. May I make a request? My
partner has been going through menopause for two years now and her endless,
vicious diatribes and tantrums are putting a strain on our relationship.
When I tell her I am hurt by her actions she mocks and insults me and yells
“I’M NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE!!!!!”. Do you think you could do a tapping
video for women going through menopause? I realize it may be out of your
specialty but think of doing it for the partners of women who are trying to
be understanding and empathetic, but are struggling to maintain their
relationship. Thank you so much for considering this, Brad.

miavrs says:

This is still one of your best, Brad! I revisited this video after a long,
long time and still loved it. Thanks! x

Jwls Poyner says:

Start your day off right – everyday!! Brad Rocks!

Jwls Poyner says:

This is one of the most #Awesome ways to start your day! Oh..& just love
Brad! He rocks the EFT!!

eddiespaghettiify says:

thanks so much. I understand that tapping is the idea, but have you or
anyone else tried pressing and holding the points or massaging or any other
methods? just curious if tapping more effective and the reason why. thanks

Brad Yates says:

Hey now… no name calling, please… 😉

MrCuriouslad says:

I often bring my pain down to a “seeming” zero. However, my deal is
emotions. I find just because I feel fine at a 1 or a zero…its not gone
but suppressed or hiding. I wonder is muscle testing better than the sud
because of that? What % does this work without a practitioner of eft?

hawk0050984 says:

he has the same first and last name as me brad yates THATS MY NAME!

germankiwigal says:

Brad, if you ever need/want a German translation for this or any of your
videos, let me know! I’m happy to do it, seeing as I get so much joy out of
these tappings! 🙂

Annahealthseeker says:

Brad, I enjoy tapping along with you. It really does help. Thanks for the

Gwynneve Ireland says:

thank you.

Rebecca Holman says:

I love doing this every morning as part of my daily “Seeing Myself Through
the Eyes of Source” appreciation meditation. What a wonderful way to start
ones day.

doogerville says:

Are you an EFT master or certified teacher? also do u encorporate LOA
and/or affirmational type practices in conjunction with EFT?

Jenni Mac says:

Tapping to this video every day has revolutionized the way I feel at work.
I am an ER nurse, and even when the department is absolutely crazy, I keep
a positive attitude. Not only that, but my positivity is wearing off onto
my co-workers, which makes the day even better! I have had depression and
anxiety for a long time, but EFT is changing my life. Thank you so much for
sharing this video.

rgaryc1 says:

Hi Brad, I sure hate to admit when I’m wrong but this morning while
meditating and doing your Tap o the Morning I tried declaring to the
universe that my bad karma was paid in full like you suggested. I had
thought the concept was a waste but tried half-heartedly and lo and behold
I felt an immediate release and knew it worked. Thanks once again for the
excellent advice. Best wishes, Gary

Andrew Glover says:

Top of the Morning 2 U! Happy St Patrick’s Day! Have A Great Day 🙂

cookies4us2 says:

Thank you, Brad Yates, for the work you do and for offering it at no charge
here on YouTube. Your tapping sequences have already been enormously
helpful in clearing negativity from my thoughts and I only started
yesterday with the ho’oponopono sequence. Bless you and all the best to you.

MyLifetimeJourney says:

Tears just rolled releasing lot o’ old trapped stuff. THANK You. Nice job:)

1PostPoMoMaN1 says:

Impressive. 🙂

Rande Moss says:

Brad Yates, you so rule.

Andrew Glover says:

I haven’t used this video for ages but I thought I’ll do this today because
it’s St Patricks Day! U2 song Discotheque happens to be playing on my
itunes in the background too! Top ‘O’ Morning 2 Ya 🙂

wooini says:

This is totally out of the context but you look just like the actor Luke
Wilson in this video! Just had to say it! 😛 And of course, thank you for
your amazing work. I tap with your videos everyday and will continue to do
so! THANKS!!

Deaf Slaa says:

hello i not understand automatic subtitles. can you subtitle so deaf people
can access to your video many thanks – captiontube is useful app

60bunnies says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

lisa l says:

Thanks to you Brad, I look forward to having an amazing day, every day.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

myheartsingz says:

If you like this video, check out brad’s new book for children and the
child within all of us. It is MAGNIFICENT! Imagine if you had this
technique as a child…Better yet, don’t imagine. Actually buy some copies
for all the children you know, so we can create a more peaceful, love
filled world! Both the story line & illustrations are gorgeous!
thewizardswish (dot) com Dr. Suzanne Improvisation Lerner

Frema B says:

this works….the days i did not do it are significantly different. no

Geoffrey Currie says:

me too!

Brad Yates says:

@DracoAquarian1 Hmmm… Interesting take on it. I think you’ll know the
answer if you watch other videos. I like to use a light touch, but I tmake
this work very seriously.

RenewinTexas says:

I just absolutely love EFT Tapping and am finding that the more I fill my
life with things to to further my life such as EFT, The Secret, Quantum
Physics, higher frequencies the more my life fills with love and abundance.
Thank you Brad

quitejaded says:

lol @ video title

Pamela Desjardine says:

Brad, I love your work with EFT! Thank you for being so accessable.

secrets2successs says:

Tapping is extremely effective with both physical issues (back pain,
headaches, etc) and emotional issues. Here is a video where Cheryl
Richardson talks about the #1 thing that locks fear, anxiety and an
inability to take positive action into place. V V V

jude steiner-hall says:

I love the candor of these videos. The scruffy casual (cute) look here.
Esepcially the hilarious candor of the Getting to Sleep video–the bleary
eyed start as he turns on the light! and on tap of the evening, the Peter
Lowrey voice humor. Can’t tell if the tuxedo there is candid or staged, but
fun either way. Models how we could all perhaps be doing exciting things
with our evenings.

Michelle Martinez says:

This is a great way to WAKE up, loving it!

John Donlon says:

Dear Brad, i wondered if you could do a video about phobias – or a web or
phobias? Best wishes, John

Shani Mazuz says:

Is it psychology or something? Nice!

Jacque Kay says:

Such a great way to begin the day!!! Blessings to you!

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