Tap O’ The Evenin’ with Brad Yates – EFT

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http://www.bradyates.net http://www.lovebeyondbelief.com http://www.moneybeyondbelief.com http://www.bodybeyondbelief.com The Tap O’ the Morning’ video created many requests for a similar…


Freida Edwards says:

You are awesome beyond belief! Thank you so much Brad for your loving
generosity. God bless you & your family and dear ones till eternity!!!

Admercial says:

Thanks so much for the series! Also, is the name-calling part a reference
to Ren & Stimpy?

Mundii B. says:

i deeply and completely love this man :~)

jude steiner-hall says:

“Setting myself free…being peaceful, being loving”–so good to have
access to this!!!

damone87 says:

@eftwizard Thanks Brad

Brad Yates says:

@Tinustuff Unfortunately, I only see a fraction of the comments I get. But
I saw this one. Thank you, Tinu. :)))

stevenbabybaby says:

I cannot Rememeber my dreams unless I do this video before I go to bed. Its
completely strange and magnificent at the same time. EFT is amazing 🙂
thanks brad 🙂

Arielle Cohen says:

hahaha i was thinking the exact same thing. i love his voice

Ida Gonzalez says:

I have had an absolutely awesome day and can’t think of a better way to
round up my night. I am so tired, but this 7 minute video always pays off
with some delicious dreams!!! Yahoo!!!

Javlaskit21 says:

Thank you I got sleepy in no timme. will sleep .:)

Stephen Brady says:

Does this really work, I’m very sceptical about thing’s like this. But can
some one help..thanks for posting.

Kimberly Phoenix says:

@MylifeinJordan ha ha ha! never thought of that.. its a wonderful day in
the neighborhood

kungfupat says:

Brad, you da man!!!!!

3dAngelStudios says:

Thanks Brad! I’ve been doing both vidoes, and have been in a more positive
mood during the day and have been sleeping much better since I started
these a few days ago. And I’m under a LOT of stress at the moment… the
tapping I’ve done with your videos and on my own has allowed me to release
that stress… and allowed me to SLEEP at night for once!

standekoster says:

you dont have to be tuned in your mind will open the doors automatically
just keep tapping:D

damone87 says:

I Want To Ask You Something. Does EFT Also Work On Obsessive Thinking Even
When Your Fixated On Certain Thoughts?. Type Back To Me When You Have Time
To Answer.

AliBarri says:

Hi, Brad. Thanks for your videos. I always feel great afterward. And I must
say…you look most dashingly handsome in your tuxedo!

HellenLawrie says:

My husband hounded me to try this…I was enjoying listening to the
American Monk, Jack Canfield and other meditation techniques. I have to
hand it to you…this not only gets me restful, I sleep peacefully, deep
and throughout the entire night without disturbances. It’s wonderful and
not to mention what it has done for my husband. The next thing… Would you
have something to stop me smoking, or procrastinating about giving up?
Nice. Thanks.

meow0meow7 says:

He has a nice sexy voice.

miavrs says:

Brad, I still think this is one of your best! x

Potential2009 says:

Hi Brad, just want to show my appreciation for these videos that you have
done. They help me a lot! Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You! Keep doing
what your doing! You Da Man! 😉

Faith Barnard says:

Hi Brad, Do you remember me? I use to be a client and I’m a friend of
Taylor Cornish’s. Love your videos. Congrats on all the success and getting
word out that we really can be clear. Faith Barnard

Elaine Clickner says:

WOW Brad.. I’ve been working with Tap o’ The morning for ten days and have
seen great improvement, am so excited that I finally began this one too…
You are much appreciated!

Luciane says:


popsaver says:

Ha, Peter Lorre channelling…

miavrs says:

My favorite part is the yawn at the end. I haven’t managed to yawn
synchronously with you yet but I keep practicing. Usually I’m yawning by
the time you’re taking a deep breath, so I take that deep breath while
you’re yawning. Do you think that counts anyway or would Source say:
‘Sorry, you missed the rhythm – no good night for you’? 😉 Just kidding –
I always sleep like a log after this night tap. Thanks! x

Brad Yates says:

Thank you – but n oworries – I think they are beyond cure even by
tapping… 😉 Very funny… but… did you have to name that one character
“Brad”…? tap tap tap 😉

Brad Yates says:

A little skepticism can be a healthy thing. And, yes, it does work.
Sometimes quickly… sometimes not so quickly. Depends on how fast we are
ready to move on to the next level of experience – and it is okay when we
feel compelled at some level to go more slowly. But keep at it – it gets
better and better – and you deserve that. 🙂

lksjfadlk says:

hey brad…thx a lot for ur videos…ur tap of the morning really
helped…will try this one too…keep up the good work… 🙂

nasir00100 says:

Thank you 🙂

blissseren says:

thanks Brad good night 🙂

MrMgnet says:

Ahh yes this is a true classic!! i remember couple of years back barely
learning about EFT I stumbled upon this channel and watched this video
every night i went to sleep because i was afraid to go to sleep. Still
today I use EFT and I honestly have to say it thanks to you brad. It has
changed my life and I know for many more years to come ill still be tappin
to your videos !! 🙂

Samua3 says:

OH MY GOODNESS!! What a fantastic voice!!! I have a million things to tap
for but I could find some more if i could keep listening to your voice!! SO
calming …and it kind of travels right through my skin in a tingly way!
… MARRY ME????? :)) xx

createurlife says:

I am very grateful for you Brad Yates 🙂

Colleen Z says:

Thanks, Brad–I love this video, and it really does help me relax and sleep!

LazarusBones says:

I like all your puns

uranne says:

perfect! thank you 🙂

trudysmom says:

This exercise immediately put me at ease and last night I had one of the
best night’s sleep I have had in weeks. Thank you Brad. Would you consider
posting a video for us unemployed? peace and blessings!

mymagictreehouse says:

Thank you Brad! You are awesome… warm greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Brad Yates says:

It can certainly help – as it will at least start to relieve the stresful
feelings with those thoughts. And as the stress is reduced, you can ease
out of the spiral of thoughts and turn your attention to things that you
prefer to think about.

Mercedes Escobedo says:

Thank you Brad, Your voice is so soft that I feel good just hearing you.
Have a great day everyday, Meshe 🙂

Nonny41 says:

Once again, you hit a home run with this video, Brad! You may have just
cured insomnia for thousands of people…me included! My life has radically
changed for the better since I found you! Thank you, Brad! (singing my
tapping song…every day and “feeling groovy”)

miavrs says:

Yes! I managed to yawn simultaneously 😉

teance says:

@eftwizard Well he was named after one of the previous bachelors…and that
was way before I knew a “Brad” could be so intelligent & sensitive 😉 tap
tap tap but I believe he should definitely address the “art of tapping” and
it has been placed in queue 😉

Brian Robbins says:

“You know how some people at the end of the day like to have a night cap?
Well tonight we are going to have a night tap.” Gets me every time, lol.
Brad, you are magnificent!

D. Adams says:

Fella, you have the moves, the looks and the words. And we all get to enjoy
them Morning and Night now. Love your humor too. Thanks, Brad.

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