T. Harv Eker: Success Is Easy

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What is success or failure, really? Id argue that both are simply the inevitable result of a series of activities. One set of activities moves you toward ach…


World Class Events says:

“Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.” –
T. Harv Eker

Kiko Erel says:

Norhamisah Md Untong says:

tq so much Harv..Awesome..May God bless you…

nimhify says:

this guy is great and I haven’t but read his book, he knows how to get to
people and if he is succesful is because he tells the truth ina a simple
way attachable for everyone or most of the people. I think everything in
life should be simple for the ones who think is the opposite they are
against life.

Incrue says:

thanks dude

goodgoodgoodful says:

Isn’t this enlightening or what ?!!!

Mariana Urraburu says:


Buzzirk Bryan says:

Sounds easy to do or not to do. grazie

MrLivePositive8 says:

Want Freedom and Wealth? w w w . ctsfreedomandwealth . c o m

darkob121 says:

A time when there was no computers!!??? Pffffftt………..who would ever
believe such BS?

stagesuccess says:

Such great common sense, and so universally applicable. Thank you, Harv!

Erik Vicino says:

From now on, youll be the TRUE Mr. T in my life!! Lol…THANKS!!!

Hunter Mann says:

Harv’s book made me richer: I found the book(1st edition, autographed) at a
yard sale for 25 cents and resold it for $5. Thanks Harv!

K Minor says:

Great info

Bexdastar says:

You are changing my life! God bless you! 😀 x

buzzclick500 says:

@darkob121 : Good sarcasm. ;])

Manualideas Fancylooks says:

Excellent, you get my subscription because now I am in the process of
changing my old bad habits and listening to you makes it easier.

supr6four says:

Thank you Harv, …you have really changed my life…! God Bless you!

vunak2000 says:

great advice

Hunter Mann says:

Good video, but isn’t the secret to millions to simply do seminars and sell
lots of “get rich” books?

ArchitekOGP says:

I have been meditating since secondary school even though my friends and
family did not understand it. Im not suprised you have mentioned doing
meditation as your obviously a very wise person. I think I will have to
look into more of your videos. 🙂

TheSecretDiary says:

SecretDiary is a big fan. Hope all is good.

Kamo Haze says:

His Books are awesome. Self help without all of the excessive information.
Make small changes and see big results. Thanks Mr. Eker for producing
quality material. Stay Positive Grow with Kamo

Marcus J says:

This guy is an absolute LEGEND! He is saying things that I have been doing
for a long time and been trying to convince other people to do, i.e.
vegetarian, meditation, yoga, but when he says it…. PEOPLE LISTEN!!!

Mair Alight says:

Oh,yeah. I’ve done my best to practice this mantra: “Successful people do
what other people don’t.” Sounds tautological? It is so simple. Just do
what is in front of you to do, what that inner voice guides you to do,
trust yourself, and ask for help when you need it. The advice offered is
spot on: eat your vegetables, get some exercise, keep your word and
meditate. DUH (Divine Universal Harmony) LOL. Thank you Mr. Eker.

mba2ceo says:

Just my opinion.

Lenmar1111 says:

Thank you Harv. All the best for you.

Véritéya says:

Thank you.

van mo says:

you hit the nail with this ! i feel like u were talking directly at me !!

buzzclick500 says:

@TheArtmovers : Exhibit A: Bob Dylan.

Cimone-Louise Fung says:

Thank you for your brilliance & constant support.

TheSuperSubconscious says:

Really Really Admirable words and way of presenting them.

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