T. Harv Eker: Invest in Yourself for Greater Success

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bohemianh says:

Great talk

Prodisphar healthcare & technology channel says:
LawoftheLandPA says:

Im super excited to tap into my passion, shift my mindset, find my WHY and
live from my purpose so I can get out of my own way and stop being afraid
of success and become the best tree I can be.

Jeffrey Sollee says:

Invest in yourself for greater success

Jazzper79 says:


richfreehappy says:

Yes! He’s a great teacher! The bamboo tree example is excellent!

Remibink says:

Anyone has self proven results of his bootcamps?

Sebastian Rivero says:


Marcus J says:

Yep, I like this, very much.

Corey Lew says:

thanx Harv!!!

LivDelicious says:

Thanks for posting!

MartBro93 says:

@Remibink i was lucky enough to have my math teacher in sec 4 and 5 attend
his seminars aswell as millionaire mind. Martin (my math teacher) than
organised a class between classes so during lunch a special group of people
was made to attend his classes where he taught what he learned at the camps
and mmi. i was fortunate enough to be chosen. since then (two years ago,
now im 19) he has left his job as a teacher and now works 3 months per year
like he kept telling us he wanted, in real estate..

Ryokushindo says:

Harv, you’re the best!

Amylia Faizal says:

awesome video! I think I just realized that I am most likely the “bamboo”
tree 🙂 Thk u, Harv!

WakeUp OrDieTrying says:

Beautiful Inside Out.

MartBro93 says:

..he has a home here one in france and one in florida plus many many
investment houses, buildings ect.. meanwhile I started college, left
because i found it boring as hell.. then started working for a cable
company and worked my way to average 2-300.. sometimes 400$ a day, and now
i just left. im sick of having a boss, i dont know if its the right choice
yet but i sure hope it was.. my thermostate is set way to high for the job
I had if you know what I mean :p. I also attended MMI.

nimhify says:

but yes of course but we must really chose

ellitestar says:

This man was put on earth especially for me. I’m totally obsessed with
everything this fine chap has to say . I always read his awe-inspiring!
book daily… and all his youtube videos as well. He is my #1 teacher!!…
I am glad he was born and created this monumental book of knowledge!. He’s
considered the Guru of wealth! In my life.. thanks, Harv..from a Latin guy
who admires you… “your my best kept secret for triumph”

Chancery Ford says:

Awesome! you have a great info! keep us posted. Thanks!

Ryokushindo says:

I really like this guy, really. But the bamboo example is wrong. Unlike
trees, all bamboos grow to full height and girth in a single growing season
of 34 months. Make some research if you dont believe me. Still Harv, I like
you! 😉

Mei Ping Tan says:

Thank you for such wonderful insight on investment of our own personal

Mariana Urraburu says:

Thank you Harv!!!! You are so simple and easy to teach…..:)

Christopher Hoffman says:

Harv is great! I love this man! He’s a great writer, a great speaker, and a
great teacher!

MrSweatish says:

thank you so much harv for your great wisdom and inspiring presence !!

cdevereaux7 says:

Thanks…I needed to hear this!

Jared Pierson says:


SuperThaTruth says:

I love this guy!!!

ambcw says:

amazing mentor…keep sharing..thanks

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