T. Harv Eker interviews Brian Tracy!

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Isidro Gonzalez Moreno says:

thanks for you help it is a great information and a great and simple to
understand you are great

YourMindofSuccess says:

So what are you doing to make that “dash” worthwhile? What makes your dash
unique among all dashes? It’s not how long the dash is. In the grand scheme
of the universe, one dash is about as long an another. The real issue is
this: How good of a dash is it? How well did you live your dash? How much
of your talents did you use and how many dreams withered and died for lack
of attention? And how much love did you share and how much wisdom did you
gain as a result of your dash?

Arthur robinson jr. says:


nimhify says:

these kind of people should start founding schools and colleges.

Joseph De Vito says:

thanks for great video:)

Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

the bettr it gets the better it gets. thanks for posting….follow your
bliss and it keeps things simple then nothing can go wrong even in these
exciting and confusing high energy times. does that help? lol thanks for
posting! xxx

graziele735 says:

sou graziele seu livro os segredos da mente milionaria e como uma biblia
pra mim tenho sempre na minha bolsa parece loucura uma pessoa ler todos os
dia o mesmo livro mas isso me faz bem e me ajuda muito graças a deus por
voce existir que deus te abençoe.



Joseph De Vito says:

TALKTOTHEHAND: Hi. I am not attempting to disagree with you, I’d like to
learn. Do you have any tangible evidence? Thank you in advance:) Blessings:)

Binh Huynh says:

T.Harv Eker joined ILG. Do you know that?

deftdelivery says:

@peachfoot Go to a MMI!

Truthis ScarierThanFiction says:

Brian & T.Harv Master Mind 🙂

1reveur says:

Good stuff..

MrAzuwi says:

The art of closing the sale – Brian -Tracy..u are the best..!

wealthyman wisdom says:


graziele735 says:

grazieleribeirocamargo@hotmail.com todos as coisas contribui para o bem
daqueles que amam a deus .

revyourlife says:

I can’t wait to attend your next seminar!

desolitmynd says:


water8123 says:

hey harvey. i just wanted to let u know that the new house in west van is
really nice and i went their for rosh hashanah.

peachfoot says:

Hi Harv: If you actually review comments here, this is my opportunity to
just say a HUGE thanks for your book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I’ve
read it twice and review it regularly. It’s making a profound difference in
my approach and productivity. Thanks! Do us all a favor and do more

talktothehand1 says:

you moron brian tracy is a scammer!!!

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