T. Harv Eker: How to Accept People for Who They Are

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S Kumaran says:

Most f us are finding difficult to accept others as they are however, some
of us has no issue. Why?

T. Harv Eker explains in a better way.
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French American TV says:

nice shirt

Sky Lab says:

If people really know in direct experience what they REALLY are, they will
realize they ARE awe (knowing/aware beyond belief/words) some (unity,
everything-one) no matter what their state of mind/body/life situation is &
the more likely mind/body/life situation states will be aligned with their
unconditional awesomeness

Sukran Walda says:

Thanks for the tip Wilson!

crumcon says:

poop falling on my head.. it cant be awesome even if i choose it to be

Idris T says:

T.Harv Eker you’re Awsome!

David Alayon says:

SING-A-LONG WITH T. HARV!!! What goes up, must go…DOWN!!!!!

benratje says:


Indiadam says:


AmazonKC says:

I love this clip, but I think it’s important to note that you can’t go buy
these awesome glasses at a store. It needs to be created naturally through
the change of belief systems that no longer support. Just to say everything
is awesome has the potential to turn into “serenity now!” (Seinfeld) When
the belief system is changed you no longer need glasses cause your vision
has been healed naturally.

richfreehappy says:

Isn’t this from Master Your Mind seminar? πŸ™‚ Its another powerful program
after attending the Enlightened Warrior Traning Camp!

Matthew LaBrack says:


Wilson Silva says:

No problem πŸ™‚

Billbill80s says:

Been reading a few books by this man. Inspirational. Anyone that can’t gain
something by hearing him out would have to be choosing not to.

Smoothbanana94 says:

This guy is AWESOME!

BeachYogaBarbie says:

Interesting video. Hope it’s still going well! Recently I came across a lot
of people making $200 -$400/day. Free to Start. See if you might like it:
InstantPaydayNetwork. com/rdterp (take out the spaces)

WhatIsKabbalah says:

why he says Yes or Yes?

888nin says:

Yes or Yes? Yessssssss!!!!!!!!

Oregon says:

Thank you for this Harv. It has been many years since I have been to a
camp, I needed to hear this today. It is great to be around your energy via
internet. You’re Awesome!

Wilson Silva says:

Read the book As A Man Thinketh by James Allen and take control of your
life (I’m not advertising anything, since the book is free)

beadya says:

People pay thousands and thousands of dollars to go to these seminars to be
told everything can be awesome. Sorry but not everything that happens in
life is awesome no matter how you look at it. This guy is brilliant in the
fact he is getting rich off these people!

marcolino54321 says:

This guy is awesome and most importantly his advice works!

Lady T says:

Awesome is a biblical term and is used too heavily in American ‘pop’
culture that it has now entered into the mainstream.

Grace J Power says:

I love T Harv and I love his message he is sending around the world. You
are a hero!

bebo3ful says:

This guy is awesome because he’s just saying what everyone already knows
but has just put it all together, it’s nothing new, most people just dont
stick to things long enough to truly find out what its all about.

Gurinder Litt says:

AWESOME !!! πŸ™‚

Gigi N Jones says:

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