Succeed with a Positive Attitude

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Success? Leadership? Motivation? Goals? Welcome to, where you will find a complete collection of famous motivational quotes, sayings and t…


Fred Reikowsky says:

Whatever problems you’ll encounter in life, just be positive because every
problem has a solution. You’ll overcome them. You’ll reach your goals in

Honey Sharma says:

hv a positive think n enjoy ur life ………………………………..

O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Succeed with a Positive Attitude*

RATING567 says:

god bless u

John Mckinney says:

Would someone please share the conductor , or song, or musician, or
whatever they know about the music in this video?

lightwinglive says:

Great Video! Please Check out the Break Up-Date trailer and leave a
Comment! Thanks!

jeevanthi Dahanayaka says:

Ok. I’m green with envy with my pal. He has actually been available
forever. By a luck, he’s got a model to deeply love him in no time. How is
that possible? He informed me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I
wish someone stunning fell for me… I really don’t remember ever before
seeing him so content. Kind of makes me frustrated.

Antonio Gonzalez says:

@Lizzifer7 Thank you :]

eddufieldsupervisor says:

troppo importanti essere positivo

Ahmad Ave says:

I am grateful for the fact i will make 100 grand this year.

Анна Еремеева says:

believe & do it! & you will get what you want

nezTriz says:


Rael Bludgeon says:

Ralph Waldo Emerson didn’t know anything about subliminal advertising.

SENGuptaable says:

Excellent quotes and a soothing oft music added flavour to the milk of

Rael Bludgeon says:

Ralph Waldo Emerson didn’t know anything about subliminal advertising.

Lenie Wadleigh says:

Thank you by slowing down listening to your lecture, every word slowly I
was listening, listening is an art in itself, listening slowly so my brain
could absorb your lecture was uplifting!

Froggybeast69 says:

Like this comment if you only watched this video because Matt Leinart
tweeted the link to it, lol

mollysangelique says:


ValyaChicka1 says:

God is a way to a positive attitude. Read the Bible, and you’ll find the
way to get the right mental attitude.

Jonas Voigt-Hansen says:


Arteolike says:

Please post the music for your videos i want to buy them.

anxietyawaynow says:

Cool channel you have

iloveutuvetwice says:

Excelent !POST! Gyst! Thanks Great video =)

chilpokli88 says:

Great nstant refreshment….good job!

rkabernathy says:

@lyntonio, sorry but the Taliban do not use sharp knives to cut the throats
of those they hate. i have seen those videos, horrible. sorry bout your
daughter, maybe you should have kept her closer to you. positive thinking
does help, it only hurts when you stop doing it. it is an everyday thing.

jaysean54 says:

So trueee ! i love this video ! by the way 14 peoples are negatives that’s
for sur hehe

Tirmizee says:

Thnx for sharing such type of helpful stuffs..

Gangers says:

great wuotes, whats the name of the music?

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