Subliminal Messages – How to FOCUS the ENERGY of Your Thoughts

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Subliminal Messages Master Your Mind and Change Your Life: Worldwide Success Stories, University Studies & Proven Results. Learn to use…


laddu888 says:

Thank You to Dr. Deepak Chopra for liking http://www.MindMaster.TV, and our
Facebook Fan Page where comments are posted daily by over 33,000 fans from
around the world who are achieving Success… You can also see Scientific
Studies from Cornell University & Success Stories from Olympic Gold
Medalists, World Boxing Champions and Top Personal Development Coaches who
are using MindMaster Personally. Please visit http://www.MindMaster.TV for a 100%
Free Trial

Starbat88 says:

Interesting stuff. Your reality really is determined by your mind. I’m sure
you don’t need a product to apply it, but this would probably be a helpful

Goneoffshore says:

Any solid peer reviewed double blind studies on this? If you’ve got them
please post links.

laddu888 says:

Please see success stories on our site and review the FAQ: Two factors
determine results: 1) The desire of the person to achieve change, and 2)
The type of MindMaster program selected: Some goals are more easily
achieved than others! Say you want to remember your dreams. You might
achieve results the very first night. However, if you have no real desire,
results will materialize more slowly. We recommend you work on your top 3
desired areas.

laddu888 says:

Please remember to add images which you can do in seconds, and read through
the FAQ on the site. Adding images is one of the most powerful parts of
the program. A picture is worth a thousand words! And the subconscious
absolutely thinks in pictures. You dream in pictures. As children, we
formed images before we learned to read. This is why intuitive individuals
get “image flashes”. These come from the well of the subconscious. Please
watch our online demo for details.

laddu888 says:

YES: Here is a Success Story you will find on our site: “I am a single mom
of two, and attending college full-time for the past three years. After the
first year of my college program I discovered MindMaster. Using the program
I felt so much more positive right away! I also added pictures to the
affirmations and after that my confidence soared! My grades went from a B/C
level up to mostly A level in the space of about 3 months!” Sincerely,
Marina Phillips Canada

laddu888 says:

Below is a documented Success Story from the The Light Heavyweight Boxing
Champion of the World. You can read or watch videos of this and others on
the site: “I believe whole heartedly in MindMaster. I’m a World Champion
professional fighter and I just wish more people knew about it. I share
your info of your product with many that I come in contact with. I’m
certainly grateful to your company for extending such a great product”

IAmTehPk3r says:

WOuld this work for studying for school?

laddu888 says:

Yes: Please visit the site. We have customers from all over the world and
the program is an instant download so you can start uising it right away.

laddu888 says:

You can try the fully functioning program for $1, and download and
customize the program in seconds…Please veiw our Online Demo

laddu888 says:

Below is a Success Story on our site from one of our customers: I have
chewed my nails for thirty years. And pretty much given up on trying to
stop… So I set this up and work on my computer for about 30 minutes with
MindMaster running in the background. And I stopped biting my nails at that
point, then and there. And have not touched my nails since. At all. Nor
have I any compulsion to. At all. Quite the opposite. I just got a manicure
the other day! David Northend, Arlington VA

michelMD2B says:

As a medical professional ,we are trained to go with EVIDENCE BASED
medicine so before I go any further in any comments,I will check out these
Universities Health Ctr analysis and references

TheSecretDiary says:

Hi Tony. Do you have Master Mind App for iPhone 4? Please let me know.

laddu888 says:

Unfortuantely we do not have a version for the i pod or MAC at this time.
The program will only work on Windows Sincerely, Tony

sharkfaridi says:

@DynaVoiceM85 I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Think and Grow Rich! 🙂

balancewealth says:

This reminded me of a book I read about the power of belief. Thank you for
sharing this information.

XzmazX says:

this is so cheating :P, lazy bastards cba doing it so they get mind master
to make them get off their lazy bums 🙂

hd92122 says:

You can do the same thing by just learning how to meditate and conquering
your own mind.

TheMCMDD says:

@112233abe I have this program and just to inform you, you can edit the so
called “affirmation playlist” to include ONLY statements written by you. Or
you can add statements to the pre programmed playlists. Its a very
versatile program.

Division212 says:

I would say that deep down, you probably don’t desire to play the
saxophone. Maybe you just need to try new things?

classf50 says:

sir, obviously you have tried it, i was just wondering, how long did it
take you for it to have an effect? i know that you say 1 month, but ive
been using it for 3 weeks and not felt much.. maybe it the one im using,
relaxation, confidence and positive thinking…plz reply.cheers..

breadbaker226 says:

good quality video

Mark Stephens says:

Love this stuff!

PaHughes1993 says:

this is really good it actualy really works

CortezInc55 says:

All true, I’m using John Assaraff right now and “reconditioning the mind”
is a science. Bob Proctor, Napolean Hill, Dale Carnige…the power of the
mind conquers all. Just ask “The Little Engine that could”….I think I
can, I think I can, I think I can….somethings have to be BELIEVED before
they can be SEEN.

laddu888 says:

There are plenty of studies that show it is not a placebo. You can find
some of these studies on our site. Including studies from Cornell and
University College of London.

Dan S. says:

@tumidekona thats about 30 pound, and well worth it if you ask me

Rayner Raino M. says:

how much is it? USD1.00???

jokerbookshop says:

awesome youtube infomercial.

Nyquirk says:

It IS NOT too good to be true that you can use the habits of thought to
completely change your outlook and so your life. Perception is everything!!
It is too good to be true that if you do not take it in yourself to do
minute by minute or haven’t for a large part of your life, spending money
will fix it. It is in the realm of easy let alone possible. But you have to
let it BE easy. People simply need to do more cognitive emotion stuff. BAD
“I’m angry” GOOD “Can I change what is making me angry?”

chiquis0891 says:

we could do so many good things for the world if we all think positive…

Wilfredoallanshow777 says:

This video really is very true and informative.. I hope its free…

Bamboozled!! says:

@kevin121649 so true mate…i agree on tht….bt still itz damm difficult
to face ur fear……!

Elliot Pinkney says:

wow, mindmaster sounds pretty cool, it sort of reminds me of the stuff I am
going over with a friend of mine, Doc Barham, a Los Angeles Life Coach,
also known as Coach Hollywood. We have the power to control our thoughts!

SizzlingChaz says:

@PoloniumSmoker yeah they say that because its not empirical. Doesnt mean
its not a science because those kinds of people say so. Just because
psychological studies cant be proven, doesnt mean its not a science. The
studies conducted are restricted by ethical boundaries, and so its
difficult to get anywhere in the field. Psychology needs more recognition,
it has such potential to benefit the world.

laddu888 says:

Yes, plenty of success in that area: Please visit site for success stories.
We also have a video of a lady who used the MindMaster to help with anxiety
on this channel titled “Overcome Anxiety Using Power of the Subconscious

movitmovit says:

this was really well done mr. dosanjh. +1 respect

MrFunnyBigDen says:

Hello. I have only one question about MindMaester program. Does it work on
a Macintosh system? Lots of people use Macs instead Windows.

laddu888 says:

Hypnosis usually requires a conscious effort by the user to follow verbal
instructions. This is much different.

classf50 says:

ok, i accept that reply, thank you. ill keep the fingers crossed that it

Dylan Simon says:

does this work with getting over nervousness playing guitar in front of

laddu888 says:

Yes: If he has the desire it will. Please see success stories, and
university studies on our site. The program can be customized in seconds so
you select the problem areas you wish to improve: –Addictions –Weight
Loss –Fears and Phobias –Anxiety & Stress –Depression –Confidence Self
Esteem –Better Grades Etc

Lavonte Robinson says:

I need help do i actually have to read the messages or does my mind do it
on its own because i can’t read it when its fast

laddu888 says:

No it is not just weight loss: There are hundreds of categories you can
select from such as confidence, self esteem, addictions. positive mindset,
anxiety and pain relief etc… And you can even create your own category in
seconds. Please see the demo on our site.

laddu888 says:

We offer a 100% complete 14 day FREE Trial :) This will only be available
for a few days.

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