Subliminal Law Of Attraction

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drvirtual7 The very best visual audio brain entrainment on the net. In my opinion. And after forty six years helping people in the self help world, that must…


kimuse says:

is it good to listen to it while sleeping? please help

Alphabet Directory says:

It really works!

evelyn duncan says:

Very nice!

Scott Mayo says:

Positive affirmations work way beyond what we think, they can change the
universe and bring us to great results.

Captain Hook says:

Positivism, Quantum Mechanics and it’s application to consciousness,
brain-waveform alteration used for active reality formation via real-time
interactions within said reality matrix in conjunction with
like-minded/goaled individuals, enhanced motivation through positive
feedback of positive (dopamanergic) reward systems, visualization of future
states of self, conscious and subconscious planning for steps to achieve
said visualized states il self future space & time, chaos magick and subtle
cues through communications with others supportive of said goals, etc, etc.
It’s all tied together. Not to mention the power of suggestion… Either
way, I dig the creative aspects of the video and I applaud your attempt at
uncovering new frontiers.

Stephanie Butler says:

Trying to stay positive

Steve Chafin says:

Nice video. Here is something you might like.

Bob Riddell says:

The Universe was built in perfect Harmony. The Universe is Mind and Mind is
Universe. Mind is shaping what it perceives. In your Mind, your Thoughts
create Words, your Words create Actions, your Actions create Habits, your
Habits create your Character and your Character creates your Destiny.
Thoughts cause emotions. Thought + Emotion = Manifestation. Shift your
Emotions-Shift your Moment-Shift your Life. YOU ARE HARMONY! “The Law Of

Take about 30 minutes of your time..set it aside in a quiet place
where you have NO distractions..NO interuptions..and total focus..

Watch and listen to this video daily for 30 days without fail..

Subliminal Law Of Attraction

dulip demel says:

law of attraction in ur brain

Alisa Kennedy says:
john smith says:

Thanks man i will upload soon.

Rich McGinnis says:

Very relaxing.

john smith says:

I don’t hear any messages just waves and a pulsing sound.

DrVirtual7 says:

Listening is sufficient.

Mario Vulamparti says:

I feel great here there is a lot of people who think like me ,

Lotus Rain says:

Awesome! Thank you for the response!

DrVirtual7 says:

DrVirtual7 July 26. An ending is no more than the next beginning.

val allen rosal says:

es hermoso sentir que realidad estas ahy en la orilla de playa con el sol
desvaneciendose en el atardecer hermoso sonido muy relajante venezuela nos
vemos prontico !! hija

DrVirtual7 says:

There was a time when I almost gave up I was in the lions den being
devoured.A good samaritan was kind enough to place herself on my pathway
encouraged me to take the last remaining seed of hope within and press
forward she was right it was all that was needed.

Gerald Edson says:

Hello Delia. I was very sad to read your post. While I understand your
frustration you cannot give up on your faith for good things to come into
your life. I don’t know where you are in the US, but there are always
groups or organiations who can help you in your depression. Reach out to
someone to talk to and be around other people. Not dpressed people, they
will bring you doen further, but try to do things that will like your
spirits. Good luck. Focus on the good things inyour life.

Lori Cook says:

Bob its amazing how we can get caught up n life and not even realize how
UN-HAPPY we may b a month into my new life I feel 85% better

Suwutae says:

i don’t get this?

Henry M says:

Amazing how much love and concern we have with complete strangers. Most
people who are working on themselves have a lot of compassion towards
others, somehow we intuitively understand that we r all one and the same.
Compassion is true spiritual power. God bless you all. Hope Adelia has
received your compassion and positive energy.


Definitely what Lori is saying is true “everyday is a new day” repeat that
daily. Life has up and downs but you go through the bad to appreciate the

Mario Vulamparti says:

Know what I know ,I’m young , people don’t understand the law so please try
to share this great wisdom with as many people as you can

Megan Dawn says:

I have been listening to this as well as other ones every night for almost
2 weeks . To be honest I haven’t seen much of a change. Should I give it
more time and or listen to it more often

DrVirtual7 says:

Your Welcome Helster

Natalia G says:

Delia, you have to act , not just listening. Living in USA and hoping to
find a job without a good English??… Your soul will never give up, its
never dies too,, you are the one who want to give up and you think it is a
strong woman decision??? Get yourself together and act ,act, act…God
bless !

Bree Craw says:

I hope you’re feeling better today delia200903.

NaturallyLVNU says:

Thanks for posting.

DrVirtual7 says:

Yes Moricia

quinified says:

How does this work?

MissCDB says:

Hang in there, Bob. You’re not alone. It’s the more difficult human
experiences that nobody seems to talk about much. It’s okay to be exactly
where you are. The work that you put into healing and accepting yourself
will change everything for the better. Kudos to you for reaching out and
looking for ways to help yourself. Kind regards to you. ~Crystal

MissCDB says:

If you have a native language other than English, maybe it would help to do
the videos/subliminal messages in that language? I don’t know, it’s just a
thought that your native language may be more meaningful to you
subconsciously? Just a suggestion. I hope that things get better for you
soon, Adelia.

Brenda Alvarez says:

I love the ocean to me I feel that it give you life when I was a kid I
lived on Miami beach I would there if I needing to think or was sad this
make me feel at home love it <3

43copacabana says:

Dear friend I’m also from Brasil and I was sad and depressed like you. I
started listen to these videos and believing on myself and my life started
changing for better. I know what happened to me I caused nobody else. I
took the wrong decisions and attract what was happening in my life. You
have to have faith on yourself and believe that you have the power to
change. You deserve the best in life! All of us deserve to be happy! God
created us as his similarity and we are part of Him. Power!

cattuccino fung says:

keep going despite your situation….

DrVirtual7 says:

Last time I spoke to white feather was in 02 at a pow wow In san diego.
Willy walks the earth plane by way of astral travel so he says. At the pow
wow he informed me that he was going to mount shasta to live a rather
primitive lifestyle. The guy has no cell phone and yet maintains contact
with his circle of friends he never seizes to amaze me. I will send you my
contact info. It is a blessing to hear from you after all these years.

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