Subliminal Instant Millionaire The Riches Within

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Special Thanks To Mike And Jim At BlueStar Media And BlueStar Productions. This video contains affirmations repeated thousands of times in association becomi…


Rachel McDaniels says:

Affirmations normally let me to feel good, I want to transform my life and
reach prosperity.

Thomas Feldman says:

Affirmations always let me to feel much better, I would like to improve my
life and achieve prosperity.

Raquel Prodiz says:

Fabulous !!! Really all in ONE! Thank you. Much….

Dave vrijheid says:


keliy84 says:

@jalandhari007 very well said

Collette Burrell says:

Just a big thank you!!!

Eliane Ribeiro says:

Thanks, prosperity for all. Namastê.

JulianMA89 says:

I read somewhere that it takes about 20 days listening to subliminal
messages that began to manifest, if a critical part of the consciousness
accepts them and proceed to the subconscious.

twocatz2 says:

Are the visual affirmations similar to the subliminal affirmations? 

crowned says:

could u plz let us know the suliminal affirmations behind the noise? tnx

Susan Cantonwine says:

Thank you for making this powerful, beautiful video! BLESSINGS AND

Y0Gi456 says:


Cheznazi Samji says:

This is absolutely brilliant video. Does it have voice subliminal too or do
I have to watch the video?

seadog92023 says:

@ghoffman701 That’s awesome! Good for you!

Viking12 says:

Your videos uplift and inspire. I feel the possibilities within. Thank you
so much for releasing. Many blessings to you and yours!

Bob M. Tyranny Destroyer says:

Quote of the month/year/life!

john reid says:

How often are you supposed to use this and are you supposed to be thinking
or doing somthing at the same time

GroupElevation1 says:

Great stuff keep up the great work. Most people with small minds dont
realize you have to see it before you achieve it. All great atheletes spend
years visualizing before they get the dream.

Hiro Yatabe says:

Seem to be very nice the video but is difficult for my internet connection
to load it so can truly apprecieate it. Congrats, I will try later!

kafrenchable says:

Thats not true-great people know they’re great but just don’t brag about
it-helping poor people is noble even if you do tell about it. If your rich
and help people but don’t say you did, then others will think your greedy
and selfish with your money. Jealousy of riches is all too common. I say
spread the wealth

Pianotendo says:

What about the Publisher’s Clearing House Superprize? Would I be able to
attract that while watching this video x number of days?

jason brunel says:

hi thanks for subliminal so how is this suppose to work I am the biggest
sceptic out there but willing to give this a go ill leave a follow up later
on and let you know on my progress fingers cross time to go out an get my

butterfly72745 says:

I am hoping this does work. Will you do one for memory? I line dance and
can’t remember the dance steps. That would be a great help to a lot of
people. Thank you.

dean g. Moxon says:

they said the world was flat,man will never fly and ships cannot be made
of metal . those words were the truth of the day AND THEY WERE WRONG !

landeelove says:

go nad get it so

Mind Power Programs says:

You’re doing great job here, doctor. You’re among the first “gurus” I had
when I began watching and then creating my own mind movies. Respect!

ho le says:


cliff4640 says:

repeat this at least 7 times a day with feeling, with belief, with love: I

jamz d says:

That’s a very noble thing to do, however, if you need to let the world know
that you gave all your money away to poor people, is it still noble? Great
people aren’t aware of their greatness…

talksolot says:

love the soundtrack.

Michael Gabriel says:

All I heard is chatter lousy sound is it suppose sound like this???

MagicSantababy says:


Zampan0 says:

I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his
dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a
success unexpected in common hours.- Henry David Thoreau Rosebud..

Antonis Nikoletakis says:

Get a real job…makefunmoneyonline com

kafrenchable says:

She can do whatever she wants with her millions-whose to say she’s in a
predicament? She didn’t say that-its nice to help people who need it but
I’d spend alittle on myself also.

Stephanie Butler says:

Blessings to All!!!

jalandhari007 says:

The Bible says that God gives us the Power to attain Wealth. However yes we
need to have a Prosperity mindset and talk Positively, We already have
everything in Jesus Name, and all we need to do is ask in his name and
believe. John 14:14

Tracy Jones says:

cant wait to be rich so i can help others

Smitty3939 says:

Yes, you are so right!

pamela khalifa says:

too bad you feel that a terrible thing to endure..let it
go..we all came from the same source…look in my eyes..they are green and
sad that you are in so much pain and full of hate

Pau Casas says:

Is it possible to overdo this? If I listen to this video 10 times a day,
plus other wealth videos several times a day, does it stop being beneficial
at some point? Should I stick to just 1 of your videos or is it OK to
listen to many of them without creating some sort of interference? I will
listen to as many as I can as much as I can and post again as soon as I get
results, as I am currently unemployed and will be seriously screwed within
less than 2 months if the situation doesn’t change.

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