Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus Concentration Music ☯161

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YellowBrickCinema is home to the best and most effective Sleep Music, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music (including Tibetan Music and Shamanic Music), Healing Music, Study Music, Reiki Music,…


YellowBrickCinema says:

Increase focus, memory and alertness with our specialized Study music:

Jake Milligan says:

this has helped me focus so much thank you !!

junlovesu says:

I was so distracted by the test that I screwed up while I’m studying.
I was so desperate that I even search for music for concentration . And
this is so amazing, I focused perfectly for 4 hours thank you so much , now
I got my confidence back for the another test!!

Matthew Sellers says:

Dude this helped me study so much for a test I got a A+. This really helps
me focus for studying

YellowBrickCinema says:

Studying for exams? Our most popular Study track has helped millions ace
their exams :)

Aaron C says:

This makes it really easy to study, thank you. (Doing physics homework
right now, ironically on sound waves). I feel in the zone.

kalvin de koning says:

i worked from 5pm to 11pm and THIS HELPED ME SOOOO MUCH THIS IS AWESOME I

HelloThereNeighbor says:

I am in a high school basketball team, and I listen to this before every
single game. It’s my pre-game ritual, and I’ve seen great results coming
from it. It’s made me much more confident and focused on the court. Thank
you so much for this 

XgamerGR says:

Well it does actually help me to concentrate more. It helps a lot woth
Maths , Physics and Chemistry. Nice job!

Thomas Joosten says:

While I won’t have finals for a couple of years (I’m 13), this helps me
with my homework! Maths just flew by, and now it’s time for Science, French
and Dutch! Thank you for this!

cyrus rebello says:

This helped me so much in studying arabic for a test thank you. .

goodNightParadisexD says:

Thanks for the video. Wrote 2 essays in 2 hours and got a A+ and an A-. 

Ellie Robinson says:

I have a grammar test on Thursday and have been revising for 2 weeks and
this music has been helping me fly by the revision hours, thank u for

Isabelle Avery says:

I started listening to this to focus and stop procrastinating about
studying…and it totally worked! I feel so focused and relaxed! Thank you!

Takudzwa Winston Shoko says:

I have been struggling but then this suddenly came! !!!! #^_^#awesome stuff

vesko ivanov says:

i want to have it in mp3
where can i find it ?

Temperate Star says:

Concentration music for restless minds! This has helped me tremendously
through many all-nighters, cramming for exams, hours reading long textbooks
and has definitely helped me to retain a large amount of info!

Alice Wilde says:

the music is really helpful plus the pictures are quite inspiring to start
doing my homework, so thanks guys! ;)

Tayana Rodriguez says:

Thank you so much! This is WONDERFUL 

Vaidika Kamothi says:

Do u all hear this music in headphones or wht

Benedict Cheung says:

Have a quiz tomorrow on history, and this is help me study, well, a lot!
Thanks +YellowBrickCinema! This is really awesome!

Luelgi Arendsz says:

this helped me some much For my Finals And O My God this works Thnq So much

Rachael Rauschenbach says:

I am making a tutorial of sorts, would you mind if I use this music in the

Luke Otterbech says:

I got all my Maths and Physics assignments done IN ONE SITTING just
listening to this! 🙂 

Johnathan Lewis says:

i was listening to another channel with “study music” and i kept getting
distracted (as i always do). im studying for my Security + certification
for a promotion i was offered, and when i came here directly after being
distracted with the other i manged to get a few good hours of non
interrupted studying in. which never happens so…. nothing but good to say
about this here!

David Kobza says:

Do you need headphones for actual binaural beat entrainment?

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