Stress Relief

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Funny stress relief song that you can sing to your self next time you get Stressed at work or school. Video is sponsored by


Laura Bailey says:

I usually start my day better than this but I’m going to throw something

Charles Smith says:

DO NOT PLAY this while around ANY sharp objects, or while drinking

Teresa Tipton says:

I really love this!

Ginger Kajira says:

singing this everyday til sept 30…. my last day

bloxofhope the roblox guy says:


Isabel L. says:

wow that was funny:)

rocklegends t(-_-)t says:

This just made my day a whole lot better 🙂

Bebe Mahdi says:

My exact feeling 😀

sarahhbabyyx333 says:

this just like completed my life♥

sweetnoirsaint says:

hahaha!!! I love this!

The Highway Man says:

@CaliforniaGurl13100 Lol. glad you enjoyed it.

Thesoulreplay says:

keeping cool haha i wish i fucking could i got 5 projects due almost all
due same day hahah fuck me im done fuck school

ThadiusAndreus says:

ERHGK! I can’t stand it, it just makes me so angry, the voice, the
yellowness, the eyes, I feel myself turning red with rage and
discontentment, I think I will stick with Metallica from now on for casual
stress relief and never speak of this cartoon again. Sorry.

Daniel Choi says:


The Highway Man says:

@guitarxdeath I am looking into getting it done,the trouble is I never have
the time on my hands these days.

AhnafsLaughs . says:

i hate when my sentence floats awaส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็

xmakeuploverx13 says:


The Highway Man says:

@haydos271 We are sorry that it made you more stressed.

kyanarocks says:

@TheRedthunder57 lucky!!! thats halaroius…but wat if ur having a good day

Frostmourne001 says:

It didn’t work.

RBLVK says:

This is FUN!!!!

amwookies says:

I’ve been singing this all week long. It’s great

almas020 says:

woorkks thankss

Nick Musto says:

im about to whip sombodys ass

Adam Mortimer says:

This is cute. If you want a technique that really works click on my youtube

babydoll19861 says:


spainishgirl says:


iluvyou1371 says:

hahaha i love this.

rfov123456789 says:

LMAO. I freaking love this song.

dinosourgorawr says:

i was in class n we could have ipods n i searched this i lold so hard i got
my ipod taken away

Pink1916 says:

best song ever

WAKEUP!!! says:

i was not expecting that LMAO

Alex Arakaki says:

I watched the most saddest movie in my life then saw this… dear god

CaliforniaGurl13100 says:

@rayfox62 Sure Did!!

magicshop2219 says:

I laughed a lot!

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