Stress relief tips and exercises – How to relieve stress

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Close Ever notice your neck and shoulders hurt after a stressful day? You’re probably holding a lot of tension in…


xqspx says:

handful of nothing

Lily Rose says:

My dad went to hospital:O I’m stressed because I saw him yesterdy and he
was fine.

Howdini says:

Thanks for watching! 😉

Schneizel Veonheart says:


pearl desunia says:

It’s really help!

James Booker says:

Beyond stress they need to make stress relieving videos for teens, because
we stress with parents, relationships, friends, school, life etc

Samantha Samson says:

will try this.. hopefully it helps thanx

Eric NavyHuskie says:

That shoulder thing actually works pretty well

BanPride says:

This just pissed me off even more

Jason Lim says:

@ilookup04 Look, i am using this method though without watching at this
video. Talk to yourself is just like self-motivation. What if someone whom
you suppose to wait does not appear to motivate you? Are you gonna wait
even it take years? Well, self-motivation is one of the best way to do it.
Trust me mate.

Thebigcrocodile Jenkins says:

@Rodimalina I so fucking agree with that, specially when you take advanced
classes and shit

canarinni says:


David Davis says:

This is a great simple stress relief video. Great tips. 🙂

phil2856 says:

Rarrin9378, That is a very stressful situation you are in, seek some
professional help, for your yourself, no one else, Al-Anon is one.
Remember, what you feel is important, . Good Luck and i hope everything
will work out for you.

Oliver Reddy says:

hey I need help I’m 14 and my sister invents lies about me and my parents
beleave her and I get punished and I go crazy break stuff and want to hurt
people whay should I do ??

Rarrin9378 says:

@jrlovr88 Try me, How can I relieve stress from a abusive drug using
alcholic dad that beat me and threw me at the wall and down the stairs and
now he wants to kill me cause we kicked him out of the house and my sister
wants to kill me along with another 5 people.

Jordan Schlansky says:

who is vinny ?

losangeleslifecoachh says:

Major STRESS is everywhere in everyone’s life. While videos like these can
help somewhat, the SECRET to eliminating stress is learning from someone
who will take you through a simple but powerful tool or technique until
you’ve mastered it. Its the best use of your time and energy possible.

HotSauceFan9 says:

How about stress in your stomach?? When you feel depressed and worried
constantly about someone? because the only way I can seem to get rid of
that stress is fighting, drinking and playing guitar…But that only
temporarily gets rid of it.

LiveforDBZ says:

If you feel stressed eat some Ice cream, chocolates, Sweets and cakes. Why?
Because stressed spelled backwards is Desserts! XD

TheVincent57 says:

Thanks for your vids. I suggest you discovering my musical universe. I hope
you’ll like it… Outback Snakes (France)

Marko Archer says:

very helpful , thank you 🙂

musiclover519 says:

No no no. What about stress from school?

XxBubbleBearXx says:

I’m so stressed out. 🙁

Krystyna Gorczaty says:


rextony22 says:

@TurkishRapTube really? lol. why?

jstanl says:

The woman giving this advice, I’m sure she has a marginally perfect
life…THAT is what reduces stress. That and money because solves all
problems, no matter how many people want to combat that. It pays bills, it
provides both things of necessity and luxury.

JemmStudioGirls says:

this lady is frigen crazy.

kimchi4fun says:

sorry if I sound unintelligent…but, I’m stressing out but I don’t know

KamiKazeKrepe says:

@Rodimalina draw a target/bullseye on a piece of paper. make a note saying
“Bang head here” 🙂

Sahil Rao says:

What Crap

TheToaster says:

I got one idea!!!if ur stress in school…..take a piece of A4 and try to
draw a dog….and tthen see the dog u draw…u may laughLOL

Howdini says:

LOL! 🙂

anaheta gee says:

That lady happens to give me anxiety O.O Her voice is kind of bleh. But
this was nice, thanks guys !

mohitl1985 says:

@TheMJDIx Calm down 🙂

darish101 says:


msezlong23 says:

dude, this video is my stressor.

wahed tranquillos says:

@rextony22 dunno

Madden PT says:

Physical Therapy Is Effective For Management Of Low-Back Pain

Honoracharity18 says:

Don’t be. I admire your optimism despite the drama of every day life. Don’t
mind me. My bad.

Cheechie Ventura says:

yeah dont think this would work for me hahah she is annoying :/

Dz95ify says:

Am i the only boy here?

Honoracharity18 says:

This lady’s perky and upbeat approach to this is just making me more
stressed out.

Stanley Otwori says:

@Rodimalina Smoke sum ganja or get sum pussy every once in a while it helps
instead trying to relieve the stress get high and think about ways that can
help with your

Heather Chapman says:

i dont think i will be concentrating on my breathing when im driving as ill
be concentrating on where im going LOL otherwise i wont be breathing at all
ill be dead in a car accident now i dont want that :/

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