Stress Relief: Progressive Relaxation For Stress Relief & Management

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IMPORTANT- This video has many different types of sounds and is meant to be used with stereo headphones. The soundtracks used in this audio are binaural beat…


tonyceol says:

wow, i never thought this stuff worked but I just tried this and I was
totally in a state of relaxation…. you must use headphones though

Ciocan Mihai says:

wtf is this ? hospital ? or crazy

bongoboiler says:

yeth he duth!! made me giggle! Oh well, better than stress!! xx

LoricaLady says:

Wow. Harmonics. I’ve heard about that in relation to…miiiind control.
Hmmm…are these types of vids alwlays harmless? How can I know? Should I
turn my mind over to unseen minds behind the scene? Do all people have
noble motives, not wanting to manipulate others in…various ways? Should I
be so trusting..? I’ve had enough of induced trance states with t.v. (which
I don’t watch any more) and social engiineering from the media. Maybe its
time to wake up more rather than relax? Maybe.

Rรดmulo Baaszh says:

you use i doser frequence… intelligent nice job :]

CuppyCakeSugarPlum says:

A woman’s voice would have been better for this.

DannySchackart says:

This is…surprisingly effective. Thanks a bunch for putting it up!

crin28 says:

I really like the background noise in this one… good job!

cavalierchik says:

I’m so glad I found this again. My professor used to use this at the
beginning of our class a few years ago. Love it! Thank You.

blackandgold978 says:

The background music was creepy as hell.

DubbeloDub says:

I really don’t think it’s subliminal messaging. Using a cocktail of
techniques notably Biaural Beats, that “who who who” sound, to allow your
brain to respond with the same frequency – very slow – for relaxation going
quickly at the end to wake you up. That’s why it says use Stereo headphones.

Klayperson says:

that would be so funny if this video was a screamer. ๐Ÿ˜€

Daniel Casey says:

I have a lisp, and I know for a fact ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t like hearing about it.

HRcreations says:

Oh my goodness…what a wonderful video. Better than any I’ve seen/heard. I
could see it for home, or even work settings as part of a stress-reduction
program. Excellent!!!

duckmanham says:

i had to smack myself to get clear vision again.that’s gooooooood

pete401 says:

good stuff,but the sound of the UFO hovering in the backround was a little

ursack says:

gud for u

patpat765 says:

I tried to relax because my internet was messing up, and it wouldn’t load
the video…….

anandjee says:


kingsayyd says:

nice video. Keep posting similar videos pls ๐Ÿ™‚

Sol64 says:

Voice doesn’t help…

Lynn Bond says:

i listen to this to relax when i get stressed at work..wish I could
download it to my ipod! THANK YOU!

JenniferJLo1969 says:

nice video !

uraharafkedme says:

can you download this for free

takeAhoot says:

jesus christ bat man, talk about an out of body experience

Jayesh Makheja says:

It works 5 stars giving

dita wishbone says:

loved the wierd humming noise very relaxing

JaniChartrand says:

deeper and deeper i go

leon patrick says:

nice. I cant close my eyes

Ahbelina says:

I felt the relaxation very strongly… thank u. Normally i am vey tense in
the shoulders…

fungimusiknatlifrock says:

@MrLedZep1995 I agree a woman’s voice is more soothing, no offense to any
men on here.

kosai19 says:

Thank you for posting this. I almost fell asleep. But at the end he woke me
up. LOL.

Chris Figueroa says:

it really didn’t help because the entire time it felt like somthing was
going to pop up like one of those prank things

jackspicerisland says:

YES! Thank you. Can I ask how you generated the background hum?

Melissa Forte says:

This is just lovely, I have been enjoying for a few weeks now. Thank you.
May your day be bright & smell sweet-FORTE

MrLedZep1995 says:

need a to get a woman to speak

gonzaga4789 says:

is the point of this video to see how many different ways he can say as you
breath your body is relaxing

lightsoutstarsup says:

this didnt help me relax, i just laughed the whole time.

radagast9 says:

great, i dove into the void that is me, and now i cant climb out

7times9 says:

Didn’t work on me. Oh well.

Lynne Mulder says:

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program Free Youtube to MP3 converter.

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