Stress Management & Relaxation – Ken Davis *Clouds* Music * Fly Like a Bird * From Atmospheres CD

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The Importance of Stress Management and Relaxation No matter what career path you have chosen, knowing the importance of stress management and relaxation is …


NewGSTW says:

extremely fabulous,i say *thank*you and my heart too ***

Philly Wu says:

very dreamy

DOWDLE says:

Breath taking,very Blissful….Thanx…Jimi

SknO Holt says:

This one of the most relaxing pieces of music I have heard. It just allows
you to see do clearly. It captures the sound of the clouds so elegantly. 🙂
To compose in such a way is surely a gift from God.

GLAMOURpusso says:


Dorchild says:


metrolady72 says:

very dreamy and beautiful. i love this video.

fiedy says:

verry relaxing sound. it realy remaind me of my campus life in Labuan. very
nice place.

cptrace says:

Perfection ~

Selwyn Rodda says:

This is THE sound of relaxation!!! Makes me feel on top of the world,
floating amongst the clouds like a sea bird.

bluemtnsman says:

now this is what i have been searching for,,, quite simply fantastic, very
nice visual and the music is just awesome

onix320 says:

Yeah. That’s why I love my job. Flying an airplane is just a job. But the
airplane is the office with the best view…

22jonjon22 says:

Woo lovely clouds :)!

ee000011 says:

God makes moving paintings.

krystyna11 says:

Sooo beautiful and relaxing! Thank you!

Candy L says:

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bencubed says:

Clouds, how can you not love them? Massive, mystical, unique, dynamic,
sculptural, inspirational, all at once, ..and still…, ethereal..

ee000011 says:

thank you

ShinYotsuba says:

I was impressed by the wonderful world in this sky and Clouds ! .・゜☆. : *

Randy Reiss says:

Beautiful Sound:)Peace and Happiness:) RLR

D. Drakesteyn says:

It’s as relaxing as the sound of a soft breeze is blowing through the
leaves of a tree

buckwild says:

make that 116,907 viewings!!!!

halfbakedyogi says:

deeply serene and inspiring. keep up the great work Ken

JMFAJK says:

I so wanna do parachuting

labellefrench says:

Really beautiful!thank you!

RayBushfox says:

I love nature, I love peaceful music. Combine the two and I am just
transported to a place where bliss is mandatory and I am one at peace with
the Earth. I love Tony O’Connor’s music (R.I.P. Tony), but this is up there
on the same level at least. I will definately be buying some Ken Davis CD’s
and DVD’s. Thank heavens for Youtube, I don’t know how many times it has
helped me find some outstanding music that I may never have heard of
without it.

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