Stress Management Part I

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Explanation of stress and it’s components. Visit for more videos.


Nayro theadventurer says:



dam stop talking with ur muth. zoom out the camera a little and let ur body
talk ;]

wilbert336 says:

this vid sucks

Applemug says:

the points she presented helped after all. but if only she wasn’t apart of
the cheerleader team, she could have sound more profesional.

91lilfrozone23 says:

u guys bunch of freaks, fleeping no lifer pervs. this is a video for stress
and u guys come talking shit with the girl on the video? roflmao, the girl
aint even dat hot and u guys fall at her feet like fat dumbasses. lol lol
lol. no shame on u, how easy r ya hhahahahahahahaha

PremiumSoul says:

I wanna kiss you 🙂

Marty Smith says:

Tengo gusto de esto mucho!! Stress es muy malo, pero esta Latina es muy

Joe Vannelli says:

damn, she is niiiice

Sleeping Booti says:

=.= keep your minds open to the world, not your legs….. god its a bunch
of talking penises…….

ovni67 says:

She doesnt know how to pronounce her last name lol

makaZG says:

i would hit that ass !!!

Nora L'amour says:

not helping at all,just like speech contest.

micarinio says:

blah blah blah

Raoul Papavoine says:


finajet says:

@SagaciousSilence hahahaha

Twilightruler says:

Hmm..funny i wasn’t stressed until I watched this video…Screw you

nycole105 says:

how stupid is this VIDEO!! AND IM JUST A KID THOUGH, BUT screw that!!! lol

waltermouthoh says:

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PositiveHarmony says:

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CycleSyckness says:

Smoke Weed Everyday

irishfaithful1 says:

dot cum. rofl

DSkehan501902513 says:

That’s good that you put this on here.

swiss chard says:

help of others.. could be something i overlooked

wineandlobos says:


Paperb0y112 says:

wanna smash?

Christian Macha says:

there ain’t no “Ustress” – latest scientifical proofed…

Hypnotherapy in London Stop Smoking Hypnosis Essex says:

A great video on stress and when it is beneficial or when it is not.

100roberthenry says:

she stresses me out..arghhhhhhhh arghhhhhh fuck….arghhhhhhh shuuuut
uppppppp bitchhhhhh……..growl…

Berrypicker says:

she hints that she loves cum

shredmaster999 says:

the girl has large breast, i wanna suck his tits!!

GMapocolypse says:

@gardnerbm okay big man…

1Soulera says:

I take to cope with stress. It’s seriously amazing.

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