Stop Procrastination – Positive Affirmations in Theta with Isochronice Tones 6.5Hz

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Download the Mp3 version: It’s so easy to get distracted these days…


Jason Lewis - MindAmend says:

+Michael Fald – Hi Michael, you can listen to more than one video in a row,
but you should try and consider how they will be stimulating your
brainwaves, so that you can structure/order them in a way that fits with
your day. The way you mentioned ordering them sounds okay, but the Out Of
The Box Thinking track is pretty manic, so you may not need an energy track
after that one. 

Jason Lewis - MindAmend says:

Hi Mark S,

With the paid version of my affirmations products I provide male and female
voice options, purely to give people a choice, depending on their personal
preference. My sales stats show that in the majority of cases, people tend
to choose the voice that matches their own gender, even though I don’t
steer anyone either way. Some people buy both voices (one perhaps for
their partner) and sometimes people buy the opposite voice to their own

The voices talk ‘to you’, using phrases like ‘you are’ and ‘you always’
etc., so they are not supposed to emulate your own voice. Even with that,
people still seem to prefer their own gender voice. For my free YouTube
videos I’ve tended to alternate which gender of voice I’ve used, so as not
to favor one gender over another.

As far as impact goes, I think you’ll get the best results from choosing
the voice you like the sound of the best, regardless of the gender. A male
hypnotist can produce great results for both sexes, and the same goes for a
female hypnotist.

I hope that helps, Jason.

Rin Friedrich says:

Thank you this actually helps. Now i will get my grades back up! Yay!

John Marshall says:

Wish the voice was subliminal. I love listening to affirmations but it can
be distracting while I try to work. What’s nice about the subliminal
affirmations is that I can barely hear them but my brain picks up on what
is being said. 

Jeffrey Muchmore says:

Love your work, blessings to you and your extended family… thx so much

Yettility bambam says:

An open letter to procrastination. Dear Procrastination, this relationship
of ours is not working out at all. It is a one sided relationship that’s
not beneficial to me, my elementary biology taught me that a relationship
is best when it is symbiotic NOT PARASITIC LIKE WHAT WE HAVE RIGHT NOW!! So
let’s break up, don’t call me, don’t look at me if you see me somewhere,
don’t even think about me!! Have a gr8 life, seriously i mean that.Bye

Guruprasad Chandrashekar says:

simple and powerful

Thalía de Montserrat Forcada Heras says:

Is it better to listen this before or during your project, work or study?
How’s more effective?

Jimm Magnet says:

I’m kind of scared to listen to this video because twice I’ve had bad
nightmares about that I’ve wasted and procrastinated so much that I’ve had
these nightmares. This video has that effect on my when I go to sleep it’s
like I have a nightmare that I’ve procrastinated and it feels so real and
stressful during the dream that I’m kind of scared to listen to this. 

Abdullah Khan says:

Hi Jason,

Do you have any thing for children crazy about games and TVs? My son is
overconfident and always delays his studies till the last minute and does
not care f he score less in exams. If asked he says I just missed that
question etc. I want his craziness towards games & Tv to be controlled.

Mary Jo Zagozen says:

I have been listening to this three days a week – it has helped
tremendously. I can tell when I need to listen again. I am exploring other
meditations that you have posted. Its exciting to use the audio as the
catalyst to the transformation – since vibration is the basis of everything
in our universe beyond.

Thank you for posting this. 

Regina Sayles says:

Is it normal to experience twitching when listening to this type of video?

Svetoslav Marinov says:

Look at what I just found. Stop Procrastination – Positive Affirmations in
Theta with Isochronice Tones 6.5Hz #procrastination #timemanagement 

Mako Eve says:

Throughout the video, I’m going “Damn right, I am!” Once the video ended, I
forgot to start on my work.

Jimm Magnet says:

This was interesting. I listened to this this morning. And while
listening to this in a chair, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was in
school, and had finals coming up in 2 classes and was so frantic that I was
not prepared for the 2 classes because I had not studied and was not
prepared. I was really emotional that I had to study for hours staying up
to prepare for the test in a couple of days. I guess the dream related to
the procrastination part in some way. Then I woke up and I really started
doing things and getting really active to do them. It was so interesting.

I’ll give it another try and see if I get results.

Anyway, thanks for the video! ;)

Sanstar says:

This is great! I wonder if the isochronic tones have the same effect as
musical drumming, like in ethnic cultures. It’s very theraputic. BUT the
voice is too loud and its echo is super distracting. Do you have a video of
just the tones?

Jason Lewis - MindAmend says:

Hi Will, no that’s not a bad thing. This is similar to a hypnotic type
state where suggestion works best, so it sounds like you were in the right
zone there. Jason

Rick Kemp says:

is it ok to go for a walk whilst listining to this ?

Michael Fald says:

Hi, Jason!

Can I use two videos or more, in a row? Like that one, followed by the out
of box thinking and then the energy boost?

Brian Smith says:

Thanks for posting. I realize I am procrastinator in terms of my writing.
Definitely needed this.

Manevil Lewis says:

I believe in Isochronice. Give it a try to discover ways on achieving more
with less time.

Talita Sannalber says:

Thank you! 

Michael Park says:

Hi Jason! About how often do you recommend listening to this track/for how
long? I read somewhere that listening to isochronic tones for extended
periods of time could have some negative repercussions. 

Kaatins says:

whats the note all about ? and the saying don’t over do it ? ”
NOTE: It is not recommended to listen to this while driving, operating
machinery, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

might this have some negative effect on you ?

Christian Borja says:

this is good i finished my assignment much faster without distractions

Fashion Nymph says:

Hi Jason,
First, thank you for posting these amazing videos for free and for
providing clear information about what exactly we’re listening to. I have
hesitated in the past with others due to lack of information and the fact
that you take the time to respond to all these questions is amazing!
Second, I had a question regarding listening to this track and other Theta
tracks. I find myself falling asleep about halfway through these more often
than not and I was wondering if the effect was reduced do to that? 

unnamed ZZ says:

Nice videos, I subscribed to your channel. Just one thing… Results and
impact will improve with affirmations in first person instead second. That
way they will work as auto-suggestions. Other than that, very fine work
with videos and descriptions.


UrintheTwilightZone says:

The voice on this is too loud, it broke me out of the trance

Samy Sam says:

Bonjour, j’aimerai savoir si les affirmations se programme dans le
subconscient même si je comprend pas l’anglais? merci

Lovely Doby says:

I am not a morning person soooo can you please post something about being a
morning person full of energy and smiles ready to take on the day without
SNOOZING a couple times?

Be1smaht says:

I wonder if subliminal messaging woud be more affective

Maureen Sutton says:

Hi Jason, Thanks for all your efforts in providing tools to help people.
I’ve dropped out of College unable to cope with stress and deadlines on
account of Hormone imbalances and underactive Thyroid. I’ll be listening to
your programs and endeavour to still complete some subjects so all is not

Arcavius Pao says:

It scared me when I’m focusing @.@

Valerie Ellis says:

I really like your stuff Jason, it helps a lot when I have class at 7:30am.

Jessica Meyer says:

One of the most effective procrastination videos I’ve seen

Allana Persaud says:

just so no one elses heart skips beats, be prepared for a voice at 6

Mark S says:

How will listening to the female or male voice impact the training for
these type of videos? Or what sort of reasoning should someone use when
choosing which voice to go with?

dndib says:

Funny how I find this video once I told myself to get back to studying. 

Alex Song says:

Is it normal to get nauseous? By the time the affirmations started, my
chest started to hurt and I felt like I was going to vomit… although I
don’t vomit easily – the last time was several years ago 

Blackout760 says:

Hello Jason, I wanted to use a few of your videos, this one, Cognition
Enhancer, and the be more confident video. For best results should I listen
to these back to back or spread them out throughout the day? Thanks for
these videos!

rachelsoleil888 says:

Reaaly good thank you

MultiMrEnjoy says:

1.Do I have to listen to it every day?
2.When will I feel any results?

Ramunda Smith says:
Barney Stinson says:

Hey jason, great video and tunes! I’m a highschool student and convincing
my parents to buy music online isnt really easy.. i was wondering if you
can come up with a section of songs that could be free because they’re been
old or not selling enough? just a thought to help a kid like me out not
consmue all my dads bandwith, haha! love your music though!

-not getting payed

Kyler Edward says:

I sure will suscribe. Great track, thank you.

One thing I would change about it tho is the narrating voices point of
view. My mirror neurons would much rather fire back ‘I am *input positive
affirmation’ rather than ‘you are *input positive affirmation’.

Have you in, your years of study, noticed an increase in subconscious
acceptance of tracks that have the listeners own voice as the narrator of
the positive statements? Like, would I be more easily susceptible to my own
voice telling me to pick up my trash rather than another’s?

hibye says:

This made me fall asleep haha

amey0002 says:

You have a lovely voice. Thanks!

TablaMasti says:

Is it ok to listen while watching tv?

Lovely Doby says:

Ok. Just finished listening in its entirety si noe let me get up and see if
I ll tackle all these things Ive been “putting off”. Hope my day goes well
and I get a lot MORE done

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