Stop Procrastinating

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“pro·cras·ti·na·tion” – The act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time.


danceInColour~ says:

A levels in a week
Minimum amount of revision done
Headache and sleepiness taking over
I’m out
Arghh going to fail but I’m too sleepy to work D:

Subidubidú says:

Hahaha, I’m not procrastinating! 😀 I took my exam today, and it went
pretty well! 😛
Yay, I’m free again! I ♥ freedom

Matthew Zunder says:

How did you get Stephen Fry to do the ending?

Fazzie SayJhaazee says:

Unfortunately I can’t get rid of my bed

MsBlulucky says:

I should learn for my final exams but instead I’m just making a playlist of
videos about procrastination…

Alice Notti says:

i procrastinate WAY too much……..

Caitlin Rose says:

Your awesome Charile!

Annika Moeller says:

can we just take a moment to appreciate his shirt?

Musea Chang says:


- Space says:

But you can only procrastinate if you actually have work to be doing…
Therefore instead of working to be working you’re actually working to
procrastinate on your working…

Marta Bearr says:

I just posted a video about procrastination, haha! :D

exanimefangirl says:

haha you know… I think I am going to start studying for those exams…
this helped a lot 🙂 thanks Charlie :D

samantha wu says:

this is exactly what i do before exams!

Taylor Rowntree says:

im procrastinating my watching this video help

Rogue10792 says:

Okay…so the procrastination temptations for me are…youtube and
fanfiction…God, I need to get a life. Some things just take years to
quit…7 years is a bit too long though.

Lyna Mansouri says:

I have an oral presentation to do about the central nervous system and I
think that putting something about what you just explained on
procrastination is going to be extremely interestin! thank very much!

Hannah Chang says:

He looked into my soul right there.

Amy Cade says:

Oooooooooh, I love nerdy people :3

merel van der wal says:

You did the milk in the cup, before you poured the tea in it. Though, in
The Tea Chronicles at 8.10 you say: “I bet you you put the milk in first
to, you monster”. Has something changed in your tea routine Charlie?
Maybe i should go back to studying instead of doing FBI work. 

James Cook says:

What about Nerd³

Jana Khabouri says:

I procrastinate by watching youtube videos, I will go do something
productive now. Thank you.

LarkspurLilMoon says:

I’m not procrastinating! (this time) I’m home sick…

Caleb Rizio says:

hahaha I actually am suppose to be asleep and I am procrastinating

Aline Luiza says:

I should be working.. you definitely were looking at me

Fiona Wright says:

after watching this video, i went and imediately started procrastinating by
learning about procrastination, so bacically looked up the brain stuff he
talked about in this video to procrastinate from doing my gcse coursework!

Chris bromley-west says:


Prior Ford says:

my prefrontal cortex is broken.

Ruby Mirza says:

I felt so guilty when he mentioned watching videos on YouTube because that
is exactly what I’m doing

Erin Harrington says:

i was literaly supposed to be doing homework now oops

Annie Todd says:

I might as well be in school… he taught me some stuff about my brain that
I did not know… lol XD

Makenna Sandidge says:

i am 9. i do not needto work, so i am not procrastinating. OH DARNIT!!!!! I
have a book report.

Lindsay S says:

Me currently procrastinating

Eryn The Last Airbender says:

But procrastination is funnnnnnnnn!

Sasha Goodworth says:

3:18 I was watching this instead of doing homework…. how does he know
this stuff?!?!?!

Erica Alyce says:

It’s like he knows i’m supposed to be working…

Dylan J.P says:

Procrastination is like masturbation; It’s all fun and games until you
realize you’re just fucking yourself.

Madeline Jackson says:

don’t you live with ur mom Charlie???

also are you on a video with elementanimations???

Rebecca Pechon says:

The sad part was that when you said “watching youtube videos when you
should be working, yes i’m looking at you” i looked away this shame
thinking, “I should really read my book for AP English.”

tay_marie says:

You put the milk in first? NO!

Emily Collins says:

3:25 .. … hahahaa oops ..

bulletfastspeed says:

Those Portal sounds doe!

kian mata says:

I felt guilty watching this. ahahahah

livevikarisly says:

An excellent video for me at the moment as I have been watching
charlieissocoollike videos for two hours instead of doing work. Thanks!
Possibly I will stop now. Possibly I will just click *one more link* next
to this comment box and then watch for another two hours until I have to go
to bed.

Mexu Jedi says:

I’m procrastinating right now, when I should be

Olivia Senor says:

That “yes, I’m looking at you,” sort of frightened me. I’ll do my work now,
Charlie. Oh, but look at that Cooking With Charlie video…

preder543 says:

I am suppose to edit my essay…ugh lol 

dominic marino says:

i will stop procrastinating tomorrow…

starcast3 says:

I’m totally not watching this when I’m supposed to be working….
Noooooo… I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Bailey Larson says:

Ugh so many unknown terms used in this video…. I don’t know the parts of
the brain and I’m like 13!

TheLizandLiv says:

3:23 *whispers* how did he know?????????? :(

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