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Lets talk about getting organised for all my multi – taskers. Any other topics you want me to talk about… let me know in the comments XXXXX CHECK OUT AUDIB…


Patricia Bright says:

PROCRASTINATING/ DISORGANISED?? such a common problem for so many of us,
hope this video helps some of you guys, x STOP PROCRASTINATING AND GET

Patricia Bright says:

Thanks for all the great video ideas guys! Keep em coming 🙂 xx

Giorgia Hannah says:

I have a tip for you guys/students especially….
Sometimes I can’t keep up with all off the homework and assessments I have
to do and writing when things are due in a diary just doesn’t work for
me… what I do is i have a designated wall behind my cupboard that I
can only see when I wake up each morning (so it doesn’t detract for the
tidiness and prettiness of my room haha) and on this wall I put up sticky
notes of things that need completing. Each sticky note has an absolute
final date that it needs to be finished on it and I prioritize the sticky
notes so the most pressing and important things to do are at the top of the
wall. When I’m done with something I chuck the sticky note away and it’s
the best feeling when there are hardly any sticky notes left on my wall!!
This can be applied for lots of things I guess but yes it’s a more tactile
way for me to be motivated to get things out of the way! xx

Mary Leigh Lear says:

You have such cheerful eyes. This was a big help my love, Ive just gotten
clean from a nasty addiction and was struggling with motivation. Thank you
darling. :)

Adeline Ns says:

Instead of cleaning, I am sitting in from of youtube video!!! Your videos
are a priority

mep says:

Im really not trying to be smart but is it not spelled organiZed.
Is this like a UK thing like the colour vs color?

ChellyB says:

Gods already written my “To Do List” but he just hasn’t shown it to me
(Yet) :O

Rach. Elle. says:

Does anybody know the brand name for the new diary that she has in this

Oliive says:

Honestly I am procrastinating by watching this video x

Filomenah andMitch says:

It’s funny because I’m using this video to procrastinate from doing my

Jesusafriend4sinners says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Talk about it Tuesday possible
episodes: Setting a budget and sticking to it for the first year of
marriage. Getting out of student loan debt. Setting a wedding budget.Nice
things to do for your hubby.

Amber Hunter says:

This video was great! It’s so true to prioritize and put the first things
first :)

beSparkable says:

It’s spelled organized.

Beth May says:

This couldnt have come at a better time. Over the past few weeks on the run
up to my as level exams and with the increased workload I have found myself
overwhelmed and completely unmotivated, the exact opposite to what I need
right now. Tomorrow I shall be prioritising the things that are important
and leaving my yt subscriptions until after. Thanks Patricia! I owe you a

hlb0111 says:

Preach it! I’m so guilty of the ‘just one more thing’ ‘just 5 minutes’

Rach. Elle. says:

I miss the talks, Patricia! Love those videos!

Toya Valentine says:

I really liked the video Patricia I think you should talk about
transforming form a girl into a women

Karen Jans says:

Definitely watching this video instead of doing the reading for my English

Tamanta Amanda RedvelvetBabycakesLewis Pascall says:

Thank you this did help me

Roisin M says:

the ironic thing is that i’m procrastinating by watching this video ! :L

Ashley Adams says:

You should read the book the power Of The Subconscious Mind.Very very good
book.Everything you do starts with your mind

beSparkable says:

It’s spelled organized.

At The Tower says:

What I find works for me, is using the Calender app on your phone and put
in important deadlines and things that need to get done. You can even set
it to remind of of things to do 2 hours in advance or a week or 2 weeks in
advance. I find its works great because i am constantly on my phone. Having
a separate diary is too much of a hassle for me, lol I am that lazy. I
don’t even have to open up the calender app, my phone beeps like i got a
text message and shows me the deadlines. Try it :)

arra jenkins says:

Your really pretty you look like Naomi Campbell

Black_KateMoss says:

How to stay motivated. Be it with a health kick as you are currently doing,
or job hunting as that can be stressful or exams/school. 

Seyi Ojedokun says:

This describes me so so much.

Kesya Kimberly says:

You’re officially my current favourite YouTuber! 

laura carter says:

This video has helped me so much with my school life. It’s only up for like
a week now and I already feel a big difference! I’ve had probably the most
productive days of my life haha. 😉 I feel that I’m waaayyy less stressed
because I get stuff done far before the deadline now and that means that I
can start studying for my exams like 2 weeks earlier. I’m so happy! You’ve
motivated me so much! Thanks Patricia! x

ishiibii___x3 says:

I would love a video, in which you maybe described how it was for you to
move out the first time and maybe not being to happy with the first look of
your own apartment and what you wanted to change but maybe the money wasn’t
Right now I’m struggeling to accept my actually nice apartment because I’m
seeing all these nice apartments from friends and family and it really
keeps me down. Thx ♥

DesTheFashionEater says:

Thanks, this video describes me to a T! I even added this video to my watch
later and procrastinated to watch this video :O. It was very helpful! You
said you have been reading books that make you want to be a better you.
What books are you reading? Congratulations again on 400K+ :)

Abayomi White says:

you should due a talk about it tues vid of the books you would reccomend.
The ones that had an impact (positive/influential etc) on your life…if
you havent already

TheLoveAble222 says:

I know you’ve already done a video about your uni life, but could you do
one about adjusting to uni life, what to expect, how it’s different from
college etc and how to be more confident in approaching people and getting
to know others.. 🙂 love the Talk About it Tuesday idea! 😀 

Valerie A says:

Im doing revision for my uni exams whilst watching this, damn! Just can’t
help it haha :p I guess I’m not really procrastinating though since I’m
still writing lol Just can’t work in complete silence.

erca waters says:

So hear I am looking up videos on how to stop procrastinating when I have a
test on earthquakes tomorrow ! Great job

beyourselfrightnow says:

thanks you so much for this video, i hope you’ll do so much more video
about “how to have a better life”. I mean stop procrastation can really
help us. Anyways, thanks you :)

stormyatthelibrary says:

Patricia, I love you!!! Thank you for sharing all these tips. You are so
helpful, and it is refreshing at my age to get such wonderful tips and
encouragement from a young person. Take care. Can’t wait to watch your
other videos.


omg thank you!! this is a massive help!! x x

Brenda Ardila says:

You inspire me in so many levels… I’m so messy too, you inspire me to be
more organized, THANK YOU for this videos. Love from Colombia. 

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