Steve Harvey Talks about The Law Of Attraction…IT WORKS!

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Cindy Gilliam says:

OH MY GOD THIS WORKS!!!! I am fragile and have several broken bones!!! I am
in miserable most of the time. AND THRU THE SUBCONSCIENCE MIND, I STOPPED
THE PAIN!!! And I visualize my bones getting stronger, and I actually feel
them strengthening! I am in college, and it appears as if I’m just
beginning to know and understand things I just couldn’t in the past! Steve
Harvey, A thank you for this video couldn’t even begin to tell you of how
grateful I am for this video! People, you must try this, it really works!
Become as a child, and imagine you having the things you need, then
BELIEVE! The key is BELIEVING it is happening! :)

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized, not based on inferences but pseudo-empiricism.
the success of these mediocrities are contingent on two factors: the appeal
to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases. Trailing the
evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases,
tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to
personal desires. Conversely enough, the former has propagated generations
of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions and viable
nothing more that prejudice of ideology.

SoulMan786 says:

I see a million dollars in my mind, but it aint in my hand …where is this
law of attraction?

Elizabeth Holloway says:

This is a great video!!!!!!!!

themadhatter8888 says:

This dude have no idea how magnets work.

Niekka McDonald says:

The Law of Attraction is real.

Ganstagrillz10 says:

Just laugh. Really, Steve?

Carol Loraine says:

Soulman…you said “ain’t” and you took a step backward instead of forward.
Keep the faith…hold it w/loving focus and the universe will respond
because it is Law. If you think lack..then the universe will give you lack.
Keep three out of your vocabulary…don’t.. not.. and no. They are
Hope this helps. Miracles will and do happen, my friend! 🙂
All the best!

Connie Tate says:

This is law for a reason. It really works. 

luvsweetpea02 says:

Stupid people the law of attraction is biblical. People turned on Jesus
because Jesus attracted rebels, not religious people

Roar Drake says:

It’s true. You want it, you get it. A person has to want it to achieve it.
Don’t and you won’t. Don’t stand for the negative and foolishness. But some
people don’t care and wonder why they can’t get anywhere. A strong mind is
a strong heart.

Weak minds (drugs, over use in drugs, drink, whatever) leads to a weak

Sarah Davidson says:

I love this guy so much :)

Social Media Coordinators says:

Good stuff Steve, itsvworking for me now. 

David Bana says:

Ima try that laugh thing

Blessed Cedes says:

You had hit the hammer right on the mail w/this one Steve !!

Kenn Dixon says:

Get this!

Wendy Daley says:

What a great speaker. I enjoyed this video!

Nari Ramzan says:

I visualized working out of the home last night and doing very well.
Today two well mannered customers got in contact with me. It works.

Jose Garcia says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing this… When you believe and take action
everything is possible:) Have a great day!! 

Toni-Marie George says:

It really works but I/we forget to put these principles to work…thanks
for the reminder Steve!

ImDjMp3 says:

The next book to follow through with this one is The power of Now. 

appy85 says:

Why do so many people know about this yet so many of you do not! 

Katrice Roy says:

Ask, Believe, and Receive, as simple as it gets, Steve is on it!!!
This is Great!!! Laughter is so Good 🙂 (hahahahahaha)

Eric Smith says:

Awesome wisdom 

Myvchole Price says:

People bought this book? 

Graeme Moore says:

What a lot of bullshit – whats he selling? Yanks will buy anything, just
get a stoked audience!

Tassel Daley says:

Listen and do. It works. Praise works too. I was praising God one night
when someone called me and gave me a debt free condo.

Chad Novelli says:

tell em steve

Michele D says:

How can he say that he is a Bible believing Christian and believe in this
nonsense. If like attracts like and positive attracts positive then why did
so many people turn on Christ? It doesn’t make sense.

thomas womack says:

its working for me too…nothing like sharing joy to get it back in huge

meme barbee says:

all very true

Jazzmon Wright says:

If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand-the law of
attraction..well put!

1spicytomato says:

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it will change your luck for real
seriously check it out .. soloman’s seal never fails
complete with how to use the seal and runes to empower yourself
click me and watch it now

Devin Harris says:

I believe we control our reality until a certain point. Explain 9/11, the
holocaust, and Hiroshima.

Asha H says:

I think I’ll try reading that book again, I’ve tried reading it before but
I couldn’t cause it didn’t make much sense to me :/

Train Healthy Be wealthy says:

I feel ya Steve!! Believing is seeing… Great advice. Love the book
too…. 🙂 

Robert Renk says:

Attract the money your business needs here. http://bitly/1lFttvx

Jasmine Anderson says:

I do believe in it as well, I remember since I was 15 years old. I don’t
know but I got myself to believe that I could control the weather. I was
listening to the mermaid song on pirates of the Caribbean and I told myself
that it was going to start raining and I remember I pictured what It looked
like if starting raining now. And I wanted it to down pour. And I remember
I got chills threw my body and within ten minutes it started raining and I
was dancing in happiness smiling amazed on what I was able to do. It is

douglas jones says:

The book is the most transformation that all have. A must read book for
ALL!! Trust me ..It’s that simple 

Millkstarr says:


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