Special Keynote with Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Dr. Wayne Dyer, “the Father of Motivation,” shares pearls of wisdom on how each of us can overcome the obstacles we face everyday in self-motivation.


Rox Kulliye says:

Worth watching twice….

Gerardo Diaz de Leon says:

Wayne Dyer is my Homie

Missy Lynn Charles says:

Much Respect…..

Angel Jiminian says:

I very much appreciate his gentle manner of sharing his views. He places a
buffet before us and he does not expect you to eat it all. He has also
learned not to get lost in the attempt of getting you to agree or accept
what he shares. He does not claim to know it all. But he is resolute in
what he believes and seems to be more at peace than most people you meet.

I do not accept and swallow every word he speaks as unchallenged truth,
yet… I do agree with a number of points he makes, when the concept rings
of truth.

Most who are turned off by him do not realize that it is not him nor what
he says that is the actual issue.

And some others have difficulty with him because they feel he and many like
him, are only about “touchy feely things”, but they will not understand him
nor his message, nor the message of many others who speak similarly,
because they have an agenda to control other people by force. This agenda
is what ails most of mankind.

Wayne is not forcing people to buy his books or tapes. He is not outside
anyone’s door yelling, “listen to me” or “believe me”.

The choice to of how we interpret the world is a subject that he is often
addresses and since he does this, those who come across him, choose to be
annoyed because they do not understand that the power to see the world
differently is ONLY in your hands. If they understood this then they would
feel differently.

Deborah A. Sullivan says:

Sit alone and quietly and for 1 hour a day ;;;
it will change you;
Get close to God .
~Debbie:) #Friend #God 

Jaimetv.ec says:

excellent .

Michael Wagner says:

I’ve followed and listened to this great teacher for about a decade and
have so much love and respect for his wisdom and sharing…thank you

Giada Combusti says:


Liberty Madison says:

I sat right next +waynedyer and +Marc Benioff +Deepak Chopra before he
hit the stage to do this talk. I was blown away by this experience and I
still am!

Terrence LaMont Bellows says:

For the person, lil M who said he repeated himself; think about the fact
that there ate 7billion people who are alive now, who can hear him and then
for the years to come there will be billions more who can read and hear
him. We all are better for the opportunity to hear him in his intelligent
choice to repeat himself. 

Maher Fares says:

I’m 23 years old and I look older than him….

hocuspocus says:

It was amazing. Thank you for sharing <3

Phoenix Airbender says:

I know that it is 100% possible, to wake from a dream and hold an object in
your hand from your dream because I have Experienced it once in my life and
it Blew me Away.
Now you can disbelieve it and that’s okay, but I Know it’s Possible.
Life and the Universe and all that it holds is Truly Amazing 🙂
Bless you Wayne :)

lili M says:

He is v tense , his hands are shaking Mr positive !

He had an interview not long ago, he repeated same stories .

S White says:

Thank you Wayne Dyer for enlightening us on how holy you are ONCE

jacque mcc says:

As we seek the teacher’s will appear : )

Robert walsh says:

I called my father crazy for watching him on P.B.S when I was 12.
After I had stopped the constant “your crazy dad’s”,I sat and watched the
special with him.So much wisdom came from his words,so much devotion
without religious denomination,so much truth.

Our lives changed.

Train Healthy Be wealthy says:

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂 

Doubleshot98 says:

I wish they let Sage or Sky Dyer sing at this. Or why not let a serena
speak at this about refugees? I don’t understand why they don’t ask Wayne
to bring them. 

James M says:

I love Dr Dyer. I always have a constant smile on my face while listening
to him

Russell Smith says:

An hour and twenty minutes well spent.

Michael Morgen says:

I’ve listened to hours of audio recordings of this man and he is just
awesome. He never gets boring and always seems to connect. ‘When the
student is ready the teachers will appear’ (love that line…so true! )

Marieta Oslanec says:

Love this man! 

Wael Elwishahi says:

Amazing, thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer and thanks for sharing :)

OldSamVimes says:

That was a fantastic talk..

Thank you.

Janusz Imiołczyk says:

How “coincidences” (“quantum moments”) have affected the life path of Wayne
Dyer. And how they affect ours, without us being aware of this…

Melanie9080 says:

I love Dr. Dyer!! He’s real, and teaches consistently from his gut; one of
the few spiritual teachers left who is not an elite-minded respector of

phil larkin says:

i wish you love and health Wayne, god bless 

Snjezana Josic says:


Papiprah says:

I have never heard of Dr Wayne Dyer, and I am sorry to say I have missed
out on this great mind. I am however grateful to you for uploading this,
and for opening a huge realm of opportunity form me to catch up; I got here
by watching Deepak Chopra x

Patty Pelayo says:

Always touches a special room in my soul ….

Gurney Park says:

Timeless truth ….nothing in this physical domain is real! ….to understand
it we need to allocate quite time to feel it.
Special Keynote with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Precise Videos says:

Just changed my life

Rob Ranzijn says:

one of the best teachers!

Mike Par says:

We should give always without the expectation of return. And even when our
giving hangs us on a cross, we should still love and forgive. That’s the
standard. I find truth in this medium and setting, but even drinkable water
is contaminated.

pepu dzungu says:


Gints Lakutis says:

You may have allowed yourself to believe that you are mediocre,
meaningless, average or usual. You are not! You are Divine! There will be
no more excuses, rationales and reasons for not shining in the light of
truth and standing in the power of your divinity.

Kean M. O'Brien says:

Thank You Dr. Wayne Dyer for sharing of your wisdom that we too can

George JoJo Baghdasarian says:

<3 :D

Mark Ohlson says:

Thank you for sharing. :)

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