Sonicaid – Music To Inspire Positive Thinking

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These songs use Alpha/Beta/Theta waves along with music to create the desired mental state. I take zero claim or responsibility for anything – positive or ne…


Shaun Sandal says:

I should listen to this while I drive´╗┐

Nicholas Kakolyris says:

This is working for me ­čÖé I will consider buying it ­čÖé Although 21 AUS $
are a bit too much.´╗┐

steve kierstead says:

I’m positive this isn’t going to work hows that´╗┐

Michael Hoshall says:

O Lord ÔÇô May the Sound of your Love Awaken in us Praise for All your Gifts!´╗┐

Benedikt Tr├Âppelhein says:

what a bullcrap´╗┐

Mycroft Holmes says:

Given the changes in my body I figure some mental cleansing is in order.

I’ve always been cynical. Way too cynical. That sort of thing may have some
cachet online, but then again maybe not. I think cynicism hurts oneself and

It leads to a state of depression and dissatisfaction. SO.

I invite all and sundry to try this as an exercise:

1) Listen to positive encouraging music. May be hard for metal fans like me
but find something positive and encouraging. Right now I’m listening to
this: Sonicaid – Music To Inspire Positive Thinking

2) Read something positive. That may not be your news feed here on the
Ploos or maybe it is. Find some fun communities to join.

3) Relatedly, post positive content. Things that help people. Uplifting
stories, funny ones. Whatever you think is positive and encouraging.

Admittedly I’m one of the most guilty of not doing this. I have been a
horrible cynical human being in the past. Learning to shed some deeply,
wrongly held core beliefs and baggage.. well lets just say that’s a lot
heavier than the physical weight I lost. To decrease is to increase. Human
beings are meant to fly. Soar. We already know the alternative. Be great.

4) Lose some weight and exercise. Get back to the fundamentals. Life
troubles often are mirrored in the physique. Get your physique right and
you will have less troubles, IMHO. YMMV but hey you’ll look great so give
it a shot. What have you to lose?

5) Pursue something outside of yourself. Your friends, your loved ones,
your faith if you have it. When you reflect on your day at it’s end, be
sure to have lived by helping others, animals, the environment, something.
Anything. To pursue is to live.


Logan Borg says:

please let this work´╗┐

supercooliobro says:

+tomhulcelover The brony fandom. no shipping.´╗┐

Jenipher AnnG says:

a very peaceful awakening to a dreamland of melodies :)´╗┐

dave tony says:

Was that a window rattling belch half way through?´╗┐

WilieDC Bats says:

thanx 4 share pal, and remember: “the doctor” is coming! ;-)´╗┐

Cliff Langan says:

Works for me!´╗┐

Sofi Posirca says:

This music helps me release any stress or anxiety and makes me focus on my
work! Great job, Xxtayce!´╗┐

Shishir Tiwari says:

Sir, thank you from the bottom of my soul.You are doing a wonderful of
providing such a high quality music that can change someone”s life.
I want mind music for better learning´╗┐

kevin delarue says:

THank you so much´╗┐

Jackson Chandra says:

Just like in the heaven, right now. OUTSTANDING.´╗┐

lina othman says:

thanks alot ..its helping me to study ,.
prevent me from hearing the negative thoughts …´╗┐

Sarah. x says:

This music sounds like the ones we play in church (: ´╗┐

benita zink says:

Your music is so extremely up lifting and beautiful in rising one’s
vibration. Then
at the end of the C.D a blaring advertisement comes on and down goes one’s
vibration. I don’t know what you can do about that, except listen to the
ads your
your sponsors produce and pick the ones that are more in vibration to your
beautiful music. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift of music you are
doing much to
raise the light on this planet. I am truly grateful for your gift.
Blessings of love,
Benita Zink, Spiritual consultant´╗┐

Kakishi Kusima says:

This is really great.´╗┐

Tatayana Johnson says:

This really works no joke it really make u think positive thoughts and
that’s how i passed a very important test ´╗┐

Monika Tuttle says:

I am starting my busy morning with this great music. It really helps me to
stay focused. Have a great weekend everyone´╗┐

kevin delarue says:

THank you so much´╗┐

Andrew Farris says:

Thanks for the peaceful music, it helped me stress less and finish a big
project for work. :)´╗┐

Max Verweijen says:

Made me cry…´╗┐

Online lesson says:

Anyone want to start online lesson with me?´╗┐

kontube00 says:

i almost cry (a little smile and little tears) with these tracks of music. ´╗┐

Jane Fielder says:

Amazing, Also I have some hypnotherapy videos that you might want to check
out. Hope you’ll like it.´╗┐

EarthH2oLuma says:

sweet and relaxing´╗┐

Petra Halttunen says:

Love it.<3´╗┐

ŠŁÄňŹôšęÄ says:

Thank you for sharing this great music. It’s touching to me. ´╗┐

MICHInlpisland says:

Thank you. I love this. I feel so good!´╗┐

Chrissy Jagroop says:


Camille Helwig says:

I really in joyed listing to it as i was looking up stuff for my essay´╗┐

Zane Allen says:

Ha gay´╗┐

Daniel FreemanSpeaks says:

I love this´╗┐

Jan Croucher says:

thank you .So beautiful the sound .of this beautiful music .´╗┐

aishah striggles says:

Feeling great again…´╗┐

Eidhan valle says:

Good nigth froom M├ęxico´╗┐

Carmen Moraru says:

love it´╗┐

Stephen Redmond says:

­čśÇ felt my brain start to bubble out my fucking nose from how much
awesomeness was being pumped into my head i also blew a load and shit my
pants cuz the vibes from this beat make my dick stiff and rocks the shit
out of my ass. not sure if i will recover or not, ass seems to be
permanently fucked but ill never forget the experience.´╗┐

Annapoorani Kannappan says:

i love it´╗┐

shima shima says:

Great , thank u :)´╗┐

Brian Huff says:

Actually work? hummm. I feel as if I’m playing Super Nintendo.´╗┐

Julie Tuazon says:

I like this sound´╗┐

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