Songs For Success – Law of Attraction

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Close Use The Law Of Attraction with a world’s first, 10 magnificent MusiVation™ Success songs written by Star…


PersonalDevelopmentS says:

Michelle’s stuff not only and truly Rocks but also works! Expect
Miracles… Shane

Crissy Red says:

thank you

sondrabelle7 says:

Michele, your songs are the best! This really works!

sccssflGuy says:

great idea!

positivesecret says:

not my type of music, but im gonna change that. great stuff

Lisa S says:

Hmmmm. Interesting point!

DrJanGault says:

Great idea! Excellent voice and music. Especially liked Communication song.

Cayla Snooke says:

haha my mom listened to one of Bob’s books on cd and we always listened to
these songs together especially the success song. I still sing it around in
my head sometimes even though I havent heard it in a few years. These are
great! I can also spell “success” now 🙂

TroyLivingstone says:

God bless you and your music, this works and I want to push your music!!

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