So, is Holosync any good?

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Holosync Meditation Holosync has helped me come to terms with chronic illness, I sleep better, my relationships have improved… and some…


Raven Man says:

thanks man, this helped me a lot. :)

2FERGIE7 says:

Your expecting something to happen, waiting on it, thats what your doing
wrong! If you understand this then you’ll have your answer. Peace

biocybernaut says:

thanks mate, I agree with you, everybody should get into this program, it’s
awesome stuff!

Fattboy26 says:

Chris How long would you say that holosync started to work for you? Were
you practising meditation before?

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

i got it, liked it at first but i cant dedicate the time to do it =\

marcusphotina says:

Thanks for the video, I don’t use Holosync but i Use other sorts of
brainwave entrainment and the experiences you describe – I have had them
too. One Time i remember feeling so large that i cempletely filled out the
whole room. Great feeling. I also have a tip for a related product that is
at the same time totally diferent. It’s named Xphirience. search on it here
on youtube, there is a video on it. Anyway, thanks for the video!

Sety777 says:

holosync doesn’t have good effects its just bullshit.

j0nblade says:

I’m a member of holosync too I’m up to awakening level 3, you must be in
purificaton level 1. Do you find that at this stage of the game your have
any mystical expirences yet? if so what kind?

EkseFinland says:

You posted this 6 months ago, just wanted to write a comment since I saw
it. The anxiety and similar, thats a well known part of holosync and its
well documented and talked about if you purchased the program, it brings
out your fears and issues to the surface to be resolved for once and for
all, its not a program that suppresses, it brings them out and eventually
you will resolve those issues and move past them, they will be gone for the
rest of your live, I have to post another comment….

Rosumisorimu says:

And may I ask – did it really work? And how much did it work for you?

Daniel Alexander Hill says:

You’ve convinced me to get it!!!

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

expensive bullshit*

Irene11470 says:

Thanks from the video. I am very curious – You recorded the video a year
ago – would you describe your experience differently today? (I am listening
the 2nd cd on the 1st Awakening – and have only once had some particular
experience of loosing my breath during meditation. Even with no more great
big, deviant experiences, I notice many similar changes as what you mention
in the cd.)

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

i bought it like 2 years ago, i tried using it but after months n months of
1 hour a day for dive / immersion, i jus got tired of it lol. i feel like u
can get the same kinda benifit from just locking urself in a room and not
doing anything for an hour. lolll… try it, its scary similar. also, has
any1 ever tried robert monroes brainwave stuff? i wanted to try astral
projection or w.e and i hear hes got the perfect waves for it or somthing.
and has any1 ever tried that reiki?

Roberto Estrada says:

You say that you feel connected with your body, your spirit, etc. The
question is who is that YOU? Is you EGO, who is really another though.
Think about it. Good luck.

Chris B says:

If you told this to Bill Harris, I’m sure he would say something along the
lines of “let whatever happens, happen”. In actual fact, there are no
‘good’ effects and ‘bad’ effects – there are only effects that we choose to
label as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. If that sounds a little too much like “what’s the
sound of one hand clapping?” for you, try staying on the levels for longer
periods to minimise the shock of moving to a stronger level. Hope this

Simon Kanoon says:

I am keen on that…

mozart186 says:

I’m on Purification Level 4…the effects of the product get much better
the further you get into it. If you have any questions, please write me.

Jimmy Russel says:

good vibes!

jessicana77 says:

From one Holosync user to another, it certainly has been an amazing
journey! I am just completing level 2 now.

Cypher25z says:

Just get it, thats all you need to know… it’s incredible!! Like Morpheus
says in the matrix, knowone can be told what it is…you have to experience
it for yourself… red pill or blue pill it’s upto you?? LOL

lavalooker says:

You are adorable and I love your Aussie accent. I especially like your
referring to feeling “connected.” I’ve been using the term “disconnected”
to describe the way I’ve been feeling for a while now. I got the
demo…procrasinated for weeks..listened today and I ordered it!

biocybernaut says:

@j0nblade any ear buds with a frequency response of 5 – 20’000 Hertz will
do, you don’t need a big fancy headset, but you do need the frequency

raketus says:

Bro all that you can do without holosync and or without other methods,
concentration and to be reall is all what you need man…. All persons
which are using some source of techniques or methods like this are just
have labil personalities – proven :D.. One more thing, I don’t say that
it’s bad… but if you can’t resolve problems by yourself then…

Jon Doe says:

I can create any of the Holosync levels for a small price. Just PM me if
you’re interested in saving hundreds of dollars over Centerpointe’s over
marketed, over priced Binaural Beats.

j0nblade says:

I’m glad to hear so much is going well in your life right now. I too have
cought myself just bust into tears, out of nowhere! It just welled up and
bam! water works. I find myself having lucid dreams as well. So would you
say that you had an awakening? or that you feel the oneness of the universe
at this stage of the game?

Z Stone says:

does it make depression worse before its Better? I just do not want to get
more stuck in my head even

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

ur prolly expecting negative. think positive. what u think about u bring

Chris B says:

Well, it depends what you mean by mystical… I have had some very strange
experiences, without doubt: While meditating I have felt incredibly large
and then infintissimally small, I have also completely broken down and
cried (wailed!) for an hour during the Dive. Looking back, I feel like
these experiences are more ‘novelty’ than ‘mystical’. I feel like I’m only
just starting to experience the benefit of Holosync now – I notice beauty
everywhere I look – that’s the magical part for me! CB

pmpstr247 says:

Tnx for sharing mate…

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

how so? are u still using it one year later? i prlly coulda moved onto lvl
2 but i was so bored of it. id rather jus sit n smoke some good weed >.>

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