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Close Bob Proctor’s newly revamped and updated Six Minutes to Success. Check it out!


Royce Garcia says:

So the moral or message behind this is repetition of good habits?as well as
changing the way I think and stop habits that don’t work?

Lori Cook says:

after struggling online 10+ yrs I still have HOPE after listening to Bob,
You no I may not be the only person who has NOT ever earned any money worth
talking about online! This gives me HOPE, Faith!
Bob I no you are a humble man, However amazing, and Thank U for your
sincerely caring enough to touch and help PPL as myself like you do……
I have just started on this Journey, I really wish pray I may meet you
Mr. Bob Proctor

1spicytomato says:

make my special money charm
it will change your luck for real
seriously check it out .. Soloman’s seal never fails
complete with how to use the seal and runes to empower yourself
click me and watch it now
……… *********** ————–

Lela Strika says:


Shinji Chijiiwa says:

Only listening to this video…I am becoming Milionere….I feel strong
drowing Bob Proctor….astonished …..thank you !!

Benni Chawes says:

I have now seen the #1,2,3 videos. It’s amazing how SLOW he moves forward.
Repeating repeating repeating…the same story– with a slight different
angle.. :-(

Michael Rhone says:


Diana Nastic says:

@ApsolutePunk if that country is mine….then I congratulate to you with
all my heart, cuz i know how hard it is…i hope one day, ill be as lucky
as u….lots of love, stay awesome

zapp99 says:

I like how Bob mentions both Sir Edmund Hillary AND his guide Tenzing
Norgay whenever he talks about who first climbed Mt. Everest. This
reflects what kind of a person Bob is. His materials and lessons always
comes across as heartfelt and sincere. I Like.

Anita Farhana says:


Lela Strika says:

@Simsr801 loving your comment on Bob Proctors’ taste in suits..gangsterlike
haha lol thank you for great humour.

weelgunny says:

So where are are the next ones?

BlackIceDds says:

Simple; I’m a student with three part-time jobs and online business is
simple enough to set up or to just manage people under you.

SanjaB007 says:

Bob, we are waiting for those videos or information where can we get it 🙂
Lots of love from someone who will try 🙂

GayatriMaria says:

Thanks a ton for sharing all the 3 videos


you are so owesome!

J Triggs says:

think about it. He changes his paradigm by SELLING his program, not giving
it away on youtube 🙂

Felix Du-Bois says:

keep repeating it, that U are going to get the videos, every day!

simmsr801 says:

bob has a good taste in suits he looks a slick 1930s gangster boss

ApsolutePunk says:

I have 6 jobs. That means 6 paychecks every months. And all 6 were offered
to me…I wasn’t searching for either of those jobs. And I work max 6 hours
a day 5 days a week. Because I’m telling to myself “I have plenty of spare
time” Two years ago I had nothing. Then I watched The Secret. I live in a
country,were an average income is 300$ per months.And I have 3000$.I have
much bigger plans for next year! And I already KNOW I will achieve them

Andrew Easterwood says:

Don’t do drugs

picolodaemao says:

hey no next video

rich12015 says:

Your forgetting to mention that you also worked your ass off to get there


So, where are the videos that he’s talking about here?

Rachandnath21 says:

did you ever find them?

Shakih Sokamer says:

6:28 … what in the world is that sound?

mystuff414 says:

I am a lottery winner

Calvin Roach says:

This guy is my hero!

dakotahstr says:

you probably have to buy them..I’m going to look for them on here..if I
find them I will let you know….it would be interesting to see what he
says.. he’s pretty good and he talks to you not down to you..

Candy Doll says:

OOOOOOOkay am I having a stroke or did he mention all this already, Edison,
Wright bros, Edmund Hillary… seriously are these the ACTUAL vids
people get sent when they pay for it? Cuz I’m thinking its not. Guess you
get what yo don’t pay for LOL! Either way I like this man. I still watch
The Secret and have bought it on dvd’s for friends.

MutesiGoretti says:

Wow as i move from my desk i can a sure you that i have changed a lot and
you know what, your are blessed cause what you give to the world is from
the creator himself and you are his good servant we shall continue tomorrow.

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