Six Minutes to Success #1

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SIx Minutes to Success is Bob Proctor’s powerful and dynamic program that will catapult your life into an expansive new realm of wealth, joy and expression.


Amrit Thapa says:

so Sir.Bob Proctor How we can do the thinks that we didn`t know????
can u ride the bike without knowing how to ride????

Lee Milligan says:

Getting excited about reading more about how to success.

lovaby says:

Edison was the first one to build a light bulb not tesla

Dusan Sucur says:

Just to tell you somethink – world ilumination was done by Nikola Tesla.

WorkingOnlineInHome says:

Get your mind right to get your life right.

kevin wright-thomas says:

I found this to be very propelling an inspiring 

zoran zivanovic says:

Edison did not illuminate the World, Tesla did it

Samantha Noble says:

Actually I read somewhere that the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs,
Atlantis, and others had electricity, light bulbs, and even
computers….Why do we not attribute those things to them? Because they are
no longer around, that’s why. A lot of info in history itself could be dead
wrong. Why? Because history is written by the hands of the victors!

Joseph Ferguson says:

Smart Sofa Repair your way to Cash Comfort.

Moon Burgle says:

in the batteries and technology we use day to day.

T Strivinq says:

Sir Edmond Hilliary Kiwi Was Here 🙂

RealTalkk321 says:

Are you making that yet?

Carlos Casamayor says:

Nicolas Tesla invent a bulb much better than Edison bulb in only 3 months
and never faild.



Myst Eerie says:

Offcourse they knew how… Do you think they turned a few screws and
suddenly they discovered electricity? Those guys completly understood what
they were doing…

Bruno Divetta says:

The Writh Brothers stole the invention from the true father of aviation. He
was a Brazilian man called Alberto Santos Dumont and his fist flight was on
October 19, 1901. Search for hin in wikipedia.

Cactus Krate says:

the tower is based on an idea by tesla not edison

Maggie Hernandez says:

Good, but Thomas Alba Edison just steal the work of Nicolas Tesla. This is
too importat to miss =)

gabo8799 says:

tienes toda la razon bob !!!!!

Jörgen Ekvall says:

Link them to me please, I have to watch them ASAP

crapshoot says:

but the video is over 9 minutes long… I want it NOW!

Faytsalon says:


donna mz says:

tank you bob proctor.

sam johnson says:

so proud to be a New Zealander

Wynn Ryder says:

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