Simple Relaxation — A Guided Meditation

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Get the Audio for your iPod or a CD, . This guided meditation is from and is one part…


Nikki Mtz says:

I really LOOOOVE this short and simple meditation. Oh, if you feel your
mind starts wandering bring yourself back and if that dont work just pray,
talk to God and you will feel at ease.. But this particular meditation is
GREAT.. Helped me on a very anxious ridden day.. Since I suffer with
anxiety from time to time. This helped a ton!

cariocarocka says:

The narration is great but the music is really juddery and distracting.

Louise C.B says:

I’m 15 so idk if this is normal but I had my eyes closed throughout and it
seemed to be working but by 6mins I was nearly asleep then I opened my eyes
and the feeling was stil there but It broke my meditation :(

Miss Tohan says:

This is so AMAZING try it. Goodnight everyone x

Vladimyrful says:

i just can not believe this actually WORKED for me…,i’m really impressed

lexiika7kittenz says:

Its unbelieveble how I just felt my body softer and it all let go. But I
have a problem. I am scared of the feeling and after a couple of mins I
stop everything. Is that normal?

cbaGAGA says:

@qBioniXp tell me about it. :/

pouprey says:

This video is really great! Of all the guided relaxation videos if find it
has one of the most relaxing voices!! And best of all it doesn’t start with
…”You can find our videos at w w w % & * c o m”!! Please post more videos
from quietmindcafe Thanks

4manicegrillz says:

does anyone else think this guy kind of sounds like John Hodgman?

psychoguitargrl says:

Thank you so much. This really worked for me during a time when I have been
filled with anxiety and physical ailments. I will be meditating more from
now on. This is really powerfully healing.

wiccanmagic97 says:

woah,I feel great after listing to this video! Nice job keep it up^^

sydneycatlove1 says:

stop saying soft!

Paige Bautista says:

13 people couldnt relax.

trexisbad says:

Hi, it was wrong music, I didn´t mean that opera music in the beginning, I
mean´t the other music that sounds spirituel and plays and under the whole
meditation starts. Thanks

AdmiralFlynn895 says:

this helps when yur worrying about schoolwork, i’ve got to take notes on
shark finning and i had the whole vacation to do so but i didnt, now i feel
different, calm, quiet, loose

Yes says:

This was very relaxing until my cat hopped onto the table and starting
licking my face with that sandpaper tongue. Blah

Kaylz890 says:

I totally blanked out i think about 5 minutes into this!

QuietMindCafe says:

@bethamayful Relaxation changes how we meet the world. I wonder what a
relaxation video for cats would look like? 😉 — Enjoy.

Play671 says:

Meditation my best friend 🙂

winter sky says:

@batgirl9289 Listen to Ken Davis “Crystal Clear” and picture your favourite
or imaginary relaxing place , and don’t get too involved with relaxing,
just see yourself in that special place as if you are there. Just enjoy it,
don’t make it a task you must achieve. You will get there, there is no

Lucy Oconnor says:

My legs have no feeling 0.0

ElectricPandaa says:

Wow it made my headache go away..jeez!

QuietMindCafe says:

@lexiika7kittenz It seems that you like the idea of relaxing and letting
go. But if the sensation is frightening I think that you’re right and it’s
good to stop. Perhaps you will be content in practicing only a few minutes
each day until you become comfortable for longer periods. I wonder about
the source of the fear — its as if there’s something beneath the surface
that you would not like to have come out.

LTCimbulletproof says:

do you hate @QuietMindCafe?

CielleRavyncatt says:

I ended up feeling so relaxed during this I fell asleep XD First time I’ve
ever fell asleep during a meditation

John Butler says:

But the cat kept you in the present moment. You were not distracted by
thoughts and regrets from the past or worries about the future. His/her
rough tongue became an ally.

famresluv says:

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing and contributing to Presence.

messagefromthegoddes says:

Love that opening slide. Gorgeous.

smilecalm says:

I was relaxed before, but now I’m in a state of intentional bliss.

ALFzing says:

Easy, fun and helpful. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.

QuietMindCafe says:

@CaliforniaCowboy2009 Everyone’s experience may be different. However, the
light-headedness could be a slight drop in your blood pressure due to the

Michael Maloney says:

Great video, definitely have used it to help me fall asleep and relax since
I started studying for the CA bar exam. Much appreciated.

TulisaFan1992 says:

This meditation made me feel like a transvestite.

meditationtips101 says:

There are dozens or more specific styles of meditation practice; the word
meditation may carry different meanings in different contexts. Meditation
has been practiced since antiquity as a component of numerous religious
traditions. Please watch video by meditationtips101 for some ways or tips
on how to do MEDITATION and know about Guided Meditation.

Skinner Sonicyoutuh says:

It’s a little hard to breathe when watching this video! I wonder why?

tanksmallcape says:

This helped me a lot. And I usually don’t buy into this kind of meditation,
but it worked. I’m really thankful.

xosaugello says:

I was kinda getting into it and then my phone went off cuz i got a text haha

QuietMindCafe says:

Good that you could fall asleep. I wish you many sweet dreams. And
remember, with practice you can return to that deep relaxed state any time
you like. If you like, go to my Quiet Mind Cafe website and to schedule
one-on-one session with me. — No charge for the time being.

Sabrina Carabott says:

hi i suffer from anxiety too.. im going to try this… im happy to read
here and find that other ppl experience the same things.. not because i
like other ppl to suffer.. but im not alone in this

fisk pinne says:

there shouldnt be a random retard talking thru the entire meditation state.
He doesnt even got a good voice for this kind of music srsly

workingthrash says:

best 8 minutes ever

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